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Dividing Line By Keith Watts
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Mystery, suspense and family drama combine in this dramatic debut novel. Late summer, 2000. Fourteen-year-old Davey Reynolds has witnessed a crime and his only friend, Danny, is missing. Are the... More > events connected or are they a figment of Davey's teenage imagination, brought on by his suffocating and abusive home life? Events are spiralling out of Davey's control and there seems no way to escape the darkness closing in around him. “...he felt trapped, imprisoned. To watch something as achingly simple and natural as leaves dipping and rising on the wind, a cortege of magic carpets, filled him with anger and despair.”< Less
Dividing Lines By Camille Michaluk
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"The Soviet Union belongs to every country that is a part of it, and one day they will know that and I am looking forward to the day where I see you fall." 1932-1933: Damien; the ethical... More > and selfless. Isaiah; the kind and dependent. Daniil; the unfeeling and loyal. As the reign of Joseph Stalin continues, the people of the Soviet Union are kept in the dark. As these three men pursue their orders they come to the realization that more lives are at stake than they could have dreamed. It comes down to the simple question for the these three citizens: When in the face of uncertainty, who are you loyal to? What is right, or your country?< Less
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Copybook: divided lines By Paula Van Kuren
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This copybook has 100 pages of divided lines in a 36 font. It is most appropriate for 2nd-4th grades.
Lines of Distinction By Billy Van
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Between the soul’s eye and the mind’s eye there exists a center point. It is divided into two sections: Good and Evil. The only way to determine each element and classify their... More > distinction is to cross a line. However, once crossed, the mind and soul connects causing confinement to the element chosen. These elements are the lines of distinction.< Less
Crossing the Line By RG Gregory
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Crossing the line was written during 1966. In a blank verse clearly got at by the rhythms of the sea, the poet draws together his feelings about his own country at the time and his wish to get free... More > of it for a while; and then explores, through the events and people on board, the practical and symbolic effects of crossing into the Southern Hemisphere for the first (and, as it now seems likely, the last) time in his life. As it happened, he returned to Britain two years later, after his first stint. The line crossed though remained real and sharply divided his life into two halves.< Less
Pleasant Lines By Rick Lindholtz
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Pleasant Lines is the story of families who journeyed from the British Isles, Europe, and Scandinavia to begin a new life in the new world of North America. It is a story of courage and sacrifice. It... More > is a story of the love, and the inspiring faith, that was a foundation for those families and for so many others like them. Pleasant Lines is divided into two sections. Book One recounts the remarkable stories that interface with the events of America's founding and earliest years, all the way through World War II and the early 1960s. Book Two resets the clock in order to focus on two young people who found one another, and at about the same time, found faith. In their way of loving, living, and even dying, they left an inspiring witness.< Less
The Red Line By R.M. Reef
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For sixteen years the red line has sliced through the heart of Nora's city. The young doctor grew up knowing that the virtual line cut Beirut into a Christian east side and a Muslim west side. She... More > takes it for granted that no one on either side in this civil war can cross the red line, the boundary of tradition, morality, and even identity. Then the Muslim patient appears in the psychiatric ward who convinces her to do the unthinkable. She's caught up in a swirl of deceit and disillusion that takes her across the globe in her mad search for happiness, but she carries with her a cherished photograph of Beirut's ruins. Nora can't let go of the people and places from her secret past, and the past can't let go of her either. In fact, it's coming for revenge. Nora is the grown-up child of war, and her story—which is based on a real one—is the story of Beirut itself, a city divided, a city driven to self-destruction in a frenzy of passion, a city that got addicted to the bitter taste war left on its tongue.< Less
A co-axial line variable power divider and phase shifter for high power By Peter Bramham
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CERN Yellow Report CERN-60-31 Geneva : CERN, 1960. - 39 p.
A co-axial line variable power divider and phase shifter for high power By Peter Bramham
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CERN Yellow Report CERN-60-31 Geneva : CERN, 1960. - 39 p.

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