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What colors do By Folorunsho Dare
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This book is about the great element of the earth – color. An element wonderfully prepared for us by nature which we never pay much attention to. What colors do has been well packaged to teach... More > people the great powers of color, how they affect our lives, how we can use them to become physically and emotionally balanced people. This book promises to be revealing, very interesting, thrilling and above all life transforming, giving back to you value for every cent. With the current economic decline, what we all need is the knowledge to stay on top and ahead; this book offers you this and even much more. Learn how the power of color can make you stay focus and emotionally balanced in the face of the global economic crisis.< Less
Horatio Alger Series: Do and Dare By Horatio Alger
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“Do and Dare” by Horatio Alger revolves around a young boy’s struggle to support his parents. To support his ailing mother, young Herbert takes a number of odd jobs and becomes a... More > paid companion to a wealthy but sickly young man. They survive by operating a small post office until the selfish Ebenezer Graham takes it over. Graham allows Herbert to stay on as an assistant, but when his son returns unexpectedly from Boston, he lets Hebert go. Fortunately, the wealthy but ailing George Melville sees Herbert’s good character, and hires him as a secretary and traveling companion. Melville’s doctor sends them to Colorado for rejuvenation in the mountains. They meet hardships that invoke their bravery and righteousness, encountering the scheming Colonel Warner and struggling to foil his plan to rob fellow passengers. Once in the mountains, Herbert has his own adventure, ultimately rewarding his valiant struggles.< Less
Do You Dare, an Internet Invitation By Johnathan Bishop
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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Kimberly was bored with life and her sex life was even more boring. She needed something more, something different, something more towards her fantasies. She decided to place an ad online for a Dom... More > and his response was more intriguing than she had expected. Now she is his and yet she hasn't even seen his face. Her imagination can soar free as each time, they get deeper and deeper into their lustful relationship.< Less
Dare to Dream By Dr. Reba J. Hoffman
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What do you dream of doing? Find the courage to pursue your writing career through 30 days of encouragement, prayer and wisdom. “This is the one book you need to move from dreaming…to... More > doing. With quotes, devotionals and life-questions to apply the teaching to your heart, these thirty days of inspiration will challenge you not only to dare to dream…but to dare to do.” Susan May Warren, best-selling, award-winning author and Founder, My Book Therapy. The Author of Dare to Dream, Reba J. Hoffman, PhD is the MBT Member Care Coach. She has a PhD in clinical counseling and is the founder and president of New Hope Institute of Counseling. Reba uses her gift of encouragement to help writers overcome negative emotions so they can live their dream of being a writer. Her works appear in publications such as Running for the Woman’s Soul by Road Runner Sports and The Good Fight by Donna Hicken. Contact her at< Less
Dare to Be An Evangelist By Patrick Sullivan
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If you could dedicate the next forty days to evangelizing those you love, what would you do? How much would you need to reach out versus improving your own spiritual stamina? In Dare to Be an... More > Evangelist your plan is laid out for you as you are challenged every day to strive for holiness for the sake of those who desperately need Jesus Christ.< Less
Stan Dare By M Lawrence
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Got time to kill? Then let your mind wander to a non specified time, maybe the 50s, maybe the 70s, maybe now, and meet Stan Dare, an agency worker on his journey of self discovery and gratuitous... More > violence. Highly trained full time spy, self taught full time douche. Racist, sexist and heightest, is he unredeemable? Do you really care?< Less
Dare to Dream By Sarah Callaway
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Dare to Dream is the first book by author, Sarah Callaway. Seventeen year old, Claire Dettori is a writer from South Wales taken by surprise when her hobby book becomes an award winning, best seller.... More > She and her five friends are catapulted into the life of fame and happiness although all is not what it seems. Is there a limit on how much good fortune one person can have? Do all good things really have to come to an end? Not suitable for younger readers.< Less
Do You Dare, Anton-Emil? By Helle & Noah Norrid
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When the town’s Jack-O-Lanterns end up thrashed, missing, or massicared, Trick or Treating on Halloween is threatened for all the town’s children. Anton-Emil and his frinds Buster and... More > Victoria dare to venture into the nearby woods to solve the grosome mystery. Could it be strange extraterrestrials conducting ”experiments” on the smartly carved pumpkins? Could it be some ravinous beast that roams the forrest in relentless hunger? Do you dare to find out?< Less
Do We Dare? - Stories of Transforming the Broken By Elaine Glancy
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Transformation, as it is used in this book of short stories, means a radical and complete change from existing according to taught conditioned thought to being the nature of the universe itself. It... More > is what happens when a cocoon becomes a caterpillar, a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. It is what happens when a tadpole becomes a frog, or an embryo becomes a human being. It is a process of change, which by its nature takes a completely different direction from where or what it was before. Every stage of transformation entails a complete leaving, or letting go of, what was, in order to become what it is. This process may be seen as a path, rather than a destination, for it is an endless process of change. This book of short stories came out of being on the path of transformation. I have been on this path for many years. I was an English teacher for about 30 years.< Less
Do and Dare: A Brave Boy's Fight for Fortune By Horatio Alger
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A novel that absorbs the reader due to the larger-than-life efforts of the protagonist. It is an in-depth portrayal of how determination, courage and hard work lead to success and greatness. Horatio... More > has portrayed America as the emblem of fulfilling and rewarding country. A page-turner!< Less