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Great Puritan's The Cream of the Crop Volume 1 By Mike Tryban
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You will be introduced to the puritans. I choose to let them speak for themelves...
Fruit Crop Grading Using Machine Learning Techniques By Vishal Agravat et al.
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This book will helpful for learning the new way of grading. With the help of MATLAB software, lemon fruit grading technique is presented and it is useful for agriculture engineers, in fruit... More > processing, grading equipment, food processing, etc. Although grading has been done manually for the years here is the technological solution that saves time, labour and money. One can learn the technique to deal with fruits.< Less
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Air borne diseases threaten the lives and productivity of humans, animals and plants. Despite recent advances in medical, veterinary and plant sciences, many air borne diseases remain as problems.... More > Aerobiology is discipline focused on the atmospheric transport of the microorganisms causing these diseases with the ultimate objective of providing insights in to disease control. Aerobiology however, includes more than just the study of air-borne diseases. It has long been known that biological objects, non living particulates and gases are present in the atmosphere. Aerobiology, a term coined in 1930s, is a scientific discipline focused on the transport of air-borne organisms in both outdoor and indoor environments, thus aerobiology is usually understood to be the study of passively air-borne microorganisms of their identity, behavior, movements and survival.< Less
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The public demand for minimum use of pesticide in our food stuff and environment has caused an energetic debate over the safety of present control practices for diseases of vegetables. Integrated... More > management of such diseases is one of the desirable approach. Many integrated methods like physical method, plant extracts, bioagents, chemical methods and use of resistant cultivars are the enormous sources which are eco friendly and economical for the management of diseases of cucurbits. Cucurbits are affected by a number of diseases like downy mildew, powdery mildew, gummosis, Phytophthorablight, anthracnose, Cercosporaleaf spot, phomablight, collar rot, Fusariumwilt, whiterot, root knot nematode, bacterial wilt, watermelon bud necrosis and leaf distortion virus. These diseases are of national importance and cause substantial yield losses every year in cucurbits.< Less
Crop Circle ( Traditional Chinese ) By John Chang
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Author carefully analyzed for the recent crop circle pattern from year 1990 to 2014, and surprisingly those crop circles were very similar with the general idea of his books on the year 2003, year... More > 2007 and year 2013, he could have used the "Golden Classic" to explain about 10% of the crop circles, the "Universal law" to explain about 30% and the "Great ultimate theory" can explain about 50%. They wanted to use Earth’s language to translate the significance of graph! Even more surprising is the fact that these crop circle graphics can not be explained only by one book, or two books, but they must use his three books to explain all of the crop circles. He thought it was a miracle. The power of wisdom! He then decided to declare the mystery of crop circles had been unraveled!< Less
Crop Circles : Le rapport VECA By Gilles Munsch
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Rapport VECA : 20 ans après toujours d'actualité. Ce dossier, rédigé au début de 1993, paraît un peu tardivement puisque deux années se sont... More > écoulées depuis. Les étés 93 et 94 ont sûrement apporté d'autres éléments pouvant renforcer ou infirmer les propos tenus dans ce dossier. Malheureusement, le groupe VECA n'a pas poursuivi ses investigations outre-manche, les divers participants ne souhaitant pas, pour la plupart, consacrer une fois encore leurs congés d'été à l'étude d'un sujet semblant bien avoir perdu l'essentiel de son mystère. Conformément à nos prédictions de 1989-90, le phénomène s'est étendu à la plupart des pays et continents. Nous pensions que le succès médiatique recueilli par ce "mystère" conduirait à cette propagation et il semble bien que les faits nous aient donné raison.< Less
From the Crop Field to a Prison Cell: An Immigrant's Story of Hope By John L. Pharms
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A short story of an immigrant moving from the crop field to the Prison Cell. To versions English and Spanish are included
21st Century Homestead: Nitrogen-Fixing Crops By Stanley Bilello
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21st Century Homestead: Nitrogen-Fixing Crops contains everything you need to stay up to date on nitrogen-fixing crops for your sustainable farm or garden.
Women’s tops Fashion: Crop tops, tank tops, halter neck tops By Babu rao Mastana
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When it comes to fashion, women have an edge over men. Modern girls and ladies are fashion-conscious as well as fashion-savvy. Those who give it high value know the art of turning up well every time.
BACK-N-FORTH: Recollections of a Crop Duster (COLOR Paperback) By Leonard Belisle
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In a classic, personal story of faith and fortitude, find out what it was like to get up at 3:00 o’clock in the morning after three hours of sleep and then go out to fly an open cockpit biplane... More > just inches off the ground at 100 MPH! From the view through a bug-splattered windshield (and over 200 COLOR photos) go BACK in time to see how seemingly unconnected events prepared a boy, and then a young man, to join this very exclusive club. Then go FORTH to experience the thrills of soloing a Grumman AgCat for the first time and later the chills of crashing through your first set of power lines! After that, keep on crop dusting Back-and-Forth for over two decades of hair-raising flying on the razor’s-edge until your mind and body are finally spent and then...find out why it was all worthwhile. So let’s cinch up our crash helmet, strap on our safety harness, light the fires, and go...BACK-N-FORTH!< Less

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