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Fashion Figure Tempaltes By Angelo Russica
Paperback: $44.12
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“A dress should not seem attached to the body but follow the shape of the body. When a woman smiles the dress must smile with her “with these words, the French fashion designer Madeleine... More > Vionnet called his idea of perfect dress. To get closer to the idea of perfection according to Vionnet, you have to start with the basics and study the best ways to give shape to their designs. With the Milan Fashion Campus Fashion Illustration Templates book you will get the tolls to start to design fashion illustration without losing time, all templates are ready for the use THE BOOK: - Each Template is preceded by a summary sheet that explains how to assemble the body and face to get to the final design. - Face drawing analyzing the different mouth - eyes - hair - More then 30 new types of illustration poses - Focus on partial body poses that help to put in evidence accessories, shoes , bags…. - Close-ups, are useful to design jeweler like neck laces, earrings , sunglasses , hats .< Less
The Little Black Dress For you By Maureen van Raaijen
Paperback: $13.51
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The Little Black Dress is also called LBD, and it distinguishes itself from other black dresses through a number of special properties. By recognizing these properties, you may discover your own... More > special LBD. Of course, suggestions are presented on how the dress should fit your figure. This dress has been an enormous success ever since its conception in 1926, and it still is! How this is possible, and what stories this dress carries with it, may all be discovered in this special book. The book consists of two parts. Part 1 concentrates on the explanations and backgrounds of the Black Dress, while part 2 presents insight into those personal details of your figure that allow you to find the right dress for you.< Less
3000 Facts about Historic Figures By James Egan
Paperback: $14.10
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This book is a compilation of 1000 Facts about Historic Figures Vol. 1-3 Stalin executed scientists because they didn't believe him that plants can be Communists. Leonardo Da Vinci invented the... More > scissors. Lenin died when part of his brain turned to stone. Princess Diana once visited a gay bar dressed as a man. Martin Luther King won a Grammy. The Queen of England owns all the dolphins in British waters. Albert Einstein couldn't drive. Galileo didn't believe in comets. Aristotle thought the Moon was alive. Florence Nightingale popularized pie-charts. Alexander Graham Bell tried to teach his dog how to talk.< Less
Dressing Classy Doesn't Change By Joyce Christanio
Paperback: $19.97
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I have attended corporate conferences with female facilitators presenting workshops on topics including healthy eating and business networking skills. Too often, I have seen attire that begged for... More > improvement. As I observed speakers and attendees in clothes that would be more appropriate for a different setting, I visualized becoming a public speaker traveling abroad, boosting women’s self-esteem by providing advice on appropriate workplace attire. This desire, mingled with inspiration from my peers, friends and family, prompted me to write this book. This book provides females a humorous and candid overview of the do's and don'ts of proper workplace attire. I believe readers will be encouraged to pass this information to their daughters, granddaughters, mentees and other women in their lives.< Less
Let's Dress Jeremy: The Corbyn Cut Out Book By Nick Mackie
Paperback: $8.60
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Since his election as Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn has been frequently criticized by the media as being a bit of a scruff. Help counteract his critics by dressing your very own Corbyn... More > paper doll. Love him or loathe him, friend or foe, you will love dressing Jeremy as famous figures such as Elvis, Batman, Bob Dylan, Dr Who and more…< Less
Beginners Guide to Making Your Own Dress By David Johnson
eBook (PDF): $16.90
Wear a one of a kind dress that was made to flatter just your figure 1) Allow Your Dress to Reflect Your Personality You will no longer have to wear what clothing manufactures think is stylish. ... More > You can create your own dresses according to your style and personality. Your not stuck wearing a dress that fits you well, however the colors, design or pattern is doing nothing for you. You choose the style, design, color and fabric used to create a dress made just for you. 2) The Possibilities are ENDLESS Guess what? You do not need to use a manufactures made dress pattern to create a dress. You can create your own dress patterns, OR, you can mix or match patterns, copy dress styles and so much more to create your unique dress.< Less
Make Dresses For Sale - How To Make Dress And Create Your Own Business Doing What You Love By Tina Knowles
eBook (PDF): $7.76
Dressmaking is not as hard as some make it out to be. You can design a dress perfect for you by either studying already designed patterns and altering them to fit your body style, or you can create... More > your own dress from using what you know works for you. Once you have a design in mind, the rest is a breeze. In Make Dresses For Sale, you will learn:- *How To Make The Dress Figure *Choosing The Appropriate Pattern *Picking The Appropriate Fabric Color *Deciding The Style For Your Dresses *Choose The Fabric Well For Amazing Success In Designing Your Next Masterpiece *How To Sell Your Dresses To Many People In short, this is a guide to get your started with making your dresses and selling them.< Less
Zero or Nearly Zero Calorie Recipes : Healthy Yet Tasty Recipes for Amazing Size Zero Figure By Angela Ross
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Zero calorie foods or negative calorie foods are various fruits and vegetables which contain small amounts of calories when consumed, but lose those calories after digestion, making them calorie... More > free. Zero calorie meals are created from zero point foods. For Example: a garden salad with mixed greens, carrots, tomatoes, any additional vegetables, and a dressing made from vinegar and spices. There are several "lifesaving" foods and beverages you can turn to when you are feeling intense hunger pains but you don't want to consume foods that add significant calories to your daily intake. These foods are also high in fiber and pack a hefty nutrition punch. Being overweight can cause a lot of complications such as joint conditions, social anxiety and an increase in disease risk. Zero calorie foods can be incorporated into a healthy diet plan to promote weight loss. This book provides you with number of zero calorie recipes which will accelerate your weight loss mission.< Less
Cool Blue Lady By T A CHARNLEY
Hardcover: $46.61
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Book of photos, mostly full colour, one black and white, some with captions, featuring a model posing in various outfits, including a dress, bikini and chinese robe, and lastly, nude in a pro-am... More > studio. All nudes are figure nude.< Less
Profiles in Perseverence By Ms. Long's 2nd Grade Class
Paperback: $7.88
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After many weeks of careful research, discussion, writing, and practice speaking, we finally celebrate our hard work with a Living Museum where each child presents his or her research by dressing as... More > the person they chose to study and gives the speech they wrote about how that person changed the world. No matter how shy or quiet, every child has his or her moment to shine. Their written reflections from that day say it all: “I thought I couldn’t give my speech… but I did it!” “I was kind of scared… but when I did it, I was not scared. It is easy now.” Each child, no matter their reading level or language ability, is able to experience the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from presenting something special they have created through effort, perseverance, and a little bit of “grit.”< Less