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People Lie, But the Signs Don't By Cherry Gates
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This book depicts warning signs concerning people and situations they become involved with and if acknowledged could possibly prevent a person from making bad choices in their life. It further... More > postulates how a person can deal with the stress in their life; which most times many willfully enter into. It examines how people can live healthy lives by letting go of their past problems, which may be stunting their growth. It enlightens, encourages, and is reality based. If a person chooses; this book can help them find peace and harmony as a whole, for their mind, body, and spirit!< Less
Cherry Poppin' Plays 2009 By Alive Theatre
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The one-act plays in this collection were first performed as part of Alive Theatre’s second annual Cherry Poppin’ Play Festival. In the space of a single year, the festival that was... More > originally conceived as a chance for emerging local playwrights to get their ‘pens’ wet is now attracting submissions from all over the United States. The six plays within this collection are as diverse as they are wild, ranging from a modern Mystery Play written completely in verse to a rock and roll quest through the desert to find the world’s tallest volcano. Whatever you're looking for in a new play, you'll probably find it here. But please don't ask about the bear.< Less
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This book was design with the woman on the go in mind. Inside you will find a great way to maintain a busy schedule from a wardrobe check to monthly sales logs and don't forget the the websites that... More > are resourceful for the entreprenuer woman in us all.< Less
How To Become An Affiliate Marketing Master By Cherry Sun
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This is a complete guide to affiliate marketing that will show you exactly what to do even if you have no website, no products, and no experience. You are about to uncover the real secrets that... More > master affiliates have been using to generate online fortunes. This is a step by step guide that will open your eyes to the real world of affiliate marketing. You will discover exactly what techniques work and what ones don't.< Less
Muscle Sculpting By Cherry Lyngaas
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Have you been wasting a lot of time and effort doing inappropriate exercise techniques? “It’s not how often you exercise - but how you perform the exercises that matters!" This will... More > show you the facts, and secrets to become a bodybuilding wonder. This book will help you achieve a muscular body easily and effectively. No trial and error process, or wasting time and money on workouts that don’t work. Its' step-by-step illistrated procedures are simple - no guesswork. So, you’ll have more time to do whatever you want, and save money. This report is for everyone - employee, businessman, or student - tight schedule or plenty of time- you can attain the body of your dreams! “You don’t have to buy expensive equipment - or buy supplements and steroids!” All you need is proper training and the right diet. Some supplements have side effects, harm your health and are expensive. If you’ve had it with the results from your exercise program - now is the perfect time to get this report.< Less
Fastlane PDF By Alexander Cherry
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The future is uncertain - full of unfulfilled promises, and terrible predictions that never come to pass. No plan ever survives contact with the enemy, and the future is the enemy - a march through... More > darkness that will eventually end in our deaths; maybe tomorrow, maybe fifty years from now. Still, people keep planning, as if they can control the future; and usually, things more or less work out, in the long run. Fastlane isn't about the long run. It's about the NOW. No matter where you go, there's people burning their candles at both ends, knowing that at any time they can burn out. They don't think about the future any more than necessary - either by choice or through circumstance, they just try to make it through each day, one at a time, consequences be damned. These are your characters. To learn more, go to Twisted Confessions. For a print copy, visit Indie Press Revolution.< Less
Color a love story: a color theory course companion By Deborah Cherry Mosch
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Deborah sincerely hopes that someone besides her friends and family thinks the following: Color: A Love Story is the be-­‐all and end-­‐all of Color Theory textbooks! You will... More > never need another Color Theory textbook. This not only covers an entire course, but it is clear and enjoyable to read. I laughed, I cried! Before reading Color: A Love Story, I always guessed at the colors I chose in my work. After reading this book and doing the assignments, I truly am in charge of the color I use in any composition. -­‐ Deborah is almost positive that at least one student told her something that sounded like this. I work digitally, and thanks to Color: A Love Story, I (even) create my digital color compositions with confidence. They now have the presence of important artwork! -­‐ Well, Deborah is paraphrasing. And . . . Yale . . . Harvard . . . Columbia . . . Northwestern . . . are just a few examples of higher education institutions who also don’t know who Deborah is!< Less
The Goal that United Canada By Sean Mitton, Jim Prime
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A moment in time. It’s rare for a person to remember exactly where he or she was at a single moment in time, some four decades past. It’s rarer still for an entire nation to hold a... More > collective memory of such a moment. This kind of hardwired retention usually results from group trauma — the shock of assassination, large scale tragedy, or natural disaster. Occasionally, the event that galvanizes a population is a happy one. Such was the case when Paul Henderson scored the memorable goal in ’72, that won the game and united Canada. Includes foreword from Don Cherry with stories from Peter Mansbridge, Bob Cole, Howie Meeker, Darryl Sittler, Blue Rodeo, Denis Brodeur and Johnny Bower to name a few.< Less
Alex Zuvini's Third Engagement By dean memmott
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Set in 23rd-Century Utah, "Alex Zuvini's Third Engagement" presents a story about a Zat man wanting to take a third try at marriage. A divorced father of four children, Alex Zuvini has been... More > dating fellow Zat Cherrie Shuttah for three years, and in June 2238, he proposes marriage to her on Strawberry Island in Eastern Utah. A divorced mom of three teenagers, Cherrie accepts the proposal. The betrothed couple's minds become filled with expectations of them sharing a long, happy marriage together. However, strong challenges soon rise against those aspirations. First, Cherrie's three kids become opposed to the engagement, because they don't want to be stepsiblings of Alex's blue daughter Belinda. The situation becomes more complicated when a tragic accident forces Alex to move his four kids to Pretoria, Utah, which Cherrie has long hated. So Alex struggles to keep his engagement from snapping to pieces before he can marry Cherrie.< Less
The First Time for Teenaged Butt Virgins By Gary Bonds
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A brilliantly written collection of short stories from ‘Bar Room’ author Gary Bonds revealing the truth about frustrated young teens who are desperate to ‘pop’ their cherry.... More > This is not fiction – This is a 15 story bundle pack of real Life tales about young pups and older studs; extreme and graphic, with nothing left to the imagination. Don’t miss if you are turned on by graphically written first time experiences.< Less