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Inkjet Printing on Lutradur By Heidi Rand
Paperback: $25.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Learn to print your images and artwork on the exciting new art product, lutradur, using your inkjet printer. Lutradur, a spun web material that combines the best qualities of fabric and paper, is... More > ideal as a surface to print. Knowing how to get great results printing on lutradur opens the door to endless possibilities for your arts and crafts, including art quilts and hangings, mixed media pieces, handmade books, jewelry, cards, and so much more. My illustrated guide takes you step-by-step through the entire process to print lutradur on your inkjet printer. You will learn about the special properties and qualities of lutradur, what kind of ink is best to print with, the difference between printing on coated or uncoated lutradur, how to prepare the lutradur, best printer settings, getting the lutradur through your printer, post-printing treatments, and more. I've also included a gallery of my original lutradur creations to spark your imagination and creativity.< Less
The “People Power” Makin’ Money Superbook: Book 12. Artist - Craftsperson Business - Jobs - Career (Includes Graphic Arts, Museum Jobs) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $5.00
This book is a mix of jobs and self-employment opportunities. In order to sell your products, refer to internet auctions and flea markets. Many people have a delusional idea of an artist's life... More > they got from TV and movies. The coolest people are always artists and they're always making lots of money. The mass media picks a few people and showcases them as star artists while thousands of artists just as good or better at their craft than these stars get nothing. That's the way it is in arts. There are very few true geniuses out there. A painting is a subjective experience. An actor spews out rehearsed lines. A thousand actors can easily do any role as well as anyone else. The only way to detect a true artist is through a literary work or music that moves you. Everything else is opinion. I've known plenty of talented, middle-aged poor artists. That's the way most artists live. Most eventually take on another job. Schoolteachers make up a big percentage of artists with day jobs.< Less
Saucy Sonnets Of Every Kind! By Allan R. Emery
Hardcover: List Price: $32.51 $19.51 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
The idea for Saucy ‘Sonnets Of Every Kind!’ came about as a challenge I presented Allan R. Emery, to write a Sonnet of every Sonnet form. In this book is a collection of 36 different... More > forms of sonnets written by Allan R. Emery all crafted in perfect rhyme and meter, that is, if the form had called for rhyme and or meter. The Sonnet forms included in this volume of Saucy Sonnets Of Every Kind include: Tennyson Sonnet, Rime Royal Sonnet, Cornish Sonnet, Arabian Sonnet, Luc Bat Sonnet (Vietnamese), Dutch Sonnet, Shelley Sonnet, Envelope Sonnet, Spanish Sonnet, 14er Sonnet, English Sonnet, Ghazal Sonnet, Swannet Sonnet, German Sonnet, Malaysian Sonnet, John Tee Sonnet, Pushkin Sonnet, Rosarian Sonnet, Rubaiyat Sonnet, Echo Sonnet, Couplet Sonnet, Sonnetina, French Sonnet, Free Form Sonnet, Sestina Sonnet, Rondel Prime Sonnet, Saraband Sonnet, Blues Sonnet, Dual Sonnet, Terza Rima Sonnet, Triolet Sonnet, Alfred Dorn Sonnet, Pantoum Sonnet, Villanelle Sonnet, Kyrielle Sonnet and Crown of Sonnets.< Less
The Ultimate Photographer´s Guide for Beginners By Oskar Ege
eBook (ePub): $8.47
Are You Looking To Learn All You Need To Know About Photography? Do You Feel Discouraged By All The Technical Jargon? Then This Is The Book For You! In The Ultimate Photographer's Guide For... More > Beginners not only will you learn by doing, it is also perfectly crafted for all of us who don't feel the need to learn all the technical terms. This is a hands on guide for those of us who simply want to learn how to shoot amazing photographs today, hassle free. Comes With Full Illustrations to give you a better understanding what it is you are reading about. You will learn how to: • Take Beautiful Portraits • Get That Crisp And Sharp Picture EVERY Time • Add Blur To The Background Of Your Subject • Get Rid Of Grain In The Shot • Compose Your Shots Like A Pro • Take HDR Photos With No Extra Equipment • What Is Aperture, ISO And ShutterSpeed? • Understand How Exposure Works With The Markets Simplest Explanation • What Camera To Get • What Extra Equipment You Will Want And So Much More!< Less
Notebook - Pale Blue Leaves By Helene Malmsio
Paperback: $8.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
8.5"x 11" Paperback Composition note book - 190 Lined Journal Pages - Notebook - Diary Keep your notes and records in one convenient and gorgeous paperback Journal notebook: * Durable gloss... More > finish paperback cover * 8.5”x11” (21.59 x 27.94 cm) * 190 pages - 95 sheet note book * Journal composition notebook with lined pages. Check out the listings for *DIY Planner Journals* or Strategic Publications page for all the designs available A lifetime fan of Diary & Journal creation for her own writing and embellishing, Helene Malmsio has compiled a collection of Diaries, Journals and Bullet dot grid Planners in paperback soft cover books for your pleasure. “When you use one of my Journals I want it to make you feel good. Knowing you can use these as a creative tool to craft a better life for yourself and your loved ones, is my inspiration – ENJOY!”< Less
