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Enchant your Personal Djinns By Dalida Carta
eBook (PDF): $3.21
Mine friends, if you have bought a djinn Ring and have not receiver the formula to evoke your Djinn, or your Djinn don´t manifest to your this it´s the suitable formula to you: Enchant... More > your Personal Djinns easy to use, with this formula you will be able to summoning your Djinn and he fulfills all your Wishes, Blessings be Dalida Carta< Less
Djinn summoning spell By Dalida Carta
eBook (PDF): $6.39
Mit diese Ritualen werden Sie in der lage sein ein Dschinn zu Rufen , Dschinn sind astral wesen die die gabe haben für Wunsche zu erfüllen! Dschinn können fast alle Wünsche... More > Erfüllen wie: Glück, Liebe, Beziehung, Erfolg, Beruf, finanzielle Sicherheit, Reichtum, Freiheit, Erfolg in der Schule und im Studium, Gesundheit, Schutz. ICh habe diese Formel auf Englisch geschrieben damit jeder das nutzen kann.< Less
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Mistress Of The Djinn And Other Stories By Geoff St. Reynard
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Classical Science Fiction awaits the reader with stories to excite and inspire your Imagination! 1.....Mistress of the Djinn-----When the third crusade smashed into the Holy Land,the real enemy was... More > not the Infidel,the real enemy was the weird magic of the Djinn. 2.....The Golden Amazon Returns-----The best weapons against the Amazon were her own children,reasoned Welgand,so he kidnaped them,and led her into a trap! 3.....Onslaught of the Druid Girls-----When Lee Blaine reached Earth's second moon,he found a tangle of mystery. Who were the Nonites? What danger menaced Aurita and her Druid girls?. Classical Science Fiction from some of the earliest and best writers of the genre!< Less
JDSez: Din to Djinn By JD . . . . Edited by JDaniel
eBook (PDF): $0.00
JD's fascinating career as Journalist and magnificent re-ordering of his world. A recounting of the nominal history of the Holy Land mid-21st Century.
Mauvais Djinns By Jeton Bajrami
Paperback: $26.93
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Lorsque Jon rencontre Leyla, il ne sait pas que les secrets de la jeune femme vont le mener à approcher de la mort. Il ne sait pas non plus qu'il vivra une aventure dans laquelle les dangers... More > seront permanents. Pour les deux, une course contre la montre va s'enclencher pour tenter de se sauver l'un et l'autre. L'amour triomphera-t-il de tous les secrets que Leyla lui cache ? Est-ce que leur aventure va laisser des séquelles dans leur vies ? Si seulement ils pouvaient rester en vie... Dans une Amérique au bord de l'implosion morale, ils vont devoir se battre contre vents et marées et compter sur des personnes dont ils ne soupçonnaient même pas l'existence. Leyla devra se débarrasser de ses vieux démons qui l'ont bien aidée jusqu'à présent. Des larmes vont se verser, des larmes de sang...< Less
My Djinn Wish Book of Shadows By Dalida Carta
eBook (PDF): $12.63
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In this book, you have to write everything what concerns your djinn, and your Wishes, Using this book as a register, you will always have under your control what you ask to your djinn, and will... More > always know how much time your djinn has need to grant your Wish! Using this book in correct way, you will succeed in having a best relationship with your djinn, built on a mutual trust, Every Djinn Wish Book of Shadows, it´s personal and must be uses for a Djinn!< Less
One Night Djinn Summoning Ritual By ALEX ADAM
eBook (PDF): $79.00
This is very powerful ritual to summon a Djinn in one night.You must complete the ritual in one night. We trust that the people using the rituals are mature and will not use these rituals for any... More > negative purposes; the rituals given are for knowledge sake but are very valuable for the spiritual practitioners. There not any kind of animal secrifice or black magic involved.You must have good intention and pure heart. Please no one under the age of 21 should perform these ritual.Even though they are safe and harmless. I have though place these rituals purely for knowledge sake and for interests only, again one who carries out. these ritual will be solely responsible for their action.< Less
The Djinns´ Bridge - 9 days of creation By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $45.00
The Djinns Bridge 9 days of creation A Djinns strategy, beyond the Annunaki deception. * The Djinns Rerturn to Olympus! * The return of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union * The Djinns... More > & the history of the Djedi and the Lovers Culture THE DJINNS BRIDGE While reviewing the documents related to the history of the Djedi faith, it came to my awareness that there are too many missing links, regions of knowledge, information and data unperceived by researchers, but available for every one, iniciated in the arts and knowledge of the Golden Jedi Order. I asked my self if the reason of those missing links and missperception (mechanical perception) of data, tangible articles, information and myth, is the lack of initiation in the sacred path of the heart. " While a man-wo-man takes a tree for a tree, a traveler knows the truth: it is a tree! " ~ GJM El Ahmar, The Story teller< Less
DJINN, SIHR AND SPIRITISM. Volume 1 By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $14.96
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Volume I from a set of 5 volumes, DJINN, SIHR AND SPIRITISM: Vocabulary, Phraseology And Dictionary Of The Languages Of Sahiriin, Djinn, Afarit, Shayatiin, Spirits, Witchcraft. Published by Times... More > Square Press. New York. Also available in a mega book containing the whole set of 5 volumes. There is no way in the world would you be able to summon and communicate with spirits, Djinns, Afarit, demons and even Noble Souls (Arwaah Tahira) if you are not familiar with the terminology, vocabulary and phraseology of their languages and the Sihr language. This book will teach you all of the above, and provide you with most useful phrases needed in your conversation with summoned spirits and entities. It is easy, fun, and fast!< Less

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