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Duryodhana: The Father King By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $7.99
If both Duryodhana and Draupadi are Shiva’s creation; if both Duryodhana and Pandavas share Darpa, why did Krishna oppose him? Why, even Vyasa, at times, seems partial against him? Why was... More > Duryodhana’s downfall and death necessary for establishing Krishna-conceived Dharma-Raajya? Why couldn’t Krishna’s Dharma-Raajya include Duryodhana? Actually, Krishna red-carded Dhritarashtra-Duryodhana for the same reasons we all, at times (perhaps, too often), want to oust our Rulers. Duryodhana is our most familiar contemporary Ruler; the one who gives us Security by keeping us Insecure Within; the Ruler, with whom some of us are Content with in unique Self-Deception of being Content; the Ruler, who poses to speak for Woman but creates a patriarchal society; the Ruler whom we elect to power being duped by promises of a Static future of Contentment, and soon seek his downfall once the Myth starts waning.< Less
Mystery of Birth and Death in Mahabharata By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $6.99
This book consists of three essays on Mahabharata titled "Mystery of Pandava God-Fathers," "Karna’s Father Found," and "Mystery of Death of Bhisma., Drona, Karna and... More > Duryodhana." The author believes that behind every myth there is fact, and myth hides as much as reveals. The first essay attempts to search the mystery of Pandava God-fathers. Pandavas are hailed as Indras or sons of Dharma, Vayu, Indra and Asvins. Behind the myth who are their actual fathers? Why was the myth created? The second essay attempts to search Karna's father. Who is the man behind the myth of Surya? The third essay attempts to find the poetic truth behind the myth that all Pandava opponents were killed in unfair war.< Less

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