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The Deer By John Hank Edson
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A doe and her fawn walk through the woods on a summer evening. As they move among the trees, the two discover a deep connection to their forest home that helps the mother heal ancient wounds and the... More > child to discover a wholly unexpected future. The Deer takes the reader on a voyage into the heart of a meaning universal to all the Earth’s beings and celebrates the life-saving poetry and wisdom available to those who have learned the art of listening. This narrative poem is accompanied by 24 illustrations by the author and also includes three other poems perfect for families.< Less
Whitetail Deer By Robert Freeman
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2014 calendar whitetail deer (buck)pictures of bucks outdoor
Dawn the Deer By Troy Cusson
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**TWO BOOKS IN ONE**: This version now contains a "Create Your Own Story" coloring book in the back. Illustrated by Crystal Cochell. During the summer of 2011 a young doe could be seen... More > throughout my neighborhood seemingly unaffected by the noises, people, and animals that surrounded her. My family and I would see her out at all times of the day in and out of the back yards of all the homes on our street. On one particularly beautiful July morning I said to my wife, "Ya know she is around so much we should name her." My wife said, "I've been calling her Dawn as I always see her out in the early morning". I said, "Huh, Dawn The Deer, sounds like a good name for a children's book." Also available in Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Chinese. For more info visit< Less
WHITETAIL DEER By George Frangoulis
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The whitetail deer is a medium-sized deer native to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America as far south as Peru and Bolivia. In the Americas, it is the most widely... More > distributed wild ungulate. In North America, the species is widely distributed east of the Rocky Mountains, but elsewhere, it is mostly replaced by the black-tailed or mule deer. In western North America, it is found in aspen park lands and deciduous river bottom lands within the central and northern Great Plains, and in mixed deciduous riparian corridors, river valley bottom lands, and lower foothills of the northern Rocky Mountain regions from South Dakota and Wyoming to southeastern British Columbia, including the Montana Valley and Foothill grasslands. This book portrays the whitetail deer as an American game animal highly sought after and respected.< Less
The Deer of Kearneysville By Linda Evans Anderson
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Photos of a Whitetail Deer herd as they live off the land--and the landowners--in one Kearneysville, West Virginia neighborhood.
Deer Hunting By gabriel tacey
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great book and you will love it because i had a blast creating it
Deer 2013 By Pamela Breitberg
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This special calendar includes a mother White Tail Deer who proudly allowed me to capture some precious time with her and her fawn. Mother and child are focus of this year's Deer images. Enjoy and... More > share!< Less
Dear Deer By Nicoletta Margherita Bruno Berti
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My daughter asked me about humor and I tried to explain to her how jokes work. She said:"Poop is funny!" So I asked If she wanted me to tell her a story about poop. This is how this story... More > was born. She liked it. She told me how to draw a deer and I followed her instructions. Well, even If I would like them to focus on another kind of children can find a story that makes them laugh..and obviously learn about structure, love and...uhm...oh! to spell their favorite word. (Love? Sorry for the misunderstanding! I meant "poop"!)< Less
Deer Lake By Katelyn Rushe
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The predator has become the prey, the hunter has become the hunted, and if the rampaging deer cannot be stopped, the human race itself may become nothing but a distant memory… Marcus Ambler... More > is prepared for the greatest hunting trip of his life. Accompanied by his sister Cassie and best friend Cody, he is bound for the small rural town of Sakoran in Ontario, Canada, and the beautiful lake that borders it—all in hopes of bagging that “prize buck.” However, it’s not long after their arrival that the three notice a pattern of strange behavior amongst the local deer population. As officials scramble to hide the attacks, Marcus and the others find themselves caught in a battle for their lives against the violent creatures, as well as a war between an obsessed hunter and the mysterious force of nature that is behind these events. Will the humans be able to band together and stop this uprising, or will the deer be the ones to reign supreme when the struggle is over?< Less
THE DEER HUNTERS By Robert Morrison
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There might have been better hunting in some places on the mainland, but in the late 60's and 70's Grand Island was the place to be. There was plenty of deer and hunting over bait hadn't arrived yet.... More > It was like one stepped back a hundred years in time.When you went there to camp, home was far away indeed. One drank a lot of beer, bragged a lot, smoked a lot, swore a lot, and sometimes we got lucky and even shot a deer or two. This is my tale of those times; it is as I saw it at the time......... Bud Morrison< Less