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Message to the World By Stephen Volk
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Astounding information for you! Are you ready? Consolations, Admonitions and Warnings specifically for the soon-coming Great Tribulation! Prepare now! These urgent Messages To The World are... More > vital! Now is the time! Spiritually and materially prepare for the extreme makeover of the Second Coming! Very specific, timely and urgent MESSAGES TO THE WORLD! How to prepare and what to do about terrorism, nuclear war, fires from earthquakes and super volcanoes, technocratically-induced apostasy, global political changes! Consolations, Admonitions and Warnings specifically for now to prepare for the Great Tribulation! It is no accident you are reading this! Grace Before Judgment reigns in these 269 pages! Download the EBook or order this Special Edition paperback now! Rise above the antichrist spirit of the age and its terrorism, survivalism, naturalism, materialism, secularism, collectivism, much more! These Messages are guaranteed to speak to you personally!< Less
Relativism as Religion - Revised Edition By Roger Trudeau LeBlanc
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Endorsed by, Patrick Madrid (Editor, Envoy Magazine) Fr. George Rutler (Frequently seen on EWTN) Bishop John Elya (Eparch, Melkite Catholic Rite) Fr. Michael Scanlon (President, Stuebenville... More > University) Fr. Robert Fox (Fatima Family Apostolate) Foreword by Malachi Martin ... "Those who read this book by Roger LeBlanc will begin to realize about half-way through their reading that the author has pulled off the almost impossible. He has handled and treated the most explosive (and for believers the most exasperating) element in Christianity today, but has done so with all the calm skill, technical accuracy and mental balance that we associate with those who have to work with nitroglycerine. The explosive element in question is religious relativism, the denial that there is one true religion and only one. The fecklessness, the saucy presumption, the suicidal ignorance displayed by our modern religious relativists evokes a great disgust and is an ...< Less
¿Es Dios el autor del castigo? - ¿Él nos causa los sufrimientos? By Jaime GomesCasseres O.
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El Prólogo fue escrito por Alejandro Bermúdez, presentador de "Cara a Cara" del canal EWTN, y director de Aciprensa, portal web de noticias. Dice: "esta obra de... More > GomesCasseres es refrescante: porque finalmente avanza el argumento hacia adelante: donde yo me limitaba a proponer interrogantes -que insisto, no tienen salida para los “castigadores”-; él ofrece una propuesta articulada con calma, claridad y sólidos argumentos magisteriales y bíblicos." El autor hace un análisis teológico -con lenguaje sencillo- que explora si es Dios el autor del castigo y si Él nos causa los sufrimientos. Para ello se adentra hasta las causas del mal moral y físico; las consecuencias internas y sociales del pecado; el infierno, su origen y cómo evitarlo; por qué sufrimos y cómo lo usa Dios en nuestro favor; qué es el Juicio; por y para qué existimos; por qué los castiguistas interpretan mal el lenguaje del castigo, entre otros. El libro trae consuelo, confianza y esperanza.< Less