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This book was written for those who love karate, or would love to study the art aspects of karate, but cannot practice the techniques standing because of their age or related medical problems. ... More > Seated Zen Karate is done slowly most of the time, focusing on the entire range of movement. This makes it a mindful exercise and a form of moving Zen meditation. It can also be practiced at full speed for practical self-defense. Seated Zen Karate has the same health benefits as Tai Chi and Yoga, but Seated Zen Karate is much easier to practice and learn than most Tai Chi forms and Yoga postures.< Less
Dyslexia Way of Thinking By steven milner
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The dyslexic guide is "solution to understanding dyslexia from the personal interest from living with it on a daily basis and being in education, with this way of thinking. To creat a real... More > understanding of dyslexia as a way of thinking and not as a weaknesses (disability). The story and experience of Steven Milner learning with dyslexia and his struggles to achieve his goals in the education system and learning to overcome his problems. Understand what a dyslexic person sees and how they think. Showing how the dyslexia sees life and how they work things within their mind. Learning how to use a dyslexia as way of thinking and learning that dyslexia is not a disability. Learning how to use the dyslexic thinking strategies to overcome and develop your dyslexic study skills. This is a book is for students, parents and teachers. This book is written in Dyslexic. So a non dyslexic person can read in world of dyslexic.< Less
Dimensions By Ali Hasan
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This novel is about a family called Boqus. They had their child after waiting for a long time. Their son becomes disabled with a rare disease. The doctors say that he will die soon. His dad stays... More > strong and keeps looking for a medicine for him. People make fun of them. They earn respect from people because Mr. and Ms. Boqus are very respectful. They keep looking for a medicine for their son Ammar. Later on they take Ammar to a normal school. He studies there till grade three. The teachers realize that he is really a smart kid compared to the other students in his school. Then they hear that they can’t stay in the USA anymore. They go to Saudi Arabia after their grandfather dies. They continue their lives there and Ammar proves to everyone that he is able to do anything they said he can’t do. The novel ends in a multi-dimensional way as it mentions in the title.< Less
Assessment in Special Education: Winter 2014 By Margaret Werts
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The text includes basic principles of identification and evaluation procedures used with students with disabilities. It covers a variety of standardized tests, scoring and interpreting results, and... More > using results to make decisions about labeling students with a disability. Case studies of several students are included.< Less
Strong Enough to Bend By Judith K Witherow
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In Strong Enough to Bend, author Judith K. Witherow compiles a sampling from four decades of her essays and poems that describe the real life experiences of a disabled, mixed blood Native American... More > Indian lesbian raised in Appalachian poverty. Much of the work has been previously published in anthologies, university women's studies texts and feminist periodicals. This unique memoir is the first collection exclusively authored by Witherow.< Less
Watching Thought By Florianne Springett
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Imagining someone’s thoughts can become important when they cannot talk. Understanding body movement and eye contact becomes the language that we have together and keeps us from being... More > separated. Watching Thought is an illustrated play based on the experience of a mother and her two daughters, one of whom is severely disabled with no speech. It poetically explores non-verbal communication and the emotional needs within the family. It was written, following the experience of social exclusion, as a play to be performed by young people for young people, and for all to read. It opens up a platform for sharing thoughts on disability, coming of age and caring for a family member. Illustrations created for the play by the author. Florianne Springett grew up in London. She studied art and graphic design, followed by a career in design for publishing. Watching Thought is based on her own personal experience.< Less
The Mystery Kids: The Phantom Camper By Timothy Mills
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With the arrival of mid-summer, everyone begins to prepare for the Sun Dance at Eagle’s Landing. Joey, who is deep in his studies of the old ways, decides to spend most of the Sun Dance with... More > his Grandpa, learning about the reason the Cheyenne people have a Sun Dance. However, things quickly take an unexpected twist when his cousins Mark and Danny arrive from Oklahoma. Right away, they seem to be outsiders, with little knowledge of the customs of the reservation and an appetite for adventure and jokes. Soon a strange camper turns up at Eagle’s Landing, and begins to mess with things. Quickly suspicions fall on the outsiders. However, a strange find up at Eagle’s Landing leads Joey to the conclusion that the prankster may be closer to home, much closer! Now, Joey and his friends race to find the phantom camper before he or she ruins the most important ceremony of the year, and shames the entire Red Wolf family.< Less
The We Defend System of Self-Defense By Roy Day
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Master Roy Day has been a person with many interests and passions throughout his life; one has always been the martial arts. Within a year of his accident, at age 18, he was introduced to two new... More > subjects, Karate and crime against the disabled. In 1995, he was introduced to wheelchair fencing. In 1997, he was U.S. National Champion in Men’s Wheelchair Epee and competed for the U.S. in the 1998 and 2002 World Championships. He was also a member of the 2000 Paralympic Team that competed in the Sydney games. In 1998, Roy began studying American Kenpo Karate with Master Robert Quinn at American Karate in Tucker, Ga. While Roy spent almost a decade competing internationally for the U.S., he spent over a decade with Mr. Quinn earning his 3rd degree Black Belt, a Master ranking, and an instructor in his Sifu’s TEST (Tactical Emergency Security Training) Program until his teacher’s tragic death. Under Master Quinn’s guidance, Roy developed Ropo Kenpo- the rolling power of Kenpo Karate and completed this book.< Less
Working With People With Challenging Behaviors: A Guide for Maintaining Positive Relationships By Nathan Ory
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Case studies of persons with developmental disabilities, autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, mental handicaps with practical approaches.
The Accessibility Imperative By G3ict
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The Accessibility Imperative is the first publication offering a comprehensive overview of the many implications of the dispositions of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with... More > Disabilities for ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) adopted by the General Assembly on December 13, 2006 and signed by 118 states as of October 29, 2007. A milestone in documenting the multiple facets of the ever-increasing global challenges of ICT accessibility for persons living with disabilities, The Accessibility Imperative will serve as the foundation of the ongoing global dialogue established by G3ict - the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs - among multiple stakeholders to explore how to best implement the dispositions of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The book includes a compendium of case studies of advanced assistive and accessible ICT solutions from around the world and the full text of the Convention.< Less

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