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L'autocombustione negli stoccaggi di cereali - Spontaneous Combustion in Grain Storage By Giorgio Demontis et al.
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L'incendio spontaneo (autocombustione) spesso viene indicato in documenti ufficiali quale causa o possibile causa di incendio nei cereali. Le polveri dei cereali originano una atmosfera... More > potenzialmente esplosiva come definita nella direttiva ATEX.L'autocombustione risulterebbe quindi una fonte di innesco della deflagrazione. Il problema è stato analizzato dimostrando come esso non risulti nei cereali un fattore di rischio. Il libro è a colori. - - - Some crops when stored can burn spontaneously. The dust of certain crops, including cereals, may lead to a potentially explosive atmosphere as defined in ATEX Directive. The spontaneous combustion is therefore one of the possible sources of ignition of a deflagration and often is mentioned as the cause or possible cause of fire. This risk factor was analyzed for cereals, showing because it is not to be considered. Color Book.< Less
Por La Gente, Para La Gente By Garrett Braun
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Por La Gente, Para La Gente is a book created by the community of La Estancia, El Salvador in collaboration with Project CREED. This local history book covers such topics as myths and local legends,... More > natural techniques for cultivating crops free from pesticides, community action during the El Salvador Civil War, local lifestyles, religion and cultural traditions. Illustrations are authentic drawings by children living in Estancia.< Less
Principles and Technologies of Irrigation and Drainage of Agricultural Lands in the Arab World By Ghazi Al Nakshabandi
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This book nicely blends scientific and engineering approaches.The book talks about water resources in the Arab world;conventional and non conventional, and the need of water up to the year 2025. It... More > gives detailed information about nature and characteristics of soils, water quality, Water requirements of crops and irrigation scheduling.The book includes chapter in Hydraulics, and chapters on different methods of irrigation; surface, drip, and sprinkler, and design of each method. The book talks about water measurements in the field, ground water in confined and non-confined aquifers. Due to shortage of good quality irrigation water the book devote a chapter on utilization of saline water. Salinity of soils is widely spread in the Arab world, and for this reason chapter 14 talks about drainage of agricultural lands, and different equation concerning the location spacing, and depth of drains, well as hydraulics of drain pipes.< Less
Great Ultimate Theory ( Traditional Chinese ) By John Chang
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For a long time, the encyclopedias were very heterogeneous. There are dozens to hundreds of book volumes without a coherent system, so that the reader is very difficult to read. I always wanted to... More > write an encyclopedia about 300 page and summarizing all knowledge and link them to each other or systematic. This theory system used for study all subjects, and the big bang pattern or the tree’s structure as scientific system. Its main point, indicate total sciences are unified. Above theory pattern was also clearly given by the crop circle. There are five levels and three main lines direction outward. At same level, the subjects tend to be closer to the others. The more closer, the more bigger the resistance, and all are separated by a wall in the middle, that they can’t cross.< Less
Cura Energetica Sekhm epub By Silvio Guerrinha
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(Versão epub para ebook reader, ou aplicação telemóvel e tablet). Este livro é um guia bastante completo sobre a cura à distância. Inclui os... More > símbolos e visualizações mais eficazes e diversas ilustrações sobre métodos de cura. Contém também trabalhos energéticos com cristais e chacras, pontos vitais do corpo, e muito mais. Baseia-se em conceitos de física quântica e no sistema de chacras Kemètico (egípcio). Neste livro, pode aceder a todos os níveis de Iniciação e pode sintonizar-se a si mesmo e aos outros; curar-se a si mesmo e curar outras pessoas à distância. Símbolos poderosos baseados em Egiptologia e Crop-circles Extraterrestres: como funcionam e como desenhá-los. Níveis I, II e III num único livro!< Less

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