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Donehogawa By Burr Cook
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A short novel about a small group of men and boys who sail from Plymouth England and land near Cape Cod. They are all fleeing from perceived danger and have no plan to return. They meet with... More > adventure among the Pilgrims and the Native Americans of New England.< Less
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Poems by Joseph Bruchac based on the Life of Ely Parker. Ely Samuel Parker (1828 – August 31, 1895), (born Hasanoanda, later known as Donehogawa) was a Seneca attorney, engineer, and tribal... More > diplomat. He was commissioned a lieutenant colonel during the American Civil War, when he served as adjutant to General Ulysses S. Grant. He wrote the final draft of the Confederate surrender terms at Appomattox. Later in his career, Parker rose to the rank of Brevet Brigadier General, one of only two Native Americans to earn a general's rank during the war (the other being Stand Watie, who fought for the Confederacy). President Grant appointed him as Commissioner of Indian Affairs, the first Native American to hold that post.< Less
Complete Works of Burr Cook By Burr Cook
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A collection of 8 stories by Burr. Complete works of 2013 all of which are sold separately. Much less expensive in this form. All are fictional with adventures and romance The first story is... More > "Buster" about an abolitonist who inherits a plantation with slaves and how he deals with it. Story 2 is "The Quest" about prehistoric men fleeing the approaching ice age. The main character "Baff" is a slayer of mastodons. Story 3 is a western about a family who joins a wagon train and ebcounters an outlaw sherrif "Big Steve Long" in Laramie. This is followed by a seqhel about a second family who travels from NYC to Laramie with a stop in Dakota Territory. Number 4 "Oriel" is about a man who has super stength as a result of a German experiment. Number 5 "The Prisoner" is about a 2nd WW German prison camp Stalag VII-A at Moosburg. "The Huge Ball", "Donehogawa" and "If You Meet the Buddha" are also included.< Less