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Renew Course: Disciple's Handbook By Carl Scott
eBook (PDF): $5.58
Have you ever wondered why you are here? What is the purpose of life? Why is there suffering in the world? What is the real meaning of love? Is God really bothered about you and me? The Bible has the... More > answers to all these questions and more. And the ReNEW Course relies upon one source of basic truth: the Bible. The ReNEW Course is not about getting a 'religion.' It's not about recruiting people to a particular kind of church. The ReNEW Course is about renewing your thinking. If you COMMIT yourself to it, it WILL transform your life! Whether a NEW Christian, a curious SEEKER of the truth or a MATURE Christian, you are all invited to partake. As much as the ReNEW Course can be a tool to evangelise or disciple those young in their faith, it can be used for personal study, and one-on-one discipleship, as well providing a valuable resource for house groups, classrooms and churches.< Less
POWER TRIP "Disciple of Fear" By Dennis Greer
eBook (PDF): $0.99
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Join our heroes as they defend their own against the Brotherhood. Defending the galaxy is easy. It's those planets that get in the way! Whompers, Yum Yums and Hooty Hoo's rule!
From Rebel to Disciple By Marcus Jarvis
eBook (ePub): $0.99
A young man refuses to heed his family's warnings that he is on the wrong path. Disobedience to parents and authorities entraps him in a rebellious mindset. His life is changed forever by one road... More > trip...< Less
Disciples of Christ: Volume I By Daniel A. Briggs, Ph.D.
Paperback: $19.95
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While the eschatological epistemological musings of Kant,, may synaptically titillate some, they are not usually very pragmatic for those people who usually and actually get things done. This... More > book is not intended to join the “lofty ranks” of dust gathering books sitting on little visited book shelves. That place is for those philosophers who are eager to create more spin-off, philosophical critique, who themselves also tend to get little done. This book, however, does aspire to become a useful global evangelism tool—a guide that will, hopefully, stimulate a global paradigm shift. This book also provides a broader view speaking to the WHY, HOW and WHEN questions, which this author believes is essential if a reader is going to truly grasp the need and reality of global evangelism.< Less
Freedom: The Power to Walk as a Disciple By Alastair Dickson
Paperback: $16.46
Prints in 3-5 business days
The central message is counter cultural and reminds us that true freedom does not mean doing everything we like to do or what we feel like doing! On the contrary, Alastair argues persuasively that... More > true freedom is only found in following Jesus with all seriousness. This is against the surrounding dominant culture which speaks less and less about sin, the book is a deep cry which recognises the seriousness and danger of sin in the world, in the church and in one’s life – a danger many contemporary Christians do not see. The author makes a serious invitation and call to repentance, to biblical discipleship, and to a radical change in one’s life, as he shows that, in following Jesus, faith cannot be separated from discipleship. I am convinced God will speak to everyone who will read the book either through a personal experience of the author, or through Scriptural admonishments, injunctions or encouragements. I, therefore, recommend this book to you wholeheartedly.< Less
A Culture of Blind Disciples By John Jenkins
Paperback: $9.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
A thesis on the types of control movements present in contemporary society from both a collective and an institutional standpoint. What constitutes control of the individual and how this eliminates... More > all forms of liberty without individual consent.< Less
Luther: The Devil's Disciple By Adam Weishaupt
eBook (ePub): $5.75
It's a striking feature of Protestantism that so few Protestants know anything about the founder of their religion. Martin Luther, the prophet of Protestant irrationalism, is one of the most... More > pathological figures in religious history. Would any sane person wish to subscribe to a religion whose founder declared: “Reason is the Devil’s greatest whore; by nature and in manner of being she is a noxious whore; she is a prostitute, the Devil’s appointed whore; whore eaten by scab and leprosy who ought to be trodden under foot and destroyed, she and her wisdom...Throw dung in her face to make her ugly. She is and she ought to be drowned in baptism...She would deserve, the wretch, to be banished to the filthiest place in the house, the toilet.” Making extensive use of Luther's own words, the Pythagorean Illuminati, the oldest secret society in the world, have produced a polemical attack on the religion that has come to be most closely identified with the evils of Western capitalism.< Less
Discipled in the school of the spirit By Grant Edwards
Paperback: $5.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
If you want to know how to co-operate with the Holy Spirit to perform the miraculous. This book is a must read.
A Disciple of the Pear Garden By Dale A. Johnson
Hardcover: List Price: $25.49 $19.12 | You Save: 25%
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This is a study of the Tang Dynasty and how religions, science, and the arts fused together to create a cultural syncretism. It is a series of case histories for the future of China because it has... More > opened its doors again to the world.< Less
The Book of Revelations The Disciple' Journal By Earl Elyon
Paperback: $16.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
the book of Revelation is a formula based study guide to the entire bible.

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