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I'll Go Home Then, It's Warm and Has Chairs. The Unpublished Emails. By David Thorne
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New edition. More everything. All new, never before published material from the author of The Internet is a Playground. New emails, new articles, new exclusive content. I'll Go Home Then; It's Warm... More > and Has Chairs is the second book by New York Times Bestselling author David Thorne.< Less
I'll Go Home Then, It's Warm and Has Chairs: The Unpublished Emails. By David Thorne
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New edition. All new, never before published material from the author of The Internet is a Playground. New emails, new articles, new exclusive content. Featuring over two hundred pages of... More > brand-spanking-new material, I'll Go Home Then, It's Warm and Has Chairs is the second book by author David Thorne and is available now.< Less
The Blessing of the Thorn By J. David Jones
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The Blessing of the Thorn deals with the topic of sexually addicted Christian men. Readers will come away with a Biblical understanding of sexual idolatry as well as its root issues. It gives real... More > life struggles and practical applications for the addict, family members and the church body. The book is written in hope that it will take the mystery out of sexual addiction and provide a message of hope for the struggler and those close to him.< Less
Folk Tales of St. David's By Andrew Thorn
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An anthology of stories written by the pupils of St. David’s C of E Primary School
Crown of Thorns By Bethany W Pope
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“Crown of Thorns is conceived as a total poem. The intricate patterning of the sequences releases a vortex of sonnets, which are by turns visceral, creaturely, fluid, heart-wrung, wild, true... More > and ruthless. Taken together they create a complex, patterned magic – a swarm of language and sound gathered in with immense skill by Bethany Pope. This is a book of intense and impressive movement and momentum. “ David Morley< Less
David´s Reflections on the Love of Animals By Tyler Noah David
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In this provocative book, Tyler N. David conveys his admittedly somewhat eccentric, but also thoroughly logical, point of view in a very humorous way to the reader. It is a thorn in David’s... More > side that people consider it to be completely normal to confine an animal for its entire life, to isolate it from its own species, to amputate its sexual organs, and in spite of this, to say that they love the animal. The general attitude towards domestic animals, and also the true hell that circus and bred animals face are scrutinised. Even if you don’t necessarily share his opinion, you will definitely enjoy this book. How can true animal love be recognized and put into practice? The author exposes questionably practiced animal love in his essay.< Less
A History of My Boyhood Home - 198 Capisic Street, Portland, Maine By David Barker
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The author fondly remembers his boyhood days at Capisic and shares his fascinating discoveries concerning the rich history of House, Capisic Pond, the mills, and the nearby area. Powered by Capisic... More > Pond water flow, grist mills and sawmills operated as early as the 1650s, while a grist mill ground grain as late as 1906. There was even a comb factory and an inn, the Capisic Pond House, with swimming in the Pond. In addition, the author reveals the tragedies and successes of the William Jones Thorn (builder of the house) and his brother Greenleaf. Along with their families, they were the first dwellers in the House. The book contains 194 figures comprised of photos, maps, newspaper clippings, and charts. The interior is color and black and white on glossy paper.< Less
A Wide And Hollow Sky By David Cameron
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Enter a dream-like and fantastic world: a reality both familiar and disjointed. 400 years ago in the Civil War, one region refuted the conflict and fought to protect its people. It endures; beyond... More > all maps, a land of limitless marshes and scattered communities; autonomous, independent and aggressively neutralist; a land of ancient tradition and savage law: the Old Country. In the east, the War of the Line rages interminably, a conflict so long no-one seems to remember its purpose, only that it must be sustained. When the cathedral is destroyed Alex and his wife flee the city and head for the Old Country – for a home, and a chance for peace. But the world and the past are not easily left behind. When the floodwaters begin to rise, when the investigating agents close in, with love fractured and the imperatives of power bearing down, how will they find the moral courage to make a stand in the face of the cataclysm? How far will they have to go, to find a measure of peace? And who is Roman Thorn?< Less
The Prussian Officer: And Other Stories By David Herbert Lawrence
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The Prussian Officer and Other Stories is a collection of early short stories by D. H. Lawrence which Duckworth, his London publisher, brought out on 26 November 1914. An American edition was... More > produced by B W Huebsch in 1916. Reaching new levels of feeling and experience, these stories range from the tale of a Prussian officer who drives his orderly towards a bloody reckoning, to the strangely exotic elements of 'A Fragment of Stained Glass', and the divisions within society and conflicts of the heart that form the central themes of 'Daughters of a Vicar'. Interweaving individual lives, their happiness, failures and defeats, with the profound forces of nature, stories of remarkable power and sensitivity. The stories collected in this volume are: The Prussian Officer; The Thorn in the Flesh; Daughters of the Vicar; A Fragment of Stained Glass; The Shades of Spring; Second Best; The Shadow in the Rose Garden; Goose Fair; The White Stocking; A Sick Collier; The Christening; Odour of Chrysanthemums.< Less
Something Went Bump By Scott Creighton
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Post devolution Scotland never had a politician quite like Sir David Thorn - New Labour's first defector to the Tories and now the Shadow Minister for Constitutional Affairs. There's also the small... More > matter of Thorn being something of a psychotic megalomaniac whose entire raison dêtre is to bring the whole devolution experiment to an abrupt and cataclsymic end. Corrupt politicians, bent cops, assassins, bigamists, Teletubbies and a horny Great Dane called Monty. Murder, mystery and mayhem in one sleazy bound - so what's new in the wild west of Scotland?< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
Paperback: $12.99