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Operation Detoxification, God's Action Plan By Latonya Ellington
eBook (PDF): $13.97
Operation Detoxification is not a quick weight loss program or system, but an effective guide to help you properly and effectively detoxify your body, soul and spirit. Weight really isn’t about... More > weight but everything that hinders us from living our best life now, optimally. We are to have life and have it abundantly, a life full of abundant love, peace, joy and harmonious balance within ourselves. Oftentimes, people who you are struggling with their weight, – stress, fear, anxiety, un-forgiveness, low self worth, and low self-esteem, may be the culprits. Stress I know is belly fat’s best friend. Our minds are powerful and if you detoxify your mind, your body will follow suit, as these two are dynamically interdependent of each other. If you are ready to embark on this journey, your life will never be the same. Transformation awaits you.< Less
Bug Off! A 30-Day Parasite, Liver, Kidney Detox & Weight Loss Plan By Robert Dave Johnston
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Bug Off! A 30-Day Parasite, Liver, Kidney Detox & Weight Loss Plan is Volume 2 of the series 'Detoxify Your body, Lose Weight, Get Healthy & Transform Your Life.' In this edition, the... More > author details a simple yet effective cleansing diet that can produce 20 pounds (or more) of weight loss in one month, as well as a three-phase plan to destroy parasites and detoxify the liver and kidneys. This step-by-step manual includes sample menus and a list of foods to avoid, in addition to detailed instructions on how to prepare the various detoxification remedies and carry them out. Furthermore, the author offers motivation, inspiration and tips to help the reader make permanent eating-habit and lifestyle changes. If you want to lose weight and drastically improve your health and quality of life, and if you are ready to roll-up your sleeves and take assertive action, then this dynamic program can help you go the distance and achieve all of your goals.< Less
Salt Sugar Fat: Defeat the Addictions By Peter Kornfeld
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Processed foods go hand in hand with too much salt, sugar, and added fat in your diet. It's all about convenience foods that over time will add pounds to your waistline, and illness and disease to... More > your life. This has to stop! Salt Sugar Fat: Defeat the Addictions by Peter Kornfeld educates you on the dangers of "Americanized" eating, and shows you why you need moderate amounts of natural salt, sugar, and fat in your daily diet. The Key??? MODERATION of course! Understanding the physical, social, mental, and emotional pressures that shape our unhealthy eating habits will enable you to use this book as a tool to break free of the processed food death grip and find happiness in eating the wholesome foods Mother Nature provides. Kornfeld shows you how to take action and commit to a plan that will help you gain control of your salt, sugar, fat intake for life. Let's get started!< Less
Stop Your Ticking Time Bomb Now! By Roseli Schmidt
eBook (PDF): $14.99
Stop Your Ticking Time Bomb Now! The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Stress and Growing in Health and Happiness. About the book: In the chapters of the book, the author has discussed some key aspects... More > such as stress and its consequences on the body, psychological implications of stress, the downside of today's hyper productive society, quick fixes like antidepressants and sleep pills and the side effects of them, the importance of nutrition (vitamins, minerals and proteins), detox, restorative sleep, exercises and much more as natural but very effective stress management. She has also sketched out a thorough action plan that will help you prevent or revert the symptoms of stress. All in all, "Stop Your Ticking Time Bomb Now!" seeks to be your go-to guide every time you feel like you are losing control. Order your copy today, and make your life whole again!< Less