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The study of the Egyptian civilization has drastically renewed itself in recent years thanks to the contribution of historians, linguists and African Egyptologists whose work focuses on the... More > indisputably African origin of this civilization. The famous Cairo Symposium of 1974 (UNESCO) is seen as the starting point of the recovery of this African heritage. However, it is clear that the African academic institutions are quite slow to include Egyptology as a field of study in university and elementary school curricula. If such action is undertaken, it will have the advantage of educating international opinion in general and African opinion in particular on the scientific achievements made in this discipline. Not only Africa is the indisputable “Cradle of Humankind”, as evidenced by facts, but this Continent also reflects the emergence of the most brilliant civilization the world has ever known: the Egyptian civilization. Maat, the concept to which this essay is devoted, is the idea behind this civilization.< Less
Energize Education through Open Source: Using Open Source Software to Enhance Learning By Christopher Whittum, M.Ed.
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For many schools in today’s economy, money is tight, and costs must be closely monitored. With this in mind, there is one area where educators can save: free, open source software. In Energize... More > Education through Open Source, Christopher D. Whittum explains the ins and outs of a huge repository of educational and productivity software that is available and open source. Filled with practical examples, this guide shares how this software and hardware can be obtained, provides suggestions for integrating it, and shows how schools can find the options that work best for their students and teachers. Whittum, who has worked with computers for more than thirty years, addresses and explains the Linux operating system, discusses how the open source products can be integrated into existing curricula, and provides suggestions for applications that could serve as aids to learning. Energize Education Through Open Source provides a feasible technology solution for schools facing financial barriers.< Less
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Educational Management: Meaning: While Education is the provision of a series of learning experiences to students in order to impart knowledge, values, attitudes and skills with the ultimate aim of... More > making them productive members of society, Educational Management is the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of an institution by utilizing human and material resources so as to effectively and efficiently accomplish functions of teaching, extension work and research. Nature and Scope Educational Management: The National Policies on Education seek to bring about a social, economic and cultural development in society by focusing on human resource development through education. Education, therefore, must have more relevant curricula, be dynamic, and empower students to bring about desirable social changes while preserving the desirable aspects of our existing culture.< Less
Baisc Science & Technology (with some colour) By David Slimming
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Basic Science & Technology is a modular textbook for secondary school students in tropical and sub-tropical countries. It covers the needs of most junior secondary courses in basic, combined, or... More > integrated science and technology and is written in simple but accurate English. It is based on research into junior secondary curricula world wide and on the author's personal experience of science education in Africa, Asia and the Pacific over a period of more than 40 years. Each chapter (topic) comprises a sequence of one-page modules (sub-topics) that can be used alone or in sequence. These materials can also be downloaded from free of charge. A short guide for teachers is available and includes concept maps for each chapter, hints on teaching each module, and annotated answers to end-of-module questions.< Less
Uncertainty In Teacher Education Futures: Scenarios, Politics and STEM By Sandy Schuck et al.
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This book discusses the use of futures methodologies to examine and critique teacher education and investigate drivers of change in teacher education contexts, providing readers with futures tools... More > that they can use to explore curricula and pedagogies. It explains futures methods, including scenario development and backcasting, and illustrates them with examples of research in science, technology and mathematics education contexts. By allowing the long-term influence of current trends to be considered and providing an opportunity to reflect on the present and imagine the future, scenarios provoke discussion on the directions that teacher education might take now. The book offers insights into the possibilities that might exist for teacher education futures and into how scenario building and planning can be used to inform debates about the present. Further, it suggests ways in which readers can influence the future of teacher education through understanding the drivers of change.< Less
NCBDS 32 Conference Proceedings By Carmen Trudell et al.
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National Conference on the Beginning Design Student (NCBDS) 32 Conference Proceedings, February 25-27, 2016 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Cal Poly is proud to have hosted... More > NCBDS 32 with the conference them of 1:1. Design schools are increasingly emphasizing working at 1:1 scale. Physical material studies, spatial constructs, installation work, furniture, prototyping, and design-build are all common components of design curricula. This pedagogical approach teaches lessons about constructability and material assemblies, and 1:1 constructs are also often used as a tool to understand issues like context, clients, and social responsibility. These proceedings are a compilation of the peer-reviewed papers that were presented at the conference.< Less
2014 ACSA Fall Conference Paper Proceedings By ACSA Press
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This conference considers the potential of Design-Build in post-secondary education. It is interested in expanding this potential, developing ideas to improve delivery and efficacy, and reflecting on... More > Design-Build as pedagogy and practice. The conference is interested in first-hand reports comparing the pedagogical contexts of Design-Build as well as rigorous surveys ranging across many schools. Above all, it is interested in analyzing the conditions of the project before, during, and after construction. The ACSA underlined the recent increase in Design-Build courses in North America, with the introduction of a Design-Build Award in 2012. It is now included in over 70% of our curricula. Design-Build can be as big as the entire curriculum or as small as an elective; it can take place in a school’s courtyard or halfway across the world; it can be demolished at the end of the semester or become a permanent part of a community; and it can innovate in all imaginable ways.< Less
Econonarcosis: The Economic Pathology of Deficit Spending Within Grow or Perish Economic Systems By W. D. Raymondson
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During the last century school curricula often included studies in capitalism, communism and the workings of economic systems. However, today there is not enough public information about the values... More > and vulnerabilities of capitalism and economic expansionism. Like it or not, our world is driven by its economic systems which have evolved to a point where they appear to be out of control. Unfortunately most of the news spots and talk shows only talk about the symptoms of what ails our national and international economies and never about the values or vulnerabilities of capitalism or the consequences of 'Grow or Perish' systems or the actual dynamics about what makes an economy thrive or fail. There are few economic systems to choose from, but no matter what economic system Civilization decides to use in the future, all are doomed to failure if we insist on 'Political Correctness' and only talk around the real-world growth issues and ask nothing about what makes any economic system actually succeed or fail.< Less
Operations - FM 3-0 By Headquarters Department of the Army
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This publication, Field Manual FM 3-0 Operations Change 1 6 December 2017, describes how Army forces, as part of a joint team, shape operational environments (OEs), prevent conflict, conduct... More > large-scale ground combat, and consolidate gains against a peer threat. This manual provides a foundation for how Army forces conduct prompt and sustained large-scale combat operations. FM 3-0 is applicable to all members of the Army Profession: leaders, Soldiers, and Army Civilians. The principle audience for FM 3-0 is commanders, staffs, and leaders. This manual also provides the foundation for training and Army education system curricula and future capabilities development. FM 3-0 contains fundamentals, tactics, and techniques focused on fighting and winning large-scale combat operations. This manual uses historical vignettes, quotes, and graphics to reinforce the doctrine within.< Less
Introduction to Statistical Tools Used for Data Mining By Jim Rutledge, Ph.D.
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Many projects can be very data intensive and the statistical tools taught in traditional college curricula are often inadequate for solving the problem at hand. While there are many aspects and... More > definitions of data mining, the basic idea is to find patterns in data sets. Although marketed for large databases, the techniques are applicable to any size data set. While data management is an important subject, this course will focus on the statistical models used in data mining. It will cover the most useful tools such as linear regression, logistic regression, classification trees, discriminate analysis, neural networks, clustering, nearest neighbors, bump hunting, and market basket analysis. While these data mining tools may sound exotic and difficult to understand, they are actually fairly straightforward and modern software makes it easy to use them. This is a color version for AAA.< Less

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