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The Quran: The Latest and Most Modern Translation of the Quran By Ijaz Chaudry
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The Glorious Quran keeps up with the latest technological development. For example the latest discovery of Helioseismology discovered in 2014 which is art of listening to stars and planets is coded... More > in (41:21). Translation of verse (4:34)has been confirmed and corrected. This verse has been misunderstood over centuries by Muslims at large,because it says beat your wife. Also this version has many new features and improvements which makes easier for the reader to verify the codes and the actual Arabic used in the text. This is the most modern and up to date translation of the Quran (The Final Testament). It uses Miracle of 19 described in (74:30-35) to unravel some of the most astonishing facts, like the 2013 discovery of Higgs Mechanism is confirmed in (41:11), like Coriolis Effect is confirmed in (45:5), like the sending of Voyager I & II and prophecy that they will never discover life in (55:35), it also confirm Social, Religious and many other facts which come as new revelations from the Quran.< Less

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