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Corruption By Stone Johnson
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Tomas Graf was never a trouble maker, until he discovers that he is being oppressed by his leaders. When he tries to stop them he ends up starting a war.
The Corruption By Jordan Hampton
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Three months following the death of his little brother, Alex, Daniel Chase finds himself in the middle of an age old war between Arcana Imperii, which seeks to save the world, and Ad Victoriam, which... More > seeks to destroy it. Daniel must decide what part he will play, which side he will choose, whether or not to sacrifice the desires of his darkening heart for the greater good, or succumb to his selfishness and in doing so corrupt himself with the tainted spoils of war.< Less
Corrupted By Sydney Alyk Walker
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Injured in a foreign land, Zephyr is at the mercy of a strange woman and her little sister, who offer to help only if he can guarantee a mortal's safety. Alone, he can only agree to do the... More > impossible. Meanwhile, Hope is missing and strange forces seem to be at work; calling themselves Virgo and Capricorn, the duo seem to be working behind the scenes, but to do what? When Hope awakens, things will quickly go wrong: the gods, unsurprisingly, pose a threat; and the Apostles begin to wonder if they truly saved Enesia, or if they simply condemned it. Left with a god to find and a mortal girl to protect, the duo teams up with Lia in order to try and find answers to their questions. Unfortunately, the line between sanity and madness is quickly blurring, and things are no longer the way they were. The rules are changing. It's hard to think you saved a planet when all the evidence screams that you destroyed it.< Less
Corruption By Kelley Lenhart
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When the Mayan calendar predicted great change in 2012, the government responded by abolishing and outlawing religion; now, three unlikely heroes struggle for faith, freedom, and life in the state of... More > corruption. Nine years after the Corruption Laws pass in 2012, Oliver Pax, a Christian priest, has taken a small convent into hiding for worship in the humid swamps of Florida, trying to eke out a peaceful existence. That all changes when Israel Hael, a Corruption officer, is sent to find him and his parish by going undercover. In the bordering Everglades lives another, a shaman from the South Pacific called Makya with a small following that had been searching for a Mayan-like religion before the fall. While Israel struggles between faith and duty, Oliver searches for his place in the world, and Makya brings his strange gods to make an acolyte out of a young orphan, the battle takes them out of Florida's heat and into a place where all faiths share a common goal: the search for peace.< Less
Corruption By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
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Humanity have been trying so hard to avoid to see the truth of their own hearts and to follow that truth. See notice the real needs of your customer and addapt your company to what the customer... More > really needs, not to what will make from your customer a temporary or long term money source. Infuse an impulse of truth, care, respect for each other through your services, change the quality of experience and the nature of the market. Start to do the same with your ownteam, with your own board of share holders. Notice that there will be a certain level or resistance, but that the heart of every one is waiting for the new, a new field a new quality of experinece that is fulffilling that makes alot more sense and feels wonderful and that is a relief Corruption starts when the individual and collective make a choice, decide a destination and design a strategy. Corruption starts when humanity decide to avoid to see and know the truth and the unfolding in organic life in the field of that truth!< Less
Corruption By Tiffany Rawls
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Earth, air, spirit, water, and fire. Olestra's the ultimate, elemental nation. And it's time is running out. No one knows about it, no one anticipates it. Except a select few. Alliances, reunions,... More > and friendships are made...even a bit of romance. Yet will it all stay united or will it crash and burn from the elemental nation's corruption?< Less
The King Corrupt By Shadow
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A dark representation of human corruption and power written in poetic verse.
To Stop Corruption By Rodney Smith
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Cody Freeman is called to his dying mother’s bedside. What she asked of him may be more than he is able to accomplish. He must make his way to Washington DC to stop a corrupt... More > politician’s efforts to reach his goal of becoming President of the United States. As he begins his trip he discovers there are professionals who have detailed information of his every move – information that only a Washington insider could obtain. Follow along with Cody as he faces one obstacle after another. Heart pumping chases, mind boggling series of events that makes him question his resolve and his will to go on.< Less
Corruption Chronicle By david carson
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Corruption Chronicle is an attempt to chronicle some current politics and its effect on society as a whole. The main thrust is the promotion of a multi-party politics and a condemnation of our... More > current single party politics.< Less
Eve of Corruption By Brady Sadler
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Eve of Corruption is the first novel released by the heavy metal band Lorenguard. Telling the story behind their album of the same name, Eve of Corruption explores the events, characters, and... More > mythology Lorenguard bases their songs on. For more information on Lorenguard's musical and literary works, visit the official website at:< Less