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The Crimson Mask By Chris Leach
eBook (ePub): $0.00
This is the first draft of the first chapter of The Crimson Mask, a Steampunk Superhero adventure. Released as a Beta Edition in order to gather feedback.
The Crimson Mask Omnibus Volume 1 By Tom Johnson, Norman A. Daniels, Frank Johnson
Hardcover: $39.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Limited hardcover edition... only 100 made! Part of the early 1940s pulp hero revival, pharmacist Bob Clarke takes on the underworld as The Crimson Mask! The first of three volumes collecting the... More > entire series, this first volume includes an all-new introduction by pulp historian Tom Johnson. Volume contains the following: "Enter the Crimson Mask," "The Crimson Mask's Murder Trail," "The Crimson Mask's Death Gamble," "Sign of the Crimson Mask," and "The Crimson Mask's Scorpion Trail."< Less
The Crimson Mask Omnibus Volume 2 By Norman A. Daniels
Hardcover: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Part of the early 1940s pulp hero revival, pharmacist Bob Clarke takes on the underworld as The Crimson Mask! Volume 2 contains the next five adventures: “The Crimson Mask and the Vanishing... More > Men,” “The Crimson Mask's Ghost Trail,” “The Diamond Death Trail,” “The Money Trail,” and “Murders of the Black Rose,” uncut, with all of the original illustrations.< Less
The Mask of the Sun By Marc Alvarez
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Shrouded from the world behind their masks of bone, the members of the Phantom Guild strive to keep the other powerful guilds of the human controlled lands of Sanctuary in check. However, when the... More > group is framed for the murder of a high ranking guild official, the Phantoms face the wrath of every powerful guild in the nation. Dispatched to uncover the identity of this impostor, a team of some of the guild's most skilled Phantoms will discover that their target has far more intimate knowledge of their group than they could have imagined. Undeterred by attacks from rival groups, environmental forces, and the inhuman Harvesters, this group of crimson assassins will stop at nothing to reveal who wears The Mask of the Sun.< Less
The Masked Detective Omnibus Volume 1 By Tom Johnson, Norman A. Daniels
Hardcover: $39.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Limited edition hardcover, only 100 made. Crime reporter Rex Parker dons a mask to fight crime in his own way! A master of the French art of la savate, Parker is joined on his battle with the... More > underworld by Dan Gleason of Homicide and beauty columnist Winnie Bligh. Containing the first three stories: "Alias the Masked Detective," "The Masked Detective's Warning," and "The Masked Detective's Manhunt."< Less
Wrestling Beauties By Byrons Gorgeous Boxing Girls
eBook (PDF): $12.95
Byron knows he has many excited fans of the girls who grapple, so he leaves the gloves off this time and brings us two busty beauties, the mysterious bikini-clad masked maiden of mayhem, CRIMSON... More > QUEEN! Her opponent, another creature of crimson, the busty and cruel BURNEA! The gals battle it out until one cannot take it anymore, submitting to her superior opponent! So we welcome you to The BGBG Arena and Byron's WRESTLING BEAUTIES! 22 images on 19 panels by the BEST friend of the Gorgeous Wrestling Girls... BYRON! Presented in screen resolution PDF file.< Less
Exciting Pulp Tales By Tom Johnson
Hardcover: $34.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The exciting sequel to Tom Johnson's 2010 anthology, PULP DETECTIVES, EXCITING PULP TALES brings you ten more all-new stories featuring classic pulp heroes such as The Angel, The Green Ghost, The... More > Cobra, The Crimson Mask, Gentle Jones, The Purple Scar, Funny Face, Mr. Death, The Jungle Queen, and Ki-Gor.< Less
Triple Detective #2 (Spring 1956) By Tom Johnson, K.G. McAbee, Steve Mitchell
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Back for another issue, this time featuring the following stories. DOCTOR DEATH RETURNS by Steve Mitchell: Twenty years before, a sinister madman held the world at bay, using the twin powers of... More > science and sorcery to unleash a crimson tide of murder and destruction that swept across America and Asia. Then he disappeared—leaving no clue as to his final fate. MURDER MUSEUM (featuring The Phantom Detective) by K.G. McAbee: The Phantom Detective, that nemesis of all evildoers in New York City, takes on the uncanny powers of the sinister Dr. Darkness! And CRIME'S LAST STAND (starring The Masked Avenger) by Tom Johnson: Will evil win out? Can even The Great Masked Avenger survive the final battle with the city's underworld when crime makes its last stand!.< Less
Cliffhanger Treasury #1 By Eric Stedman
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
First of a four-issue series including 172 pages of comics from the 1930s and 40s inspired by classic cliffhanger movie serials or vice versa. Includes: ROCKETMAN in "Wings of Evil,"THE... More > MASKED MARVEL in "The Monster in the Mine," SPY SMASHER vs. "The Red Death," featuring a Crimson Ghost-like character, THE PHANTOM CREEPS, adapted from the Universal serial, THUN'DA, KING OF THE CONGO by Frank Frazetta, in "King of the Lost Lands," DON WINSLOW OF THE NAVY in "Maelstrom of the deep," CAPTAIN VIDEO in "Creatures of Doom," THE DESERT HAWK in "The Wretched Ant-men," Chapter 1 of THE OREGON TRAIL, and more featuring Buck Jones, the Blue Beetle, Captain Midnight and Bulletman. The four-issue series when complete will reprint the complete multi-part serials THE MASK OF FU MANCHU by Wally Wood and the complete 6-chapter PERILS OF NYOKA, as adapted from the Republic serial.< Less
Ark-Lila & the Purple Ax By Purple Electronica
eBook (PDF): $12.74
Ark-Lila is a super hero in the city of Crimson Falls in the year 2099.She has been one since 1815.She's still fighting crime for someone who doesn't look like she's over 300.She has seen the rise... More > and fall of the Association of Super Men in the 1940s when they forced other superheroes to join their ranks or be blacklisted.The new ASM founders have made other heroes who have not joined up to meet with unfortunate accidents or death.But the ASM seemed to be more interested in Ark-Lila's longevity.Ark-Lila's longevity she has somehow given to her partner, Mr. Virtue.Newly retired Mr. Virtue must take up his mask again to help Ark-Lila regain her memory and get to the bottom of who hurt Ark-Lila.And what he finds will change the world of super heroes.< Less