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Sometimes Less is Not More: A Fabulous Guide to Fabulous Makeup By Kerri Thomson
Paperback: $12.64
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From the back cover:Stuck in a makeup rut? Tired of makeup books packed full of pretty pictures but precious little by way of useful information? Searching for something that gives you the straight... More > up goods about applying makeup, without boring you to tears?Well ladies, look no further. Your suffering is over.This handy little guide not only gives you step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the makeup looks that work best for you, but also provides you with a crash course from the basics on up. Not to mention little tips and tricks to help you along the way. And it does all of this with few distracting pictures and some snappy banter reminiscent of a good girly night out. If those girls were drag queens, that is…< Less
Somewhere Beyond By Aline Riva
Paperback: $8.43
Prints in 3-5 business days
Iris is searching for her best friend Ava, who has gone missing. Unknown to Iris, Ava has opened a gateway to another world, and if she ever finds them again she will be horrified at what they have... More > become. Against the advice of Caitlin, a local white witch, Iris goes in search of her best friend, but her investigations will drag her into another world - a place where the inhabitants are strangely demonic yet magical – a place where she will meet Rain, a kind and ambitious Lord who is waiting to rule the land and make changes to the damage done by his sister Feather, but the Queen is reluctant to give up her throne and will stop at nothing to hold on to power. But Rain has a dark and terrible secret about his people and his own past that he can not hide from Iris forever, and when she discovers the truth Rain will not seem like the prince she first imagines him to be...< Less
The Barking Cat By Stefano Laskaris
eBook (ePub): $3.99
I sleep when I’m awake, I swim with wings and I talk in silence. I am different. But I feel hungry, thirsty, cold and I need to be petted, hugged, I long to hear a couple of kind words. Just... More > like every creature. I, just like you, am a link on God’s chain; a stroke of His brush on His canvas; a note of the many that comprise His melody. It makes no difference if I’m Felix the Cat, Dumbo the Elephant or Rupaul, the Drag Queen. It makes no difference if I’m from Damascus, Havana or New Jersey; if I was born poor, rich, ugly, beautiful, clever or stupid. I was born, I’m growing up and I will die, hoping that I will be able to live next to you, in harmony.< Less
Dance When the Party's Over By Geraldine Gin
eBook (ePub): $6.40
All is not as it seems when K arrives at Oxford in 1984. Is the girl with the irrepressible hair really a miner's daughter? How did Mario get his place at the University? And what is Raj doing with... More > those binoculars? 'Dance' takes us on a student goose chase to a northern town where Robin Hood appears to be still alive and extorting. Back in Oxford, a mysterious painting goes missing along with the disgraced Mario, and a sham café is set up to raise funds for nuclear disarmament. We follow Mario's journey through France to find redemption, as others in the Oxford crowd graduate and move to start careers in London. K encounters drag queens, meets Amanda and helps her search for her estranged mother. Eventually, the reunited friends need to track down the valuable painting, the hunt taking them to Berlin and a rather queer café in the Canaries. An irreverent tale of coming of age, friendship, identity, illusion, love and loss. With poetry.< Less
Last Eternity By Kristina Garlick
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The worlds of Limbo and Earth have lived in relative peace, since the events that transpired in the story, Imaginary Friend. Hope is now Queen of Dreamland and considering retirement but she... More > doesn’t want to pass along the crown to her son, Gabriel, as he has a lot of growing up to do. In fact, Gabriel is banished from his kingdom until he finds and marries his intended, but when he arrives on Earth, he realizes he is in no rush to return home. Then there is quiet and quasi-lonely Earth girl named Allure Law, who is still dealing with tragedy from her past. Allure seeks not only peace, but the passion she once had. Unfortunately, destiny has its own plans for Allure as she gets dragged into the battle against an evil so great that it threatens to destroy the kingdoms in hopes of conquering both Earth and Limbo.< Less
CITY OF GOLD By Denis Lyons
Paperback: $12.26
Prints in 3-5 business days
Meet the charismatic Saxby Chilton of New York City. A devoted family man, he and his second wife are raising six teenage children. A ruthless company man, his swashbuckling deals have created one of... More > America's biggest corporations. When his investment banker girlfriend dies mysteriously, he also becomes a man in deep trouble. His problems snowball when Fiona Byrne, a young investigative reporter, looks into Saxby Chilton's wheeling and dealing. Things get even worse for Saxby Chilton with the appearance of a corporate whistle-blower, an unemployed Greenwich Village drag queen and Detective Bernie Gibbs from the 6th Precinct. City Of Gold skewers the American corporate way of life during the Internet-crazed late 90s and early 2000s and reveals how one man manages to dominate Wall Street while milking millions from his company.< Less
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Accidental Lover By Arius De Winter
eBook (PDF): $2.98
(1 Ratings)
This series of books by Arius De Winter are gay, mostly fiction, with graphic illustrations of sex, love and romance. Most are about men finding love, boys finding each others, the whole gay life... More > style wrapped into a series of books with titles to interest all. This is the story of love and romance, boy meets boy, boy finds new boy, tears, hope and joy. If gay love and romance offend you in any way, do not then buy this book.other books buy this author: From Boys to Men Obsession Into Darkness The Education of Edward Price Madame Bovary Was A Man Reflections in the Looking Glass My Gay Socks Ride Em' Cowboy - Train Robbers The Making of A Gay American Spy Ride Em' Cowboy - The Store Clerk Growing Up Gay Soldiers - Religion of Hate The Islamic Wars Ride Em' Cowboy – Dodge City Ride Em Cowboy – Indian Affairs The Cliff House Vampire Sinbad – The Balloon Kingdom Sinbad and Mendor the Monster Mandu's First Love Drag Queen – Alice in Wonderland– My Brother James Soldier-Prisoner of War< Less
Madame Bounce By Anna Bond
Paperback: $17.69
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
Madame Bounce tells the tale of Pearl Norma Greene, an overweight Ealing girl with zero confidence and a lonely heart. Pearl's daily life is going no where fast. By day she works at her dad's... More > building firm and by night she works behind the bar at Scorpio, a local strip club. But then, through her dead mother's love of old school glamour, Pearl discovers the secret world of Burlesque. Suddenly she finds herself embarking on a journey she never could have dreamed of and her life changes radically before her eyes. Will Burlesque give Pearl the purpose she's always searched for and will it also teach her what true love is really all about... Join Pearl, the builders, the strippers, a couple of drag queens and all the other crazy yet loveable characters that all work together in making Madame Bounce a truly unique, fun-loving and camp-as-christmas novel that will leave you laughing and crying from beginning to end...< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.25
(1 Ratings)
Successfully departing the sex industry of Los Angeles at the top of his game was an option that Sterling Brooks, a popular adult film star and male escort, couldn’t pass up. After moving to... More > the quiet resort town of King Palms to operate a gym franchise called PUMP he tries to leave the spotlight of “gay-celebrity” behind. However, an eclectic group of characters create the clientele and staff that keep him reminded of where he came from. As casual sex, recreational drugs, drag queens with attitude, a stalker’s revenge, and every other form of gay stimuli imaginable surround him, Sterling must accept the spotlight that continues to find him around every corner and allow it to lead him into his future. He realizes that it’s not your past you should run from, but how fast you can run towards your future no matter where it leads you. "They Called Him Sterling" grabs the reader by their proverbial balls, and runs with them.< Less

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