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How to Learn the Languages of the Spirits, Angels Afrit Djinns Demons and Entities and Converse with Them By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $29.00
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Words, Phrases, Conversation. A world premiere! Published by Times Square Press and UFOs & Supernatural Magazine. A massive book of 650 pages covering all the aspects and facets of the... More > languages, vocabulary, words, sentences, conversations, commands, spells, glossary and terminology of the Spirits, Angels, Afarit, Djinns, Demons and Eastern Enlightened Masters and Noble Lightworkers. It teaches you step-by-step how to converse with them in their primordial languages. An official handbook of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Incorporated.< Less
Maximillien De Lafayette: How to Summon and Command Spirits Angel Demons Afrit Djinns: Techniques and Instructions: Volume 1 By Maximillien De Lafayette
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Absolutely brand new information never revealed before, or mentioned in any book in the West or the East. There is no other book like it on earth! It is the world's first, most useful and most... More > powerful book on how to communicate with spirits, and summon angels, demons, entities and creatures from this world and the one beyond. It reveals the REAL TECHNIQUES OF MAGIC and SPIRITS SUMMONING instructions shrouded in secrecy for 1,700 years. This is the ultimate, forbidden and condemned book of the Sahiriin, the only masters of spiritism who in fact cracked the secrets and mysteries of calling upon angels, and commanding spirits and entities. For the first time in history, you will be able to contact the souls of dead people, converse with spirits, and command entities to fulfill your wishes and accomplish the impossible. Instructions and techniques are explained step-by-step in a simple language everybody would understand. This book will change your life and future for ever.< Less
The Lantern In the Woods By Max Highsmith
Hardcover: $22.61
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After being left at their uncles farm for the summer, the Riddle brothers discover a mysterious flashlight in the neighboring woods.
The Redemption of Mata Hari By Scott Rhine
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $14.00 | You Save: 30%
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A poor word choice when arguing with an angel sends Aaron to the Abyss. Creatures are usually exiled to the Caves of Ice for good reason, but when Aaron discovers a frozen, 1950s starlet praying,... More > there must have been a mistake. To rescue her, he has to make a deal with a crocodile demon. Meet the tribes of the djinn as you travel the lands of Dante’s Inferno, the Talmud, and the Arabian Nights in the supernatural sequel to Foundation for the Lost. Fans of the Dresden Files will enjoy the action and the political maneuvering with the witches of Salem and a demon in Las Vegas.< Less
Bottle of Jin D.N.O! By Yvon Hintz
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Maggie and Razeel live, not just worlds, but dimensions apart. By performing a dangerous ritual he hopes to reach her plane of existence where he believes he will acquire immense power and wealth.... More > He knows there is a danger of being held captive on the other side but considers the risk worth taking for the possible reward. He believes he will be more than a match for any human who dares to try to hold him. All Maggie wants is a quiet life. She believes she is finally learning to live in calm and serenity but from time to time things happen that make her feel she needs a drink to calm her nerves. The day she goes looking for a drink and takes the top off an old crystal decanter is the day her serene life is disrupted by the appearance of a handsome and unusual young man.< Less
The Utah UFO Ranch By Ryan Patrick Burns
Paperback: $14.99
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(2 Ratings)
When curiosity hit an all-time peak, author Ryan Patrick Burns dropped everything to follow the insane amount of paranormal activity reported by locals in the Uintah Basin of Utah and Las Vegas. In... More > The Utah UFO Ranch, he shares an intimate and intriguing glimpse into the world of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena, the researchers who follow and study them, and the mysteries and theories surrounding them. A full-time researcher of the paranormal, occult, esoteric, and more, Burns offers stories of his own adventures, as well. In “Drones,” he discusses his late-night quest for drones, said to be extraterrestrial or the spirit lights of Native American ancestors. “Ghosts of Our Past” shares a story about urban research in Las Vegas regarding UFO sightings and visits to haunted and possessed homes. With a resource list included, The Utah UFO Ranch challenges you to see reality from a new perspective.< Less
Arabian Magic Compendium By Geoffrey Harris
Hardcover: $124.49
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The power of three books in one compendium.This present work is a compilation of occult knowledge acquired from diverse sources of the Ilmu Al-Hikmah, or the Islamic occult tradition in Indonesia.... More > The majority of these teachings represent the legacy left to us by the spiritual Islamic adepts of the Middle East. Elements of Indonesian Shamanism and Kejawen may also be found in the occult knowledge presented in this book and others of these series. The latter tradition is one of the other major occult streams to be found in the island of Java. Most of the occult teachings of the exercises, rituals, rites, spells, etc., to be found in these series of books have been gathered from the numerous metaphysical Islamic lodges in Indonesia. Not all of these are spiritually oriented, some are decidedly "black" in nature. We trust that the readers of these books are spiritually mature and will not use or apply these teachings for any negative purposes.< Less
My Spells Collection for the Mages of Time By tann horm
eBook (PDF): $12.00
Sycorax Resplendent By Sean Demory
eBook (ePub): $1.25
The witch Sekkura, defender of the Barbary Pirates, sets off on a quest to defend her charges from a mysterious sorcerer. Her journey takes her from the Great Desert to the palaces of the djinn and... More > from the alabaster spires of Algiers to the deepest jungles before her story is complete. "Sycorax Resplendent" tells a story of magic, passion and transformation in the shadows of one of William Shakespeare's greatest plays.< Less
Senatorius Sacerdos Harpyiae. First Magicks By Shivarsi
Paperback: List Price: $19.99 $13.99 | You Save: 30%
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A preliminarily overview of the Senatorius Sacerdos Harpyiae magical system. Founded in New Zealand circa 1999. You will learn the SSH *unique* & powerful sorcery correspondences; unavailable... More > anywhere else, to get you started. Test out the system, you will be amazed. SSH background & beginning principles for transforming your body, to increase your magical ability also contained within this publication. System is Djinn inspired magick.< Less

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