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Dress for Success (and Not Like a Mess) By Yolanda Broome
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How to Dress for Success
Fashion Imaging, Dressing 4 Success By NAFD
Paperback: $45.80
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Fashion Imaging, Dressing for success. Topics include, resume and portfolio, photo imaging, self imaging, business image, colors, hair and makeup, body shapes.
Dressed for the Deep By Stewart Parker
Paperback: $25.01
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The history of diving helmet designs from around the world. The diving helmet is an iconic piece of history. Years after it has been retired by modern navies and professional divers it retains its... More > place on qualification badges and dive club logos. The early years of diving produced some amazing and some bizarre ideas and this book tracks their development and the reasoning behind them. The different approaches taken by the designers and their relative merits and successes are covered, taking away some of the mystery from these copper, brass and bronze legacies of a bygone age. With over 60 photos and illustrations the author also examines the various dangers of diving including the obligatory giant squid, as well as chronicling homemade diving equipment and his own 'deep sea diving' adventure. With a foreword by Tony Groom, author of Diver and In2Deep.< Less
Success By Desire Storm
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Being a realtor does not have many benefits, in this short story our hero narrates some very nice fringe benefits. Be prepared to be amused, amazed, shocked and intrigued by this engaging peek behind... More > the scenes of a real state agent . . . “She shivered with excitement and I could feel her nipples growing throw the fabric of her dress. She then turned her head and we kissed deeply and passionately with a fire or hunger like neither of us had felt for ages. Her hand slipped to my slacks and she opened my zipper, boldly reaching in and stroking my growing cock. I untied her dress and let it fall loose, intrigued by her garter-belt sans bra and thong.”< Less
The Little Black Dress For you By Maureen van Raaijen
Paperback: $13.51
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The Little Black Dress is also called LBD, and it distinguishes itself from other black dresses through a number of special properties. By recognizing these properties, you may discover your own... More > special LBD. Of course, suggestions are presented on how the dress should fit your figure. This dress has been an enormous success ever since its conception in 1926, and it still is! How this is possible, and what stories this dress carries with it, may all be discovered in this special book. The book consists of two parts. Part 1 concentrates on the explanations and backgrounds of the Black Dress, while part 2 presents insight into those personal details of your figure that allow you to find the right dress for you.< Less
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Locker Room, Coatroom, and Dressing Room Attendants Provide personal items to patrons or customers in locker rooms, dressing rooms, or coatrooms. Sample of reported job titles: Locker Room Attendant,... More > Ladies Locker Room Attendant, Athletic Equipment Manager, Housekeeper, Coat Checker, Locker Room Manager, Locker Room Supervisor, Spa Attendant, Gym Supervisor, Locker Attendant< Less
Male Dress & Image Men’s Business Clothing & Accessories Twenty Percent of Success is Dress College and University Students Things Someone Meant to Tell You About Men’s Business Dress The Rules on What to Get and How to Wear It By Harold Almon
Paperback: $19.95
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Male Dress & Image Men's Business Clothing & Accessories Twenty Percent of Success is Dress is a compilation of three guides: Men Your Organized Closet, Men's Business Dress and Men's... More > Business Dress Accessories. It includes information on things someone meant to tell you about mens business dress – the rules on what to get and how to wear it. Either wearing the company uniform or socially standing out from the crowd, there are rules governing, things to do, know, and of which a male needs to be mindful.< Less
Dressing Classy Doesn't Change By Joyce Christanio
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I have attended corporate conferences with female facilitators presenting workshops on topics including healthy eating and business networking skills. Too often, I have seen attire that begged for... More > improvement. As I observed speakers and attendees in clothes that would be more appropriate for a different setting, I visualized becoming a public speaker traveling abroad, boosting women’s self-esteem by providing advice on appropriate workplace attire. This desire, mingled with inspiration from my peers, friends and family, prompted me to write this book. This book provides females a humorous and candid overview of the do's and don'ts of proper workplace attire. I believe readers will be encouraged to pass this information to their daughters, granddaughters, mentees and other women in their lives.< Less
Make Dresses For Sale - How To Make Dress And Create Your Own Business Doing What You Love By Tina Knowles
eBook (PDF): $7.76
Dressmaking is not as hard as some make it out to be. You can design a dress perfect for you by either studying already designed patterns and altering them to fit your body style, or you can create... More > your own dress from using what you know works for you. Once you have a design in mind, the rest is a breeze. In Make Dresses For Sale, you will learn:- *How To Make The Dress Figure *Choosing The Appropriate Pattern *Picking The Appropriate Fabric Color *Deciding The Style For Your Dresses *Choose The Fabric Well For Amazing Success In Designing Your Next Masterpiece *How To Sell Your Dresses To Many People In short, this is a guide to get your started with making your dresses and selling them.< Less
Success with Etiquette: Manners For Men By Shawn E. Gilleylen
eBook (PDF): $14.95
Clothes make the man. Gentleman gain a competitive edge by strengthening your professionalism, corporate image, and financial success. Enhance your business and social skills to project a poised,... More > polished, and professional image to create a great first impression! Exude confidence, competency, and charisma by learning: •The Art of First Impressions •Dress For Success •Proper Introductions and Handshakes •Telephone Etiquette •Email Netiquette •Fearless Interviewing Tips •Workplace Etiquette •Networking Skills •Gender Neutral Etiquette •The Art of Thank You! "Manners For Men" also benefits young men 8 and up. Learning good manners and proper etiquette is priceless, lasting a lifetime.< Less