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Discussion By Ebony London
Paperback: $9.99
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Just as a life changing discussion ends, a life changing event occurs that forces a group of friends to take inventory of their beliefs, their relationships and of themselves.
Group Discussion By Anand Ganguly
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Group Discussion, GD Tips, GD Tricks, Entrance Exam
Argumentation + Discussion By Joachim K. Stiller
eBook (PDF): $14.90
156 p., A5. -- In discussions and debates as in essays etc., many people lack the right words and arguments. The useful phrases in English language are given systematically in Part A of this... More > course-book. Each unit is short enough to enhance learning success. Part B is an alphabetical English-German Dictionary of the words used in Part A. In addition, some elementary methods of word building are presented for even more word power, the rules of a formal debate are presented, and some useful rhetoric devices are given as tools for discussions. Excellent for self-study and for lessons at schools.< Less
The Abandoned Discussions By Chukwuemeka T. Umunnakwe
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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This book is not the typical success handbook seen and sold every day. It is a book that aims at making you successful by challenging your way of doing things. It is a book that wants you to succeed... More > when and where your contemporaries have failed. You may find some of the discussions attacking on the things you believe in. It is normal. You see it so because those discussions have long been abandoned and the attempt at discussing them is meeting a natural brick wall as is seen with humans. Actually, human beings are among the laziest animals on earth. This book is meant for the young ones. It is meant for those guiding and molding the young ones into a glorious future. It is meant for the teachers. And by teachers, I mean those who teach the young ones at home and in the various places of learning. This book will inform you. It will educate you. But most of all, it will go against your beliefs and challenge you into action. But you will only benefit from the contents if you read it with an open mind.< Less
Discussion of Society By Rade Nikolic
Paperback: $14.86
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The goals of the society are not founded upon false truths, but upon scientific facts, and as such they instil into individuals the faith in the idea that economic development and an appreciation of... More > nature and natural resources leads to the survival of the human race. This idea is the result of the cumulative learning of all of the human generations, to whom the entire human species of today is thankful.< Less
Discussion Leader's Guide To Leading Discussions On Positive Development By A Gentleman Named Mike
Paperback: $15.00
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A guide of the guide to happiness, satisfaction, and success, the DLGLD on Positive Development can help first time volunteers to seasoned blabbermouths. It gives insight and examples to help the... More > concepts sink in to give both group and leader a richer experience with the program.< Less
ESL Discussion Questions By Hugh B. Fox III
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A collection of discussion questions for ESL arranged thematically.
Marriage Discussions Tips By Rev. Dr. Stephen Ireri
Paperback: $14.95
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MARRIAGE DISCUSSIONS TIPS The most common of all marriages challenges is discussion which opens the way to the real communication dynamic successes. The secret of passionate lifelong marriage is the... More > ability to adapt and manage daily discussions. This book is geared to providing the basic ingredients that marriage couples need to sustain the spark in their marriage love relationships. These are the discussions which build the couples. Dr. Ireri tells couple never to engage in discussing others. He says that couples have no business in the affairs of other people: and to know how easily a slip of the tongue can cause problems in marriage. Lastly, he maintains that for the couple to build a close lifelong marriage relationship giving time to each other on a regular basis is crucial.< Less
Beethoven's Symphonies Critically Discussed By Alexander Teetgen
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Beethoven's Symphonies Critically Discussed BY Alexander Teetgen. With Preface by John Broadhouse. Published by W. REEVES, 83 CHARING CROSS ROAD, W.C.
The Friday Night Discussions By Renee Greene
Paperback: $11.99
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A mother in an urban community known as Mom G, invites the black youth into her home on Friday nights for uncensored discussions. Tonight's discussion has everyone debating whether hip hop is adding... More > more hell than help to the young black community. Drawn by her good food and an atmosphere to literally speak freely; thots, bougie girls, gangsta's, college boys & young working men all pile into her home on Friday nights. Follow Mom G & her three adult children (Tarvick, Nya and Nami) through the drama in their lives and their unwavering efforts to put a dent in the violence & negativity among the black youth. It's entertaining, enlightening, insightful and realistically engaging. Recommended ages 15 and up due to vulgar language.< Less