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Human Harvest: Part 1 By Doctor T
eBook (PDF): $3.01
It is the 27th Century. Far away from Earth, deep in our galaxy, the intersolar ship ISS Solara has been ambushed by an unknown attacker. The Solara's two female astronauts, Captain Magara Kline... More > and Lieutenant Kandra Thrace, are teleported from the crippled vessel just before it burns up in a planet's atmosphere. But they have not been rescued. They are prisoners. Magara and Kandra find themselves nude, bound and trapped. The two beautiful space travelers are horrified when they learn what their kidnappers want. When Magara refuses, they are both sadistically tickle tortured by holographic tentacles till the two girls learn that they have no choice but to comply.< Less
Human Harvest: Part 2 By Doctor T
eBook (PDF): $3.05
Seven months after being kidnapped and held as a sex slave onboard a mysterious spaceship, Captain Magara Kline is strapped into a pod and forced to orgasm over and over again. Her captors do this... More > so they can extract vaginal cum from their prisoner and sell to a race of aliens that use it as a drug. But there is a problem: Magara is no longer producing cum juice. The bound astronaut has run dry. Her captors believe that she needs turning on, so they recruit the help of three sexy lesbian cyborgs and a creature with a very long and naughty tentacle. Magara sees an opportunity to escape her bondage. Will she escape? Or will she be re-captured and punished?< Less
The Amazons' Slave By Doctor T
eBook (PDF): $3.05
In a province of Ancient Greece, the fearsome Amazons make war with anyone who displeases them. Hella is a slave, captured and taken from a cold northern land after her village was raided by an... More > Amazon party. Hella is now the property of Hyppolyte, a mighty warrior in the queen's Elite Guard. Hyppolyte has a wild lust for fighting, drinking and crazy, deviant sex. It is the Night of the Fifth Moon, a night when the Amazons gorge themselves on meats, wine and nasty sex. The female slaves are to be used as sex toys who will have to satisfy every perverted whim their Amazonian masters desire. Hella makes a bid for freedom. But she cannot escape the fortress that holds her prisoner. Hyppolyte wastes no time in making Hella suffer for her defiance. The horribly ticklish Hella is tickled by Hyppolyte and forced to orgasm all through the night.< Less
Sarah's Ticklish Turmoil By Doctor T
eBook (PDF): $3.22
Sarah is grown woman now. She prides herself for being a chaste, pure, and God-fearing girl - she is a real credit to her Baptist preacher daddy. But after falling asleep on the couch, Sarah wakes... More > up to find herself naked and bound in a dark, scary dungeon, and at the total mercy of a beautiful jailer who tickle tortures Sarah and forces her to endure powerful orgasms.< Less
Tickle, Tailor, Soldier, Spy By Doctor T
eBook (PDF): $3.33
A sexy spy codenamed "Tailor" has been captured. She has been passing highly secret documents to foreign intelligence agencies all over the world. But who is the traitor inside the NSIA... More > who has been giving her the classified documents? It is a race against time to get her to divulge the name of the mole inside the NSIA. So Tailor is stripped, tied to a table and vibed and tickle tortured out of her mind until she agrees to divulge the name of the traitor.< Less
Breaking the Servant By Doctor T
eBook (PDF): $3.24
In the dark and gloomy kingdom of Carpathia serving girl Natalya has displeased her master, the tyrannical Baron Vladek. The cruel baron believes Natalya needs to smile more in the presence of... More > masters so he arranges an amusing punishment for the poor serving girl. Natalya is taken to a dungeon, stripped and left to the mercy of one of Vladek's monsters. While tied to a cross, the beast tickles Natalya's nude body. Baron Vladek said that his Natalya needs to smile more so he lets his monster tickle torture the unfortunate serving girl. Natalya is horribly ticklish and she screams with laughter as the monster tickles her ribs and armpits.< Less
Doctors! By Mia Gonzalez
Paperback: $6.28
Prints in 3-5 business days
Are you interested in becoming a doctor? This book will teach you all about it.
Doctor By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $6.00
(3 Ratings)
"Ready to take your medicine?" A young woman comes down with a headache and schedules an appointment at a walk-in clinic in town. At first she assumes the deserted waiting room is due to... More > the storm raging outside, but what she doesn't know is that she's stumbled into something sinister... and that the pretty blonde doctor has something particularly twisted in store for her. 20-pages of mad science from!< Less
The Doctor By Thomas Nöla
Paperback: $11.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
In a world different from your own, a man will find himself haunted and hunted. Troubled by his somewhat dead former patient - the young Miss Marilla Huxley - the absence of his deceased wife and the... More > bizarre pierrots and constables who control his homeland, he will search nature and his mind for the answers to the vague questions that occupy his mind. This man will be The Doctor.< Less
Doctor to Doctor By Kaiser Zirak
Paperback: List Price: $13.99 $12.59 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
It is a book form a doctor for doctors regarding patient related issues. It comprises of two golden principles,twelve practice secrets,one great debate and one sincere advice.These are generic... More > principles applicable to all specialties.Any doctor who sees patient will find this book interesting and helpful.Moreover, it is highly beneficial for residents and medical students.< Less

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