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The Path Less Travelled By Keith Normington
Paperback: $7.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
Shannai D'Jinn is an Assassin hired to perform a hit on a high profile leader. Will she succeed? Who is the unseen enemy that plots to see her killed?
Tales from the Green Couch: Beware the Interstellar Davenport!!! By Conrad Lee
eBook (ePub): $13.00
A conjunction of stories mainly centering around a strange man who acts as a sort of djinn to a bunch of lonely people who want revenge
XOYLO - Shadow People & My Near Death Experience By Steven Giles
Paperback: $14.42
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book covers my near death experience and the events that followed, those being mainly Sleep Paralyses and encounters with Shadow People. How you can also see them, and protect your self or... More > remove then from you.< Less
XOYLOSIM - ONE By Steven Giles
Paperback: $13.86
Prints in 3-5 business days
Introduction The collective consciousness of all livings beings within all universes and dimensions are all part of the same sea of energy XOYLOISM – Introduction via an analogy I referred to... More > God as a sea of energy in the Introduction, let’s keep with that analogy. Think of a bottle of water, the bottle being our body and the water within our soul, memories and experiences. The bottle expires and the water is slowly released, it ebbs into the ground, finds its way to the stream, and into a river and back out to the sea, one day it may find its way back into a bottle. This is a good way of understanding the life cycle, the same water won’t be placed back into a bottle, what you consider as you will become diluted, spread and be part of a much bigger whole.< Less
Anunnaki Ulema Sahiriin Khateyn Tarika By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $16.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Two Invisible Lines Surrounding Your Body That Shape Your Future. If you are “Outside Khateyn Tarika”, you will never reach the top, in anything you do, no matter how happy,... More > intelligent, influential, and rich you are.” The Sahiriin and Rouhaniyiin told us that every human being on Earth is lined up with two invisible lines that determine her/his balance and harmony with their immediate surroundings, as well as the size and strength of his/her luck in this physical world. These two lines determine how healthy, successful and balanced you are or will be in your life. All of us, big and small, lucky and unlucky, rich and poor, famous, infamous and unknown, are conditioned and influenced by Khateyn Tarika two invisible lines that exist either ahead of our body, behind it, or around it. Scholar and mystic Ulema Maximillien de Lafayette explain the whole concept and how to use Khateyn Tarika to positively influence or change our life, health and luck.< Less
Naturally Monstrous and Magical Creatures of Africa and the Middle East By Nicolle R. Murray
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Hold your breath fantastical creature lovers, and try to stay calm coloring book fans because here comes a Monster Collection of All Coloring Books! "Naturally Monstrous and Magical... More > Creatures" Is a series of coloring books filled with 'natural' monsters and/or magical creatures from around the world. These books are guaranteed to test any artist's skill and churn the brain of the most imaginative learner. Nicolle R. Murray's whimsical drawings, coupled with fun facts and the personal details of each creature, sends viewers on an extraordinary journey through time, across cultures, and into the very heart of the 'natural world' of the monstrous and magical. Make sure you bring plenty of supplies, including sandwiches and a tent to sleep in, for this adventure is not easily put down!< Less
Baalbeck: The Anunnaki’s City and Afrit Undergound By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $16.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Numerous historians believe that the site of Baalbeck dates back 4,000 years, B.C., when the Canaanites built a temple to worship "Baal" the Semitic God of thunders and storms. But the real... More > history of Baalbeck dates back 7,000 years B.C. According to an ancient Arabic manuscript found at Baalbeck, Nimrod sent a fleet of giants to rebuild Baalbeck, three months after the Flood. Another Arab myth tells us that Nimrod rebelled against his God and decided to build the Tower of Babel at Baalbeck. According to a third legend, Cain, the son of Adam, built Baalbeck as his last refuge after his God Yahweh put a curse on him. According to Ulema literature, Baalbeck is one of the oldest habitats on earth, built by the early Phoenicians and the Anunnaki during their first and second landings on Earth. The booklet discusses Baalbeck as the city of gods, Biblical figures, and the Djinns. Gilgamesh, Al Arz, Baalbeck and immortality. And a most unusual visit to the underground city of the Djinn and Afrit.< Less
Princess Of Wishes By Mini Komix
Paperback: $5.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Wes is an average redheaded boy in Japan who after being rejected by the girl of his dreams stumbles across an old bottle along the beach. After opening it up, he releases a bikini-clad ancient... More > princess named Belly that was turned into a genie by a wizard for being a spoiled brat. She now has to serve Wes as her master, despite all the advantages he keeps taking with his newfound "toy". Wes uses Belly to try and win over his sexy schoolmate Yumi, even though she had another admirer, her best friend Aya. Sparks fly as the genie princess tries to get up to date with the modern world while curbing her frustration with her new master/love interest. Great shoujo manga fan service!< Less
Rashua By gina gamez
eBook (ePub): $1.99
I been reaching Islam culture to write this book. I respect reglion so I research islam.Please enjoy this book as I work hard on it. Rashua means young gazelle because rashua is green djinn He young... More > and foolish." He meets aayan which means God gift. What will become of extreme follower of Allah and foolish green djinn who hates Allah and Ayaan?< Less
Dalahaar By David Gårsjö
Paperback: $29.61
Prints in 3-5 business days
Dalahaar är ett rollspel som utspelar sig i en fantasyvärld kryddad med vida ökenlandskap, ondskefulla djinner, gudomliga föremål, outforskade ruiner och märkliga... More > bestar. Gudarna är högst närvarande och bevakar det som händer i världen. Dalahaar är ett ökenlandskap som omger världens mittpunkt: bergsmassivet Dalahaars öga. Länderna runt Dalahaar befolkas av människor och allehanda bestar och djur. Varje spelare tar rollen som en människa från en av dessa folk, t.ex. en riddare från kalifatet Qazan, en ghurisk pilgrim från fjärran Mormanic, eller en förrymd slav av kodofolket.< Less

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