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Earth Changes Handbook By Ken Ludden
Paperback: $20.00
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This handbook is designed to support the Earth Changes Workshop, first given in northern California on December 2-4, 2011. Ken Ludden, Loron Lavoie, Nelise Carbonare, Matita, Makarta, Orion Trist and... More > Ashley Philpot have combined their collective knowledge base and put together this workshop that teaches skills that will be needed to prepare for, survive and re-establish world civilization after the earth crust shift. Dedicated to the survival of mankind, this workshop prepares the individual to have the resourceful and flexible state of mind necessary to face the potential earth crust shift. Not only is much of the science that supports the ECS theory presented in this workshop, but the fundamental set of skills needed to survive in the wild are presented in an organized and illuminating fashion.< Less
Touching Heaven, Changing Earth By New Hope International Church
Paperback: $5.15
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This book expounds on James 5:16-18 and other scriptures in the Bible that deal with the subject of prayer. The purpose of this book is to build Christians' faith regarding prayer and its... More > effectiveness.< Less
CHANGE By Emmanuel Erim
Paperback: $16.00
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The most mysterious event of life is change, change is either positive or negative, and everything in the world is experiencing change. As insignificant as an element of change it will surely... More > manifest a significant change. Change in all definition is a gradual differentiation with time, which can be traced or noticed. Change existed in the very beginning of things, and still exist now, we can say that the creation were changes resulting from the commands from the Creator. The command is the action and the result became a change noticeable as creation. Change is continuous and will keep occurring which means that creation is continuous, as the sun's shadow shifts, so there is no permanence on earth. Everything comes to pass, nothing comes to stay, and nothing remains constant except change itself.< Less
Without Land : The Changing Earth Series By Sara F. Hathaway
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Erika thought America would let freedom reign forever but nine years after the Great Quake the reaction by the American Government was quite different. The Day after Disaster brought hardships to the... More > world. The American citizens fought valiantly to bring back some sense of normalcy in a world that was shaken to bits. Many people were left landless and those still in possession of land had many obligation to fulfill for the citizens left fighting for their lives. Erika and her family are just another group left landless and forced to find their way in this new government construct. They are caught between a yearning for the freedoms they used to take for granted and a will to fit in and excel in this new landscape. However, Mother Nature will always have the last word and she isn’t done yet.< Less
Earth´s Children By Sara Garrido Díaz
Paperback: $10.77
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A drawing book. A story to picture. A tale about how fear can change life and earth.
Journeys On Earth By Matt Kavan
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Journeys on Earth is a collection of 201 songs and poems with perspectives of nature, experiences, changes, and dreams.
Journeys on Earth By Matt Kavan
Paperback: List Price: $19.95 $9.98 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Journeys on Earth is a collection of 201 songs and poems with perspectives of nature, experiences, changes, and dreams.
Hacking the Earth By Jamais Cascio
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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What do we do if our best efforts to limit the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere fall short? According to a growing number of environmental scientists, we may be forced to try an... More > experiment in global climate management: geoengineering. Geoengineering would be risky, likely to provoke international tension, and certain to have unexpected consequences. It may also be inevitable. Environmental futurist Jamais Cascio explores the implications of geoengineering in this collection of thought-provoking essays. Is our civilization ready to take on the task of re-engineering the planet?< Less
Living with Earth By Naia Jones
Paperback: $8.99
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Climate change, an energy crisis and water scarcity are among the top environmental concerns facing modern society today. Grounded in scientific principles complete with graphic illustrations, Living... More > with Earth, offers insights and a provocative new way of thinking for addressing our current global challenges. Naia Jones outlines the three best management practices found in Nature including designing with the operating system of the universe--the law of conservation and using creative, collaborative spaces similar to Wikipedia articles for arriving at environmental solutions otherwise not possible. Living with Earth is a must read for all designers and decision makers interested in living smarter with respect to Earth.< Less

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