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Of Depression By Scott Tolchin
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An essay describing clinical depression that is intended to be read by those close to people suffering from clinical depression, so that they can gain a better understanding of the illness, of the... More > person's behavior, of their character and courage.< Less
DEPRESSION By Agatha Thrash, MD
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Learn about depression and what you can do--naturally.
Depression By Jon DiCianni
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Once a victim of severe depression, Author Jdecee, offers life-altering advice and methods used to cope with his own downward spiral. It is vital to seek help from individuals that can "write... More > the book on a subject matter" (i.e. Depression Victims) rather than from individuals that "have read the book on it" (i.e.Psychologists/Doctors). If you are feeling depressed or know of others that have fallen victim to depression, pick up this easy read to help combat the issue.< Less
Depression By Danielle MacKain
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This book is a guide of depression and how to have hope throughout it.
Depression By Elie Ngandu
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This short text is to help people coming out of the state of Depression
Depressing By Hayley Dick
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Annie is depressed. She goes through hardships during WWII and suffers from the outcomes. Annie is unfortunate I MISSPELLED THE TITLE
Defeat Depression By Barry Patterson
eBook (PDF): $12.44
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Depression is a mentally crippling illness caused by how you react to events in your life. You can take drugs for the rest of your life or you can learn how to defeat this illness. The choice is... More > yours.< Less
Living With Depression By Megan Fredrick
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This is a book about my life with Depression.In this book i discuss what Depression is , what it looks like in my life; and how to try and have a happy , productive life. The key word in this book is... More > "living" , Living with Depression -- a book to encourage, educate, and evaluate this disease!< Less
Overcome Depression By H.H. Publications
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without pills or drugs. If you are suffering from depression and the associated physical illnesses pay close attention. How deep in the hole are you? Did you know you can become use to depression... More > and begin to think that it's normal after a while. If you put a face on depression you will see how ugly and destructive it is. It wants you to hate, it wants you to feel inferior and it wants to destroy you. How can I tell you this? Because I was there, right there in the midst of it at one time. Depression is not going to let go of you without a battle, it has one purpose and that's to make your life a living hell. Note: Also included are 2 mini e-books. One for your colon cleanse and one for your liver care. Links to these are found on page four< Less
The Depression Makeover By Dr. James N. Herndon
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The Depression Makeover is a revolution in our understanding and treatment of depression. Dr. James N. Herndon reveals startling, hidden facts about’s #1 health problem...and... More > shows us innovative new ways to win the depression battle. The Depression Makeover asks the right questions...and provides real-world answers--- Does the feeling of depression have a “meaning”? Is depression really a “disease”? Do anti-depression drugs work at all? Are women actually twice as depressed as men? What causes chronic depression? What is the Serotonin Syndrome? What are “The 10 Anti-Depression Secrets”? The Depression Makeover is unlike anything you’ve ever read on depression. Finally, the facts. And finally...the answers.< Less