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SSOAP Toolbox Enhancements and Case Study By U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA
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Recognizing the need for tools to support the development of sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) control plans, in October 2009 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the first version of... More > the Sanitary Sewer Overflow Analysis and Planning (SSOAP) Toolbox. This first version of the SSOAP Toolbox contained modeling software with five functional tools to assist communities in developing SSO control plans that correspond with communities’ projected annual capital budgets and are flexible for future improvements. The SSOAP Toolbox and two related technical reports were developed by EPA and CDM Smith Inc. under a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA).< Less
Primeras experiencias en la educación de personas adultas By Fernanda Rodríguez
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Educación de personas adultas
Water Quality & Systems: A Guide for Facility Managers, 2nd edition By Robert N. Reid
eBook (ePub): $99.99
This book was written to serve as a guide for facility managers and other building professionals who have the responsibility for water supply and wastewater drainage systems. Designed for on-the-job... More > use, it will guide you step by step in achieving an optimally functioning system, while controlling both operating and maintenance costs – and keeping building occupants satisfied and productive. You'll learn the best approaches to keeping your water systems both safe and efficient, and also assuring that your are in full compliance with all applicable regulations. The book has been specifically formatted to provide the manager with the most important, most comprehensive amount of information in the least amount of time, thereby optimizing the reader's investment in the information. Also included is the latest information on EPA's WAVE Saver program for the hotel/motel industry, as well as coverage of other regulations and codes.< Less
A Practical Approach to Environmental Compliance By Norman Wei
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This is a book on how to stay in compliance with environmental regulations. The book addresses the 5 major skills that an effective environmental manager should have. These are knowledge about... More > regulations, ability to work with agencies, ability to select the right consultants, communication skills and understanding of how government enforces environmental laws. The book is based on the author's 40-plus years of experience as a corporate environmental manager, trainer and consultant. There are lots of PRACTICAL hands-on examples of what works and what doesn't work.< Less
Steve, Harvey and Matt, By Paul Soulellis
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This book contains 734 pages of emails and spreadsheets detailing the purge of climate change material from on April 28, 2017 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the direction... More > of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and the Trump administration.< Less
Stop Passing Gas By Cameron Davis
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This student-written graphic novel tells the story of hydraulic fracturing, a.k.a. "fracking," and its consequences in a city in Pennsylvania. The original story is written and illustrated... More > by a 10th grade student who studied ecosystems, conflict resources, and the power of storytelling in her high school science, social studies, and language arts classes in Muscatine, Iowa.< Less
Fire In the Water By Brittany Scheper
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This student-written graphic novel tells the story of a fictional town in Pennsylvania as oil fracking arrives in town. The original story is written and illustrated by a 10th grade student who... More > studied conflict resources, the coffee supply chain, and storytelling in her high school science, social studies, and language arts classes in Muscatine, Iowa.< Less
ACCESS Magazine Issue 03 By ACCESS Magazine
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ACCESS Magazine reports on research funded by the University of California Transportation Center. The goal is to translate academic research into readable prose that is useful for policymakers and... More > practitioners. Articles in ACCESS are intended to catapult academic research into debates about public policy, and convert knowledge into action. Print on demand copies are not an exact copy of the original. Paper stock and printing quality may vary.< Less
December in May & Other Stories By James Clark
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This collection takes the reader back to the Civil War for the story of an immigrant Union soldier and features four stories from the Great Depression years (1930s), with another story set during... More > World War II in 1943. The Kentucky soldier is not required to serve. The 1930s-era yarns deal with untimely death, a necessary killing on a passenger train, a teenage baseball phenomenon, and a police detective whose sidekick is often a reporter who is also a popular restaurant/lounge pianist. The WWII story deals with the harsh realities connected with war. The remaining stories are more or less current, dealing with alleged manmade global warming and consequent governmental silliness, college football corruption, technology, spiritual convictions, and a lost weekend in Tennessee. They deal with a laid-off worker, university walk-on athlete, computer genius with unusual powers, minister who temporarily lost his way, and two “good ol’ boys,” who throw a bender big-time with disastrous results.< Less
Monument To Failure By Nickolas Vassili
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Even more than documentary filmmaker Mike Moore's movie SiCKO, this book confronts the entire American healthcare industry. It exposes the individuals, corporations, and government agencies directly... More > responsible for the horrendously inadequate healthcare conditions in America, ones that cause 500,000 people to die every year (including 18,000 people who perish because they are uninsured). The American public has grown accustomed to a way of life that involves drugs, surgeries, obesity, lack of exercise, mental and emotional unhealthiness, declining healthcare standards (the U.S. ranks 37th among industrialized nations), a meek tolerance for a corrupt political system, and a paralyzing indifference to the fact that we are destroying our planet. Above all, this book is meant to inspire vast change. But we must first completely redefine the healthcare system. And it will culminate with the 2008 National Healthcare March on Washington, D.C. and the National Healthcare Observation Day. Will you be there?< Less