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diode application By youssef fares
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No description supplied
diode application By youssef fares
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How To Use Light Emitting Diodes By Ronald Heath
eBook (PDF): $2.10
Connecting LEDs is explored here. Many circuits are presented to the reader in delightful detail with refreshing narrative. From soldering the most simple circuits together, to modern day pwm... More > dimmers, chances are good that you find what you will need covered in this book.< Less
Zenerdiode Z-Diode Technik By Technik Kompendien Online
eBook (PDF): $23.59
Technik Kompendium rund um Zenerdioden und Zubehör. In dieser Patentschriftensammlung finden Sie Entwicklungen und Konstruktionsbeispiele für Zenerdioden unterschiedlicher Art. Hier... More > erhalten Sie technische Beschreibungen und Zeichnungen von Zenerdioden verschiedenster Art, sowie Verfahren zu deren Herstellung, Schaltung und Stabilisierung, sowie Vorrichtungen bei denen Zener Dioden eingesetzt werden, zum Beispiel als Überspannungsschutz und vieles mehr. Und all das auf 1087 Seiten (112 Patentschriften)! Dabei kommen diese Informationen von erster Adresse - nämlich direkt von den Erfindern. Die Patente wurden aus nationalen und internationalen Patentdatenbanken zusammengestellt. Die Patente sind in deutscher Sprache.< Less
Dr. By Mahmoud Fathy
eBook (ePub): $8.99
this new book in describing QD and its applications in meany fields like semiconductors, medicine and water treatment , also its illustrate its properties like chemical and physical properties
Ece 303: Electronics Laboratory By Gregory M. Wierzba
eBook (PDF): $19.00
Lab Manual for Spring 2017. Other related downloadable materials including instructional videos can be found at :
Ece 302: Electronic Circuits By Gregory M. Wierzba
eBook (PDF): $19.00
Class notes for Spring 2017. Other related downloadable materials including instructional videos can be found at :
Transistors - the U.S. Air Force In-Service Training Course By Robert Widlar
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A transcription of Bob Widlar's treatise on transistors and other PN-junction devices, including circuit examples, originally written as a training course for the U.S. Air Force, circa 1960-1963
Electronics projects for school students By Tamilvanan A
eBook (PDF): $6.00
Contains projects that explain the working and use of main components such as transistors, diodes, Zener diodes, etc., in the easiest way.
Scratching the Surface - An Introduction to Photonics - Part 1 Optics, Thin Films, Lasers and Crystals By Jeffrey Richling
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A beginner’s introduction to Optics, Thin Films, Lasers and Crystals. Parts 1-3 cover: absorption, angle of incidence, antireflection, bandgap, birefringence, Bravais, lattice, damage,... More > dielectric, crystallography, grating, diode, electric field, diffraction, oscillator, electro-optic, emission, energy gap, poling, fiber optic, fluorescence, frequency, geometrical optics, glide plane, graded-index, grinding, group velocity, harmonic generation, index, interference, filters, cavity, diodes, pumping, laser, light, melting glass, Miller indices, mode-locking, molding, nonlinear, semiconductor, nucleation, optical cavity, coatings, resonator, phase shift, phase velocity, phonon, photon, p-n junction, point group, polishing, population inversion, Q-switched, saturable absorber, screw axis, semiconductor, solid state, space group, substrate, sum-frequency, tuning, temperature-bandwidth, thin films, transmission, unit cell, unstable resonator, walkoff, wave vector, waveguide, wavelength…and much more. Enjoy< Less

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Good News of Life Good News of Life By Aaron Perry
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