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Chapter 1: What is Down syndrome? Chapter 2: Diagnosing Down syndrome Chapter 3: Signs and Symptoms of Down syndrome Chapter 4: How to Prevent Down syndrome? Chapter 5: How to Treat Down... More > syndrome? Chapter 6: The Complications of Down syndrome Chapter 7: Communication difficulties in Down syndrome Chapter 8: Down syndrome risk factors Chapter 9: Physiotherapy and early interventions Chapter 10: Down syndrome and diet Chapter 11: Approaches to healthy lifestyle Chapter 12: How to Cope Well with Down syndrome Chapter 13: Down syndrome and education Chapter 14: Down syndrome and employment Chapter 15: Down syndrome and surgery Chapter 16: Down syndrome, relationships and sex Chapter 17: Debunking the myths Chapter 18: Conclusion< Less
Practical Down Syndrome Manual By Dawn Lucan
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Your child has recently been diagnosed with Down's Syndrome. You begin to wonder how you can help your child, what will life be like, and how you can help your child. Dawn Lucan is an experienced... More > educator with eighteen years of experience will share with you the education process along with website resources.< Less
Tori with Down's Syndrome By Janell Su Chin Lee
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This illustrated book is part of a series of books to teach children more about disabilities in simple, easy to understand language for children from 7 years and above. It is told from the... More > perspective of a child who has a sibling with Down Syndrome. Young children can read this book together with their parents to stimulate discussions about Down Syndrome. It is recommended that this book be used with the parent guide. The parent guide contains practical advice for parents to create a nurturing environment within the family so that all the children at home, both with and without disabilities, will feel equally loved. Complete set: Parent guide: I need LOVE too! Story 1: My feelings on having a sibling with a disability Story 2: Tori with Down Syndrome Story 3: Mike with Autistic Spectrum Disorder Story 4: Josh with Cerebral Palsy< Less
The Best Newcomer’s Handbook for Down’s Syndrome By Dawn Lucan
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Your child has been recently diagnosed with Down's Syndrome. You feel lost and wonder about your child's future. You begin to wonder if their life will be different than any other child's life. Dawn... More > Lucan, a preschool teacher and community volunteer, with 17 years of experience shares her non medical knowledge with you to your most common questions regarding your child. Topics include education, friendships, activities, general life, and adulthood. She has also included an assortment of great books and website resources for you in this book.< Less
The Limpet Syndrome By Tony Moyle
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From the Back Cover Imagine there was a politician whose only ambition was to corrupt and manipulate the very people who elected him, without them even knowing it. This was Byron T Casey’s... More > ambition. It helped that he was the Prime Minister and had just acquired Emorfed, a substance that had the ability to alter a person’s soul. Sandy Logan was the only person capable of stopping him. But there was one problem. Sandy was dead. It complicated matters that his death had been aided by the mysterious Limpet Syndrome, which meant he wasn't dead dead. Very few people understood why Sandy’s soul had lingered on Earth, least of all Sandy. ------------------------- "The book that restores your faith in reading for pleasure," Amazon Customer "Remarkably original, highly recommended," Amazon Customer "I couldn't put it down," Amazon Customer About the Author Tony Moyle was supposed to be a Chemist. Turns out he was rubbish at it. A book formed in 1996 and took 21 years to escape on to paper.< Less
What You Need to Know About Down Syndrome By Janet King
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Today, it is no longer uncommon to find someone who has Down Syndrome. It is a condition with no definite cure, which is why individuals need to know more about the nature, risks and symptoms to... More > alleviate very well. Learning about the features and the syndrome itself can help you stay ahead and prevent complications. This 22 page book will simply try to inform the person who has little or no knowledge of Down Syndrome. Get your copy now.< Less
Down Syndrome Facts (a Guide for Parents and Professionals) By Maureen Biwi
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It is a known fact that early detection and screening of Down syndrome can lead to several benefits. Prevention of several complications can be achieved by knowing the condition early on, before it... More > can lead to other problems in the body. Diagnosis is done through a variety of ways. A new simple blood test for Down syndrome in unborn babies can save expectant mums from risky invasive checks. This is good news compared to the current testing methods that ran risks of miscarriages, even if the foetus turns out to be healthy. Although the signs and symptoms of Down syndrome are very distinct, there are still other symptoms that might confuse both doctors and parents. Each affected individual is unique and possesses different disabilities. Hence, generalizations cannot be made. Knowing the characteristics, nature and triggers can be very valuable for finding immediate alleviation measures. You can also avoid complications by checking for the early signs.< Less
Practical Down's Syndrome Manual Third Edition By Dawn Lucan
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Parenting is never easy in life. When your child is diagnosed with a disability, it becomes even more difficult in life. There is so much to consider in your every day decisions. You begin to wonder... More > what your options are with the local public schools, healthcare, parenting, childcare, community resources, and more. Dawn Lucan, an educator with 20 years of experience, will walk you through this.< Less
What Down Syndrome Has To Offer Art Education? By CLINT ROBINSON
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This is a study on Down syndrome and art education that shares my experiences as a teacher and parent of a child with Down syndrome.
Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do By Qadoshyah Fish
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Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do is designed to give parents, friends, families, and professionals accurate and up-to-date information about Down syndrome. Information in the book is written by... More > doctors, parents, professionals & individuals with Down syndrome. This book is written with the idea that many families would have benefited from a book like this when their child was diagnosed with Down syndrome.****PLEASE NOTE: This book is only up here because it is the published book which has the ISBN that is in and similar stores. This is the same book as the ones above, but LuLu's self publishing makes the price increase when you assign it to other retailers.**< Less