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Destroyed Future By Chidinma Iloh
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ABOUT THE BOOK This book is about a girl called Nkiru who was very hardworking and intelligent but was misled by bad friends when in secondary school. She threw her parents and friends advice aside.... More > This book must be read for every adolescent girl. Read and see her end.< Less
Gift of the Destroyer By Jeroen Steenbeeke
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One man will devastate the world, and one warrior from the future must stop him. Arek is destined to turn the world into a desolate wasteland, draining the life out of everything on the planet.... More > Future warrior Brenor must cross the Forbidden Lands to reach him, but no one's ever returned from such a journey. Only farm girl Lianna's powers can help him. First, he must convince her he's from the future not the madhouse, and that she can control her Gift, the Destroyer's mastery of the elements. But a predator stalks them, hungry for the energy Brenor's journey from the future unleashed. If Brenor and Lianna can't escape him, their mission will end before it's even begun.< Less
The Moon Destroyers By Monroe K Ruch
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'The tremendous speed of the dive brought them so close that they could see the skeletons of wrecked ships piled up at the base of the precipice.' Written in the 1930s but set in the distant future,... More > The Moon Destroyers tells the story of Holden and Erickson and humanity's struggle against a dangerous invader.< Less
Into the future By Jamie Murphy
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When 13-year old, Jonny, finds himself trapped in the future, he has to find a way out, but when someone destroys the time portal he has no luck.... Or do he?
Gift of the Destroyer By Jeroen Steenbeeke
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Nothing could stand against the Revenant's armies. Entire nations fell as crops withered and people starved. The world's most powerful warriors could not defeat him, even with the aid of the most... More > powerful sorceress to have ever lived. Thirty years earlier, the scarred warrior Brenor arrives at Lianna's farm. He holds the key to defeating the Revenant before he becomes a threat, but to do so, he needs to cross the Forbidden Lands. And for that, he needs Lianna's help. Together, they are the only ones capable of preventing the future Brenor has already lived through. But to face the dangers of the Forbidden Lands, and the man who is hunting them both, Lianna must master the Gift of the Destroyer.< Less
Thalaba the Destroyer By Robert Southey
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Thalaba the Destroyer is an 1801 epic poem composed by Robert Southey. The origins of the poem can be traced to Southey's school boy days, but he did not begin to write the poem until he finished... More > composing Madoc at the age of 25. Thalaba the Destroyer was completed while Southey travelled in Portugal. When the poem was finally published by the publisher Longman, it suffered from poor sales and only half of the copies were sold by 1804.The poem is divided into twelve "books" with irregular stanza structures and unrhymed lines of poetry. The story describes how a group of sorcerers work to destroy the Hodeirah family in an attempt to prevent a prophecy of their future doom from coming true. However, a young child named Thalaba is able to escape from the slaughter. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Debt Destroyer By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $5.65
Debt Destroyer Many families today are struggling with debt. Due to a variety of factors, such as economic hardship, unexpected medical bills, or compulsive spending, people today are struggling... More > to keep their heads above water financially. Debt limits your options in the present and threatens your dreams for your financial future. Financial stress also adds to the strain on marriages and families. The first thing is to learn more about debt and how to eliminate it so you can live a carefree and prosperous financial life. The information in “Debt Destroyer” will show you what you need to do to get started tackling the major causes of financial stress for most individuals and families: •how to budget for busy families •controlling college debt •avoiding credit card disaster •how to save money on gas •making money online •recurring income through real estate •managing money in the recession •and much more!< Less
Feminism and Racism Will Destroy America By Rev. Dr. Franklyn Victor Beckles, Jr.
eBook (PDF): $8.99
A true biographical book based on Bible Prophecy regarding the future of America!
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This long history version of Revelation 13 not only HISTORICALLY charts each word in Revelation 13 mathematically but also covers the history of which cities and countries have been & will be... More > destroyed by THE BEAST. This history shows a blueprint for what the Beast is destroying today worldwide as IT destroyed historically. FOR A SHORT VERSION see my other title: JUST THE MATH CHARTSl. This long history version shows a map for how Earth has been destroyed & what will destroy it all soon due to corrupted leaders & uneducated citizens who have no Biblical nor historical understanding & wisdom. THIS volume will show you who and what the beast and its false prophet are and what it all means today in a Revelation context. NO UPDATES will be made due to time constraints. However see "JUST THE CHARTS". This history volume will not be repeated due to more important discoveries.< Less
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Do You Have These Mistaken Beliefs About Global Warming? Do you have the false belief that most of global warming is caused by pollution, or the current solar cycle? Do you have the serious false... More > belief that these things won't be an issue for another 10 years? Please check out my report, it's a potential life saver for those who take the time to dive in, and do the research and learn exactly why the earth, mars, and other planets in our solar system are heating up, why this is part of earth's history, present, and future. Learn the real truth, and the sources to more material on global warming, and just how serious this threat is to mankind, and to see beyond the disinformation so prevalent on this topic.< Less

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