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At Play With J [Edn 2] By Eugene McDonnell
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NOW... with code updated to run under the latest release of J (6.02)! Here in one volume are Eugene McDonnell's 41 excellent articles published between 1993 and 2006 in Vector, the journal of the... More > British APL Association. They form a series of straightforward but profound mathematical puzzles and investigations which are not only entertaining but expand the mind.< Less
The Anointed (Large Print Edn.) By John Ostrowick
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Not much is clear when we consider the history of first-century Israel. We know it was a nation in turmoil, with constantly shifting politics and ideas. Crippled by kings who were unable to keep... More > their thrones, governors who were evicted from office soon after taking it, Israel was beset with brutal, violent outbursts and equally brutal suppressions. In such a climate it was inevitable that there’d be no shortage of populist leaders all pretending to know what was best for the people. But something happened, and whatever it was, it was to determine the history of the world for the next two thousand years. We all know the familiar story. But what if it didn't happen like that?< Less
English Language Learning in the Asian Context 2nd Edn By Senior Editor: Paul Robertson
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When two of the editors founded the Asian EFL Journal, they had a distinctive purpose in mind; to give local context the increased consideration that it deserves in the region. This follows on the... More > current trend to better understand the impact of culture on SLA. We believe these and surrounding issues have not received sufficient attention especially in relation to Asia and nearby areas of the Pacific. This borrows on a vast array of experiences and theory, some of it contained within this publication where teachers have found that what seems to be universally accepted approaches and principles by a number of scholars- have not always worked well when applied without sufficient sensitivity to certain Asian realities. Hence, in a partial sense, this publication is an additional effort to study the validity of “universal perceptions” of what works in the region’s English L2 classrooms.< Less
English Language Learning in the Asian Context 3rd Edn By Paul Robertson, Roger Nunn
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This volume represents a unique compendium of specific Asian based studies that are largely culturally context sensitive. They, thus, offer valuable new insights well beyond generalizations and put... More > into focus the specific needs of learners on the continent.< Less
Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology (12th Edn) By John E. Hall
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he 12th edition of guyton and hall ebook of medical physiology 12th edition continues this bestselling title's long tradition as one of the world's favorite physiology ebooks. The immense success of... More > this book is due to its description of complex physiologic principles in language that is easy to read and understand. Now with an improved color art program, thorough updates reflecting today's medicine and science, and accessible online at our website . this ebook is an excellent source for mastering< Less
9) Felix an Gath ha'n Woth a dhodhwas an Oy Owr (Comyx #1) By ed. Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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[Dyllans KU] Comyx Gwydn ha Du, #1. An kensa yn kevres noweth a gomyx. Felix an Gath ha'y gothman an Woth varthys a dhe erbyn an morlader Capten Kidd.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[UC edn.] The first in a new... More > series of comyx. Felix the Cat and his friend the marvellous Goose encounter the pirate Captain Kidd.< Less
BIND 9 DNS Administration Reference Book By Various Authors
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The BIND 9 DNS Administration Reference Book is a convenient resource covering the tools and configurations for the ISC BIND 9 DNS software suite. BIND -- the most commonly-used DNS server on the... More > Internet -- provides the named DNS server, a resolver library, and various tools for operating and verifying the DNS server and configurations. The BIND 9 implementation includes DNSSEC for signed zones, TSIG for signed DNS requests, IPv6, incremental zone transfers (IXFR), dynamic DNS, zone change notifications, EDNS0, multiple views, multi-processor support, and more. This printed book is based on a variety of open source documentation included with the BIND source code, including the definitive references for the configuration syntax and grammar and the usage of the BIND programs. New chapters and content were added, including many examples and detailed indexing and cross-referencing. This BIND 9 DNS Administration Reference Book corresponds to BIND 9.5 and also covers some differences between older versions.< Less
Web-documentaires. Guide de Survie & Conseils Pratiques (Noir&Blanc) By Matthieu Lietaert
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Avec 800 copies vendues en seulement quatre mois, ce “guide de survie” a été conçu pour réfléchir sur les outils nécessaires afin de... More > développer un webdoc. Le Guide a été recensé positivement par le Tribeca Film Institute et Filmmaker Magazine. Comment intégrer la notion d’interactivité dans vos projets? Comment atteindre un public en ligne? Financer un webdoc? Utiliser les réseaux sociaux? Développer une narration interactive? Pour répondre à ces nombreuses questions, cet ouvrage rassemble des interviews avec 30 experts, producteurs ou auteurs mondialement connus dans le domaine du cross-média. “Les webdocs offrent un terrain expérimental magnifique pour raconter des histoires. Aucun cinéaste ne peut ignorer un tel livre donnant les outils de base pour commencer!” Heidi Gronauer - Directrice @ A propos de l’éditeur: Matthieu est docteur en sciences politiques et travaille comme consultant, producteur et réalisateur @ Not So Crazy! Productions.< Less