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Stirring Sagas By Dennis K Hausker
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Princess of Varik Is an epic fantasy in which Evan Storic, fifth and lesser son of King Grieg, much beloved by the common soldiers, is sent on a quest to a neighboring realm to woo a princess. ... More > Orbis Veritas Dillon Craig is part of a team exploring a newly discovered planet. He is brilliant and he is competent, but when it comes to the area of love, he suffers galling setbacks and he reacts poorly. It sends him on a quest to escape his shame, but it leads him into discovery of an ancient city and the hazards located there. Battle Master A consummate warrior crashes on a primitive planet and suffers temporary amnesia. During this phase, a beautiful village woman decides she wants him and it starts a sequence of events that starts out comically, but ends with deadly dangers. Family Lost Crown prince Falen has led a terrifying life of severe training and deprivation. He believes his father wishes him dead, but developing events show him a different view of his life.< Less
Dead Stir (Rough Draft) The Offline Papery Version By Robert L Bergner
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"I wanted to write something original where the reader would have an uneasiness and uncertainty as to how the story would progress. Dead Stir is my love letter to some of my favorite genres... More > filled with everything I would ever want to experience in good storytelling." The first draft of Dead Stir was released as a serial blog over the span of 6 months. This version of the story is chock-full of grammatical errors, but in its essence delivers a compelling adventure. Dead Stir was written in real time with posts nearly every day to help give the reader a sense of reality to its timeline and keep them coming back to see what happens next. The blog, warts and all, is still available for reading ad free and will remain so until the polished novel is completed. "I hope it inspires others to create something of their own based on what they are passionate about."< Less
Bad Day at Broomy Splash By Paul Billinghurst
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A practitioner of unholy art. A cave that conceals a vile secret. An army of the dead set to stir. ...its going to be a bad day.
The Golden Age By Kenneth Grahame
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"THE masterful wind was up and out, shouting and chasing, the lord of the morning. Poplars swayed and tossed with a roaring swish; dead leaves sprang aloft, and whirled into space; and all the... More > clear-swept heaven seemed to thrill with sound like a great harp. It was one of the first awakenings of the year. The earth stretched herself, smiling in her sleep; and everything leapt and pulsed to the stir of the giant’s movement. With us it was a whole holiday; the occasion a birthday — it matters not whose..."< Less
Loves Beguiling Healer By Angela Verdenius
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Take one female Argon healer, add one maddening Felys male, a hefty pinch of sexual attraction, mix in some sass, a dash of dislike, stir well and watch the sparks and hisses fly. Now add Death and... More > a deadly secret. Can Tera and Illam stop the fur flying long enough to save a whole species from extinction?< Less
D O G By Alexa H.J.
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The second installment in the "W O L F" series. While Atka adjusts to life as a father and being reunited with his half-sister, Mara, the wolf world is stirring. Though Kirz is dead, other... More > wolves have followed in his footsteps, most notably the determined and cunning Garou. With Narla's help, Atka and his family try to evade the growing army against them, but Garou proves to be a larger threat than they anticipated.< Less
Winter's Throne By Zachary Barnes
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Ancient power awakened... Deep within the frozen wastes of the North, the dead stir; they rise to once again serve their dark masters. In 'WINTER'S THRONE' dive into a chaotic world filled with... More > strife and conflict: a place where alliances shift with the wind and countries erupt into civil war as the dark forces of evil muster once more against humanity. Follow the woodsman Brendan Alkirk as his very life is torn asunder by forces much larger than he and is forced to find his own identity in a world ripped apart by war. Both the destinies of the mighty and the weak will cross as every step embroils the world even more in the war that is destined to be its last...< Less
The Cripple and the Staff By M.M. Mancey
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A tempermental mule, a wily master, secondhand shoes and apparently cursed. What else does the Cripple of Kilten have to put up with? Follow him into a world where a city can have tunnels instead of... More > streets and clusters of dragon-scaled towers are the abode of seers living in the greatest city of all. A fog of fear rises when the immortals who lived in secret among humans, stir, and sorcerers vie for a deadly but powerful staff in a circle of combat in a bid for domination. It is immortals against mortals; and it all gets complicated when the cripple finds out that he too is an immortal.< Less
DECAYED By Frederick Arceneaux
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The old asylum crouched like a poisonous spider on top of the mountain in a hidden clearing for so many years that all who knew of it are dead. The unspeakable evil perpetrated there had seeped into... More > the very walls. Was it also a portal to Hell itself? When it is discovered by modern technology, Cindy unwittingly draws herself and her three companions into mortal peril. What are the secrets of this edifice so toxic that no life stirs within or near it? Is it really a mountain of doom that traps them? Without supernatural help, their souls could be lost forever in the icy, dark nothingness of the demonic.< Less
The Razer Reborn By Corwyn Bellavich
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When a legendary warrior, long presumed dead, suddenly resurfaces, his presence causes quite a stir throughout the Universe. Rumors abound regarding the whereabouts and identity of the mysterious... More > warrior. Meanwhile, in the city of Riune, a man with a past full of secrets receives word that the Razer is coming to town. And with He Who Razes, the memories and consequences of a mispent youth. When the paths of these two men cross, friends and family will be caught in the cross fire, and the entire city will find itself facing the very real threat of destruction. May the heavens help all those involved. Ancient legends, blood thirsty mercenaries, psychotic zealots, power hungy sorcerers, vengeful demons... Sometimes a legend should just stay dead. . .< Less