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Something Fierce: The Sketchbook Issue By Zach Risso
Paperback: $34.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
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As artists, we are able to see the potential in the ordinary. Our thought processes are different from others, as we so proudly proclaim. We are the gypsies, bohemians, and avant guardians of... More > creativity. We are the unspoken, the outspoken, and those with voices in their heads. Most literature written about art and other visual matters have authors who analyze rather than experience, filled with artspeak and academic jargon. They are concerned with the gun and not the shot fired. Something Fierce attempts to see the artistry in the everyday. There is no dissection of paintings on the gallery wall; the gallery is the out of doors. There is no thesis nor is there a beginning, middle, or end. The journey without a destination can be the most fulfilling.< Less
Athena Vol. 1 VS By David Prophet
Paperback: $8.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This Volume collects the first two Athena Chapters. Athena vs The Cyclops and Fire vs Ice. Athena is a super hero with super strength who has to return to her home world to find out who is behind the... More > recent attacks. Along the way she has to confront The Cyclops brothers and gets involved in a fight between Fire and Ice, two deadly enemies.< Less
Dare to Doodle By Chevening St. Botolph's CEP
Paperback: $4.42
Prints in 3-5 business days
Doodle Dares – Dare to Doodle! This book is not just for entertainment, but also to get your imagination fired up and your pen streaking across the page. Even though Tom Gates needed to get... More > ‘A Little Bit Lucky’ to doodle unseen, we want to encourage you to have a go yourself – surely you can manage one a week, for a year? We dare you to complete 52 challenges as compared to Chris Riddell’s 365, in his great doodle book! Within these pages you will find sparks to fire the imagination and space to doodle. Everyone needs to ‘mess around and doodle’ at least once a week – no strings attached.< Less
I am the Danger By Eloy
eBook (PDF): $4.99
I am the Danger is the 6th installment in The Broken Skyline series. The artwork is the most recent painting I have done. It represents further investigation into neo-expressionism, my favorite... More > style at the moment. With its askew perspective, acute angles and riotous colors, it serves as backdrop for my New York City in this, a story inspired by our concern for the pollution in our waters. I am the Danger starts with Garbage Bag getting thrown into the Hudson River and what goes on underwater. While Billboard and Fire Escape wonder what happened to their friend, Garbage Bag rests under the Bridge as it gathers moss, and the artist muses. * The PDF's have links to videos about the story.< Less
The Balance ; The Beginning is Never the End By Daniel Odom
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The sequel to The Balance; Everything has a Beginning. In this continuation the chosen are forced to make the hard decision, continue to fight the battle to save the world or let Ravana win. Lives... More > are put on the line, powers are amplified, new faces come into the fold, and intentions are draw out as the adventure deepens. Who will survive.....< Less
Krexen-Fed By Travis Sullivan
Paperback: $13.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Pre 1-mil words. Pros trip. Check my blog for more info. Krexen-Fed is an epic fantasy set in a world where using contractions draws the eyes of an evil god and everyone has the ability to... More > absolutely control one emotion. When the main character uses his ability to control more than one emotion to return magic to the world, he accidentally sets the evil god free to set fire to the land.< Less
My Hope In Hell By Jens Reuter
Paperback: $8.63
Prints in 3-5 business days
No subject in all of religion attracts as much controversy as the place of punishment we call hell. The idea that some people will suffer for ever breaks hearts, calls people to action and drives... More > people away from faith. Yet for all our strong feelings about hell, most of us do not have a clear understanding of it. What, exactly, is hell- a real lake of fire and torture or something else? What is its purpose? Who ends up in hell, and can they ever escape? Drawing on the teachings of Scripture, his own experience and the thoughts of Christians who have come before, the author examines both traditional doctrines and alternate understandings of what hell really is and how it affects our lives< Less
Laugh of the Trickster By Adam S. Doyle
Paperback: $21.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Every culture has their mischief maker. The one who makes a mess of the mundane, who steals fire and holds up a mirror reflecting how absurd we look. We love this wise fool for knocking over our jar... More > of expectations and for fooling us into believing the martians are coming. This is a story about a disgruntled town and a man in a mask who invigorates the myth. In form and content, this is an art book of exploration.< Less
Gun Silencer Manual.For Rifles and Pistols. By Birgir Runar Saemundsson
eBook (PDF): $14.95
Gun Silencer Manual for rifles and pistols in cal.22 lr,22 mag,22 Hornet,222 Rem,223 Rem,22/250 Rem,243 Win,6mm PPC,6.5mm,7mm,308,300 Win,9 MM,357,38,44,45,and larger rifles and pistols.Complete... More > blueprint drawings and illustrated instructions,on how to make gun silencer. Installation guide for muzzle end of barrel. Silences completely,with subsonic ammunition.The only sound you hear is the click of the firing pin! Simple and easy to make and install. Download Adobe 25 pages,eBook with blueprint drawings,and instructions to have on your workbench.Warning! Utilization is only allowed in countries where the use of silencers is legal. Use only for,varmint,tactical,target and hunting purposes. BRS Custom Rifles. Copyright 2008. All Rights reserved. Supported Languages: English,Russian,Chinese,French,Arabic,German, Japanese,Korean,Italian,Portuguese,Spanish,Dutch Finnish,Danish,Swedish,Norwegian,Croatian,Polish, Czech,Bulgarian,Romanian,Greek. ISBN 978-9979-9867-0-6< Less
Season for Leviathan By Stephen Fleenor
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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Fleenor fires up an epic tale of youth caught in the turmoil of descending world events leading to war in Japan. Fleenor draws on his 40 years' experience of living in Japan to create a story embued... More > with factual information and subtle understanding of the pre-war and war era. As in earlier novels he has chosen Karuizawa and Asama as a backdrop but has widened the stage to include China, Europe, and the United States. American readers will enjoy the chapters that take place in Oregon and Northern Indiana near Lake Michigan. In "Season for Leviathan" the author adds unique color to events in Japan experienced by foreigners and Japanese who lived through the war. The Plot: Why is Erik Steffensen mentally disturbed? What events in his life in the autumn of 1941 led up to his predicament? The Japanese authorities will not allow him to leave Japan. They have limited, yet encouraged his odd activities... Who is the girl?< Less

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