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Davidson County, N.C. - Mill Records (1831-1939) By Stewart Dunaway
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Davidson County Mill Records contains mainly legal issues dealing with mills. This collection is not the typical county collection, which usually includes petitions for new mills. Then as time... More > progresses law suits will appear. However, Davidson records are relatively modern. Despite this situation, what records were preserved are provided here.< Less
Davidson County, N.C. - Road and Bridge Records - Vol 2 (1841-1906) By Stewart Dunaway
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Davidson County Road Records contain early 19th century records, since its formation in 1822. Davidson County was formed in 1822, from Rowan County, and was never subdivided into any other county,... More > thereby retaining its original boundaries since then. This collection (NCSA) is a rather large collection of records, containing one box of bridge and Ferry records (contained in this book) and five boxes of road records, of which the very first (and oldest) box is contained in this book. Box 2 contains records from 1841 to 1906. However, there are records only for 1841-1888 and then a folder for 1905-06. Box 3 contains records from 1907-15, Box 4, 1916-29, Box 5, 1930-39. These more modern boxes contain typed documents and reports. It should also be pointed out that a Mill Book for all the mill records (1831-1839) has already been published for this county. This volume contains all the records in Box 2, and I have made the decision not to go any further forward in time – as this is the last book for Davidson Co.< Less
Davidson County, N.C. - Road, Bridge and Ferry Records (1823-1929) By Stewart Dunaway
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Davidson County, NC, was formed in 1822 from Rowan Co. This book contains the oldest records found in the NC State Archives, pertaining to Road, Bridge, and Ferry Records. These records provide great... More > details into transportation routes, as well as genealogy information. Many names and dates are helpful in locating families and their locations in these early American times. There are 5-boxes of road records (NCSA), and this book contains the oldest and first box. The Bridge and Ferry records were contained in only one box, contained in this book. Each document is photographed and key sections are transcribed, so that a detailed index of names (Last, First) and key words (rivers, deceased, death, etc.) can be created. Also a folder by folder table of contents is also provided. There is a Mill book already transcribed for this county.< Less
Helen Penny Davidson Album circa 1912-1932 By Leah Walthery
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From an album originally owned by Helen Davidson Penny of Cass County, Indiana. Helen was born in 1912. The album shows Helen, her immediate family and a gaggle of classmates and cousins living in... More > rural farm country durring the Great Depression years. The original album is literally falling apart and many of the images were quite faded to the point that many subjects were lost... The album pages were scanned and the digital files archived and restored to the point where enough features are visible that family can identify subjects. The files were then re-assembled in a new album faithful in look and appearance to the original. Notations are provided where possible by Helen and her daughter Sara Penny Walthery. Blank label spaces are provided for further image identification. The new album was presented to Helen's youngest daughter, Sara, on her 64th birthday, June 2012.< Less
BURNES BURNS Family History w/ NYE - DAVIDSON - CHURCHWELL - Quick - BEALL Family histories. By L.anette Hill
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BURNES BURNS Family traveled to USA and settled in Virginia. The family remained in Virginia for a few generations; then when land opened up in OHIO , the family traveled in wagons on two-rut Indian... More > Trails to OHIO settling in Adams County. This is where the family has remained for generations until the family started to branch out. This line went to Florida and settled in Madison County, Lee. There are other families histories included in this book and they are related to the BURNS. NYE, DAVIDSON, CHURCHWELL, QUICK/BEALL Don't forget to purchase the Photo CD that accompanies this book.< Less
Iredell County, N.C. - Road Records (1855-1900) By Stewart Dunaway
