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Dosage Calculation Verification By Stephanie Baker-Jones
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This is the Army course that provides a review along with problems to verify dosage calculation skills.
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How could teachers effectively go through class lessons and assessing students in order to make the most of the educational opportunity that creating comics provides? It could be suggested that... More > cartoons (a term used to include stand alone illustrations, captioned or non-captioned, and short comic strip formats) have a potentially valuable contribution to make such comics in field of technology education.< Less
Treatment Essentials By Dr. Mark Sircus
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Dr. Sircus’s practical teaching manual for how to use his natural allopathic medicine protocol including dosages and treatment methods.
Measurement and Pharmacology Review By John W. Pluemer
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This book is designed as a review of basic measurement and pharmacology calculations required in the nursing profession
Selenium Medicine By Dr. Mark Sircus
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This book reveals discoveries and secrets about selenium. It introduces several types of selenium including one that can be taken in very high dosages without all the fear and concerns that people... More > and doctors normally have with selenium supplementation.< Less
Transdermal Magnesium Therapy By Dr. Mark Sircus
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This book has the potential to save your life. Magnesium has been used around the world to bring people back from the brink of death and Dr Mark Sircus examines how this amazing mineral that is so... More > overlooked by the majority affects so many aspects of our health including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, asthma, inflammation, arthritis and autism.< Less
Iodine By Dr. Mark Sircus
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Today the last thing anyone wants to be walking around with is a thyroid so starving for iodine it will take on the nasty radioactive isotope of iodine instead. Dr. David Brownstein has tested 5,000... More > of his patients and found that 95 percent of them are iodine deficient meaning their thyroids will attract radioactive iodine like honey attracts bees.< Less
PhD thesis By Felicia Flicker
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Impact of variability in carbamazepine raw drug materials on drug release. PhD thesis in industrial pharmacy from University of Basel, Switzerland.
Dowse This... Empower Yourself; Create Your Own Custom Charts By Juanita Ott
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A set of 64 charts to dowse in a handy coil bound format. Use the blank charts to create your own custom dowsing charts designed specifically for you, your life, and environment. The book is... More > organized so you can create your own title for each chart and your own table of contents. Also included is a Consciousness Level Chart for use with the book Power Vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins, and 3 Complete charts, a Measurement Chart for dowsing beneficial or detrimental effects of the dowsed choices a Dosage Chart for any supplements you might take, and an Alphabet Dowsing Chart. ISBN:978-0-9780258-5-4< Less
foundshine By Paul Grimsley
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for commuters, computers, neuters and all other kinds of demons and deviants - foundshine is the cure for all your ills; poetry instead of pills. please exceed stated dosage, very little... More > contraindicated, side effects minimal.< Less