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Children's Dental Clinic - A Dental Visit By Susan Ochoa
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This book was inspired while painting murals at my daughters dentist office. I knew my daughter was very afraid to go to the dentist, but it wasn't until I was there on a regular basis I started to... More > notice the other children had many fears of their own. I felt sad for the little ones. They cried and screamed often! The intention of this book is to help children to feel better and not so scared of going to see their dentist and hopefully help them take good care of their oral hygiene.< Less
Dental Artworks by Marcel Fundora By Marcel Fundora
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dental artworks by Marcel Fundora. Selected works from fine artist and dental ceramist Marcel Fundora. art inspired by dentistry!
100% Dental Healing By Robaire Solaire
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a how-to book for 100% dental wellness includes natural healing tips and advice from many sources
Becoming a Dental Assistant By John Alford
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Dental Assistants generally review the medical history with the patient and help them feel comfortable prior to procedures taking place. The often explain what the procedure entails and what will be... More > taking place. The Dental Assistant will be present during the procedure to assist either the Hygienist or the Dentist. During the procedure, the Dental Assistant will clear out the patient’s mouth, adjust the chair, move the lights, and anything else that can make the experience better for the patient. After the procedure the Dental Assistant will explain follow up treatment to the patient as well as provide the patient will information to assist in the healing process. This 37 page book will help you decide if this career is the one for you to pursue. Get it now!< Less
40 tips for Dental Phobics By Nicole Sarmadi
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40 tips for dental phobics is a self-improvement book that gives you useful tips on how to overcome your dental fear and how to prepare yourself for your dental visit.
Partnerships in Dental Practice By Dr. Marc B. Cooper
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It seems dentists are in a quandary. A clear path to economic freedom and asset optimization exists through recruiting an associate and transitioning the associate to a partner. The problem is most... More > dental partnerships don’t work. This book provides answers to the most common and destructive issues and problems that cause dental partnerships to fail. If you are considering a partnership as a strategy, or if you currently have an associate or partner, this book will enhance your ability to succeed.< Less
How To Become A Dental Assistant By Sheila Schiff
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YOU CAN GET HIRED AND TRAINED FOR A DENTAL ASSISTANT-FREE! Learn how to become a Dental Assistant without a degree or experience- All you need is a smile, an outgoing, friendly personality with a... More > desire to learn. With this book, you will learn the duties and responsibilities of a dental assistant. How to effectively apply for the job and master the interview without dental experience! You will discover just how easy it is to become a dental assistant. I did it, and so can you!< Less
Our Ancestors' Dental Care By Dick Eastman
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One has to wonder about dental care as practiced by our ancestors. Ready-made toothbrushes and toothpaste was not available until the mid-1800s. Prior to that, everyone had to make their own.
Conventional Dental Business is for Wimps By Paul Speziale
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Clinging to their old ideals, they stick their heads in the sand, hoping that these strange new changes happening in the world will silently go away. That their business will thrive no matter what is... More > happening and no matter how low their sales have dropped. The truth is far too scary for them to believe. They are the wimps. But who can blame them? The business tools they need to prosper have never been shown to them, never been given to them and they just weren't there…until now. During this period of hyper-change and hyper-competition, different business strategies have been adopted by visionaries that are determined to stay ahead of the pack. They avoid bankruptcy and achieve record growth despite everyone else being depressed and wimpy. Revealed inside are the proven strategies of winners. Winners who laugh at the problems of today and who relentlessly innovate. For them, it's fun to be the best.< Less
Dental Fluorosis: The Psychosocial Issue By George Glasser
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While the dental establishment and the USCDC say that Dental Fluorosis is 'merely a cosmetic effect,' for the millions of people afflicted with the condition, it's much more.Your teeth are your first... More > impression, and when you have blotchy white spots or rust colored stains on your teeth, people look at you differently - they prejudge you, and subconsciously make decisions about your hygiene, intelligence, and attractiveness. In the United States, 75% of the public drinking water fluoridated, and the latest CDC estimate is that on average 41% of adolescents have some degree Dental Fluorosis, and about 3.6% of those are serious cases. What are the psychosocial and socio-economic ramifications and is there a legal remedy? Does Dental Fluorosis meet the criteria for Civil Rights based lawsuits? That is what this booklet is about.< Less