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Iredell County Road Records are not that great of a collection, where the older records are missing, especially since it was formed in 1788. Davie County formed much later has a more detailed... More > collection. Nevertheless, the one folder of old records represents the majority of detailed records. The remaining portion of the box contains modern records – which are not going to be transcribed. Iredell was formed in 1788, from Rowan County. Despite the age, the older records were not preserved. Iredell was formed from the western portion of Rowan, and was slightly reduced in size in 1847, in the formation of Alexander County (along with Caldwell and Wilkes). Then Rowan was reduced in size for the formation of Davie and Davidson. Davie adjoins Iredell, and when transcribing the Davie records there were a number of routes to Iredell. However, the Iredell records are not as detailed as Davie.< Less
Rowan County, N.C. - Miscellaneous Land Records (1753-1921) By Stewart Dunaway
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Rowan County was formed in 1753, defining the western boundary of Orange County (1752). Officially, it was formed from Anson County. When Anson County was formed in 1750, it was the western... More > “open-ended” county running along the South Carolina line. Now Rowan became the western frontier. It ran from VA line to Granville’s southern line. However, Rowan was reduced in size, Guilford (1771) and Surry (1771). Then Burke (1777), Iredell (1788), Davidson (1822), and Davie (1836). Miscellaneous land records are a “catch all” of land disputes, agreements, surveys, procession, etc. Rowan County also has a 1-box collection of Ejectments (land disputes) and is currently planned to be transcribed. As old and historical as Rowan County is, this is a modest collection of 18th century land records.< Less
In the Backwoods of Nowhere By Nancy Blankenship Owen
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A wonderful glimpse into the life of a remarkable woman-Alma was born in 1910 from humble beginnings and raised one of nine children. She shares in detail what rural life was like in Davidson County,... More > NC, through vivid descriptions of daily customs, folklores and hardships. At age twelve Alma's family moved from the backwoods to Lexington where Alma's life changed dramatically when in her late teens she married and became the mother of eleven children. She raised her family at a time in history when the word convenience was rarely used. Resilience is the word that comes to mind when describing her character. Alma's parent's instilled in her the value of family, church and community. During the chaotic years of raising her family she never forgot her upbringing. She worked hard; always putting her family first. In times of personal need, she sought strength from the church. Alma tells her story with a warmth and enthusiasm that will leave you laughing at times and at other times holding a tissue to your eyes.< Less
Anthony Taylor (Anton Schneider) By Jim McMillen
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ANTON SCHNEIDER came to the United States from Hanover in 1830 at the age of 12. By 1850 he had Anglicized his name to ANTHONY TAYLOR, had a family, and was in what is now West Virginia; ten years... More > later he had a second wife, the family had grown, and they lived in Arkansas. About 1869 they moved to the Oatmeal area of Burnet County, Texas, where Anthony lived until his death in 1905. At that time he had eight living children: Albert Taylor, Francis Marion Taylor, Mary Virginia Davis, Jerome B Taylor, Margaret C Peppers, Rheinhalt Taylor, Rose Ollie Davidson, and Martha Jane Pruett. What happened to sons Creed and Henry after 1860 is not known. This book is about Anthony, his four wives (only two of who had children by Anthony), and his descendants. Photographs of many of them are shown. 123 pages; Everyname Index.< Less
John Brown and Elizabeth McCrary, and the First Three Generations of Their Descendants, 2nd Edition By John D. Glenn Jr.
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John Brown and Elizabeth McCrary grew up in Laurens County, South Carolina. They married in 1807, then moved to Indiana. They later returned to the South, and settled in Lawrence County, Alabama. ... More > After Elizabeth's death, John Brown (who was an uncle of General Ambrose Burnside) moved to Warren County, Illinois, where he remarried, and spent the rest of his life. John and Elizabeth's descendants included doctors and lawyers, farmers and ranchers, soldiers, bankers, scientists, and engineers. Many bore other surnames—among them Dobbins, Cogdell, Wilson, Dandridge, Otwell, Davidson, and Glenn. They were a varied and mobile family, whose lives were intertwined with many major events of American history—the Gold Rush, the Civil War, the westward movement of the American population, and the nation’s transformation from an agrarian and rural to a more industrialized and urban society. This book makes use of a variety of sources, including previously unpublished correspondence, to tell their story.< Less

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