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Wu Shan Lu By Abp. Wonji Dharma, D.Dh.
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One of the core tenants of Zen Buddhism is Kongàn practice. The original concept of Kongàn, although associated with Buddhist practice in the West is not strictly a Buddhist term and... More > translated means “a public case,” “a public exchange,” “a public situation,” or “a public document.” The pronunciation of the Chinese characters (公案) for Kongàn is Gōng-àn in Chinese or Koan in Japanese. The common use for this word comes from ancient China, and referred to a situation when copies of a government document were produced, the scribe would use a “chop” or seal on the copy in such a way that half of the seal was on the original document and half was on the copied document. This would allow for future verification of the authenticity of the copy by matching the two halves of the seal.< Less
A Guide for Adults with Hip Dysplasia By Denise Sutherland, Dr Sophie West
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This popular book is the only one in the world that discusses hip dysplasia for adult patients. Whether you were diagnosed as a child and have ongoing problems now, or have developed dysplasia as an... More > adult, this book covers every topic imaginable about this difficult condition. Written in a friendly and easy to understand way, with a minimum of jargon, this book goes from hip anatomy and diagnosis through to living with disability, hip surgery, what to expect in hospital, and recovery at home. There is a chapter for carers, and one of DIY projects you may like to make. The book contains a great deal of information on hip replacement, too, so if you're having a hip replacement for another reason, especially as a younger patient, this book will still help you. Recommended by orthopaedic surgeons from around the world. Both authors have bilateral hip dysplasia, and have been through the surgeries discussed in the book.< Less
Beyond Conceptual Thought By Robert Harwood, Apb. Wonji Dharma, D.Dh.
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Written by Robert Harwood with Archbishop Wonji Dharma, D.Dh. In this book Christian spirituality is explored from a fresh perspective. For those who sense that something is missing in traditional... More > Christianity or those who intuit that union with God is possible, this book is a must read. The authors explore the underlying message of biblical scriptures and parables, a message that is generally ignored in mainline church traditions. By giving clear instructions concerning how to meet God “face to face,” the authors show that Christianity has much more in common with other world religions than is usually supposed. They suggest that the teachings put forth by the foremost mystic of all time, Jesus of Nazareth, are better understood and actualized through contemplative spiritual practices than through reflective thought, intellectual study, or efforts that reinforce a sense of individual doer-ship.< Less
Paediatric Orthopaedics By Matthew Nixon
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This book aims to condense much of the subject into simple, easy to read mind-maps. Topics covered include: • Hip (DDH, Perthes, SUFE, AVN) • Knee • Foot and ankle (CTEV, pes cavus... More > CVT), • Upper limb (OBPI,CP, congenital hand) • Spine (scoliosis, infection), • Neuromuscular • Limb reconstruction • Trauma • Genetics, skeletal dysplasias Each section has a overview of the subjects, the core knowledge and self-assessment MCQs. Each page is illustrated throughout with over 400 re- producible diagrams. This book covers all the core topics required for success in end-of-training orthopaedic FRCS and Board examinations. The content comes from review articles, traditional texts, notes from exam courses and pearls of wisdom learnt during my time at the largest children’s hospital in Europe. This book will also be useful for non-specialist orthopaedic surgeons, general practitioners, physiotherapists and students.< Less