Busy Bees Thematic Unit Study By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $7.48
While I have written extensively previously about bees, the work was aimed at early learners to much older learners. The unit is written in US English and is A4 size. I decided to focus this... More > product on little learners, and have included: Coloring,Basic writing exercises,Mazes,Basic Counting Exercises,Word Wall cards,Calendar Pieces,Days of the Week Alphabet Flash Cards,Sight Words,Vocabulary Exercises Wordsearches and more… For older students I have included one or two more advanced cryptic puzzles, all bee-related, to test critical thinking skills. An advanced crossword puzzle has been included for these children. For moms, dads and the rest of the family, enjoy cooking, baking,crafts and singing along with action poems, accompanied by a few very comprehensive lesson plans. This will be a good time to introduce your child to the “ee” word family.< Less
Fairy Tales Unit Study & Activity Book By donnette davis
eBook (PDF): $5.98
This book will transport you and your child to that world of fairies, elves, pixies,magical places, mushroom houses, sprinkles and sparkles. A happy place where tiny little creatures creep into our... More > hearts and minds, fluttering their shimmering wings, dashing between the garden flowers, resting on the large fiery coloured leaf fallen from the old oak tree. Fairy dust, magic wands, little people all invite you into their world. Section 1 gives a background to the origins of fairy tales, and focuses on a few of the more well known tales. Section 2 is a unit study of two tales where the magical little people are at the core. Section 3 contains fairy-themed printables that you can use to decorate your Homeschool room, classroom or your child’s bedroom. Crossword Puzzles, Vocabulary exercises, mazes and Wordsearches all aid in making this a complete Fairy Tale Unit Study & Activity Book. Also included are fairy crafts and recipes, themed stationery pages, Word Wall Activities and more.< Less
Scene: St. Augustine By Charlie Cawley
Paperback: $30.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Visually vivacious, these introspective images have been created since Charlie Cawley moved to the Nation's Oldest City from the West Coast. His Unique technique is a breath of fresh air in a tourist... More > town overrun by plain-Jane postcards, dripping with "wish you were here" sentiment. A champion of a genre known as street photography, he is a fine artist who finds humor, and beauty, and wonder during his wanderings amongst the city's ever-present horse carriages, pedi-cabs and tourist trollies. When given a rainstorm, he makes a masterpiece by pointing his lens towards a puddle. Under his care, a storefront window glare becomes a crafty eye-catching collage. This guy is having too much fun, and it shows in these pages. Charlie’s images are slice-of-life stories, told from the point of view of a tour guide that is part professor, court jester and confessor. The streets of St. Augustine are filled with poetry and Cawley gives us an eyeful of verse in this well-crafted collection.< Less
Timothy Campbell an Artist By Timothy Campbell
Paperback: $24.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Timothy Campbell an artisT KeEne, New Hampshire I am a self-taught / outsider artist. My work is in galleries throughout New England, Cape Cod, Atlanta, San Fransisco and also in the American Folk... More > Art Museum in New York City. I reside in southwestern New Hampshire with my Jack Russell Terrier, Otis Campbell, named after the character on the Andy Griffith Show. My work is both thought provoking and humorous. It has taken Folk Art to a new level. I was selected by "Early American Life" magazine as the 2010 Best & Listed in The Directory of Traditional American Crafts. My sculptural pieces are created entirely from recycled wood and metal. My painted furniture uses vintage pieces which gives them thier primitive appearence. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. My work is in private collections throughout the United States and Europe. Visit my website at,< Less
Noble Poetry: Writings of a Moorish Sufi By Abdul Batin Osman Bey
Hardcover: List Price: $17.39 $16.52 | You Save: 5%
Prints in 3-5 business days
With these pages of this book you will find a aspect of Islam that is mostly over looked by the wider world. The Noble Moorish Sufis not only expound the principles of the Islamic faith in great... More > light but they also find these principles within the faith of others. With great care they show how all religions stem from that Old Time Religion Islam. Each of these poems are crafted with great care and range in a wide style from the avant guard beat stylings to classical persian stylings. Not only will you learn about another faith but you will also learn about your own as lights are shed from the heretical to the so-called orthodoxy. You will be amazed at what you find in these pages whether your a preacher, a novice, or someone who just enjoys poems on the off beat you will enjoy these writings and become friends of Abdul Batin Osman Beys works seeking out all his other projects from his more obscure works to his more popular works. He is truly a voice in the wilderness that needs to be heard by all.< Less

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