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The Quad By Heather Hutsell
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America has fallen apart and made progress in coming back together. But when The Essentialists realize that the citizens do a better job governing themselves without the help of such elitists, the... More > radical politicians step in and take over. On the heels of major natural disasters that wipe out all but the central states of the country, The Essentialists take the remaining citizens hostage under a new government: new laws, new prohibitions and nothing left of the American Dream. One small group of rivals has formed to take back the country for the sake of love and brotherhood, and they will do it at whatever the price. "Welcome to Newmerica. You are privileged to be here."< Less
Question 5 By Leigh Clayborne
eBook (ePub): $5.99
One Question is the Doorway to Another World. Hope You Never ask the Question. Hope You Don't Know the answer. But Follow her You Must --- A Sci Fi Dystopian Thriller with a Paranormal twist You... More > won't see coming and will never be able to forget---When Blaine wakes up this morning she thinks she knows who she is, who her friends are, until one question changes her world. She soon discovers that the Hyper-Media, Hyper-Tech, Hyper-Commercial Society in which she has always felt that she belongs, is just a breeding ground for conformity where those who can Create are hunted because they don’t fit into the confines of what society says they should be. The test question was an attempt to discover and exterminate those like her. Blaine must escape the world of her birth, get stronger and discover who she is as she works with her new friends to save an endangered species from extinction---Those called Creators.< Less
The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth By H.G. Wells
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth was called by H. G. Wells "a fantasia on the change of scale in human affairs. Mr. Bensington, a research chemist specializing in "the More... More > Toxic Alkaloids," and Professor Redwood, who after studying reaction times takes an interest in "Growth." Redwood's suggestion "that the process of growth probably demanded the presence of a considerable quantity of some necessary substance in the blood that was only formed very slowly" causes Bensington to begin searching for such a substance. After a year of research and experiment, he finds a way to make what he calls in his initial enthusiasm "the Food of the Gods," but later more soberly dubs Herakleophorbia IV. The novel concludes with the world on the verge of a long struggle between the "little people" and the Children of the Food.< Less