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The Benevolent Light By Daisha Marie Korth
Paperback: $20.00
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Darkness shrouds the Darktowers as they press forward, the familiar cliffs in the forefront of their minds as their journey comes close to the end. Rothan sits over his mound of gold, the devil in... More > command of his army with his evil eyes seeing each shadow, every corner, any opportunity with which to gain power, to flaunt the tree upon his palm and take what he covets most. And through the storm that brews, the light fades until the blackness chokes all in its path. A battle of wills dictates which path will be taken and when the torment ends, Aspen finds one brilliant shaft of light. A benevolent light. The most beautiful beam of light one has ever seen.< Less
Noble Courage: Book One of the Aspen Series By Daisha Marie Korth
Paperback: $21.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Darktower name held the power to make one shiver with trepidation as it rolled off the tongue. Thorne Darktower, Earl of Cliffehaven, stood tall and ominous, resentful of his own existence and... More > plotting against his own family's life-long enemy until he is touched by the heart of an angel and shown the promise of life as she lifts the wool of hatred from his eyes. Aspen Tiller found herself as an unsuspecting pawn in a strategic game of self-preservation. With her innocence and child-like ideals held close to her, she reaches deep within herself to accomplish the impossible, command the respect of those around her, welcome the love of all who knew her and face the wrath of the devil who covets her...And still, embedded in her character, is a courage so noble that it refuses to allow her to give in to defeat as she trudges through the obstacles in her path to emerge anew...But does it destroy the woman so many love?< Less
Tears of Penance By Daisha Marie Korth
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The path of duty and position brings Thorne and Aspen Darktower to the posh and luxurious city of Foxglove Pass where the charming Duke Gallant shows them comfort and friendship. Still, there are... More > many dark corners where ...questions of terrible consequence beg to be answered...and the castle's gardens provoke the innocence of love. It is a place where the happiest in the territory smile in the sunshine and fear the Blood Thieves by night. The warmth of evil is felt upon the necks of the Darktowers... Tears fall like diamonds from the eyes of the penitent and fists fall as swords upon the condemned. "Your prayers would be welcome...Perhaps God had grown weary of listening to mine..." ~ Breigh Berrybough ...The Aspen Series continues!< Less
The Price of Power: Book Two of the Aspen Series By Daisha Marie Korth
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
After the battle of Rosehill, Thorne and Aspen Darktower come face to face with finding the balance between peace and justice amidst the adversity that meets them head on as they explore their new... More > positions as the Grand Duke and Duchess of Elgolan. Being led forward by the imperious Sir Lernmoore, they find their relationship tested by the powers granted them by the king and the bonds of their love are stretched by the evil that surrounds them, unable to be found. Together they learn a new nobility through the people they meet and the places they see on their quest to return home. Their tale continues from the unforgettable story, Noble Courage! "There is a price to be paid for the power which we hold." ~ Hans Broadleaf< Less
Salvation of the Forgotten: Book Four of the Aspen Series By Daisha Marie Korth
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
As Baroness of Shadowed Meadow, it is Aspen Darktower’s duty to transform the forgotten village into a prosperous place to live by order of King Rothan. But it seems as though there is some... More > sort of enchantment over the lush green grasses and rushing river, leaving it to remain primitive and backward, resistant to change. The unity of the Darktower people begins to crack, like weathered stone, and a once very tightly knitted group is torn to shreds by poverty, illness, and battles brought on by bloodthirsty men. And in the very center of the storm, Rayven has plans of his own, set out to destroy Thorne and claim Aspen for his master, Dracul, for reasons he cannot understand. It lies within the Twelve to see the greater good and save the people they have sworn to protect. To be among the saved, you must first take the fall to be built up strong again!< Less
Across the Threshold By Twisted Willow Wordsmyths
Paperback: $15.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Take my hand and come across the threshold where nothing is as it should be, yet everything is an adventure! This collection of stories comes from a group of authors who have aptly named themselves... More > "The Twisted Willow Wordsmyths". Their imagination will take you to places you never knew existed. From the power of a human tree to the fanciful Three Little Pigs, the trials of a stubborn little faerie to the rhythm of ancient drums, the curse of an old ship to the possibility of stars making wishes. There are no dull pages, no putting the book down, but hours of wonderful moments with the characters that come alive in these pages. We all hope you love this book and look forward to many more!< Less

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