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Guidelines for Healing Your Eating Habit By Sofia Bothwell
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How to lose weight permanently and naturally by resolving the emotional issues that can cause us to eat when full.
Eating Healthy - Secret to Looking Younger and Feeling Fanastic By Eating Healthy
eBook (PDF): $15.90
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Healthy Eating for Adults Most American and European adults face obesity and health related problems. With changing lifestyles, adults fail to pay attention to their nutritional needs. We eat either... More > too much or too little. We are malnourished. A majority of us loses that perfect balance of diet and proper eating habits in the competitive world, where our focus is towards greater earnings. This has affected our lives, and filled it with physical stress and mental pressures. It is high time now that we all give healthy eating first priority and spend our time in better living.< Less
Nutrition Habits By Agnes De Bezenac
eBook (ePub): $2.00
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A children's poster book with tips on good nutrition. 24 full color pages with text in English and Spanish. For more products and print quality downloads, visit us at
Recycle Your Poor Eating Habits Into Healthy Ones By Lorraine Dillon
eBook (PDF): $6.81
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Recycle Your Poor Eating Habits Into Healthy Ones Do you and your family eat fast food more than once a week? Would you consider yourself to be a junk food junky? If so, this book is for you. Learn... More > to make quick, inexpensive, delicious, nutritious meals that you and your family will love. Gain tips for doing “once a month” cooking, and improve the diet and health of yourself and your family. The Can People wish to help those who are unable to help themselves, so 20% of the proceeds from every book sold will be donated to the wonderful facilities in the UK that treat and heal childhood cancer patients.< Less
The Habits of Rabbits By Alison Breskin
eBook (PDF): $3.59
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What happens when five very feisty bunnies and their mom hop around the flowering meadow, eating clover and discussing the world? A time of great fun! What happens when one of them gets distracted... More > and none of them see a hungry fox? To find that out you will have to read this endearing children’s tale for yourself. See how bunny moms treat their children, and see how those children learn about everything. It’s both fun and inspirational!< Less
The Slim Habit By Henry John
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“It’s much, much more than a diet book. It’s a veritable design for living offering all the practical advice and support required to deliver results. We’ve never come across... More > such an all-encompassing, holistic approach to weight loss written with such finely-honed motivational tone. GQ Magazine “The Slim Habit is a truly inspirational book. It delivers the means to achieve what I believe for successful long-term weight loss and that is behavior change. Learn the new Slim Habits and before you know it you’ll be eating a sensible diet, enjoying a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. The Slim Habit is the perfect blend of essential knowledge, practical advice and support. " Keri M. Gans, MS, RD, CDN Nutrition Consultant and Speaker Past President, NY State Dietetic Association< Less
Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits By Tamsin Stone
Paperback: $18.92
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Tamsin Stone draws on many years of experience working with rabbits to enlighten us about their fascinating and often puzzling behaviour. Stone breaks down common rabbit behaviours such as digging,... More > eating, aggression, social interaction, and play and puts them in context to explain how rabbits' evolution as prey animals has shaped their instincts. Modern domestic rabbits still share many of the same behaviours of their wild cousins, and failing to accommodate them is the reason behind many conflicts between rabbits and their owners. Stone helps rabbit owners understand their pets' habits and how they can create an environment that gives their rabbit the opportunity to express natural behaviour patterns.< Less
Habits of Change: How to Change Your Habits When Change Is Difficult By Sam Davies
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While most of the decisions you make every day feel like they’re a result of carefully consideration, they’re not . . . They’re a result of habit. In the past decade, our... More > understanding of the neurology and psychology of habits and the way these patterns govern our lives, societies, and companies, has grown in ways we couldn’t have ever imagined fifty years ago. What if you could learn why habits emerge, how they change, and the science behind their mechanics? Know how to break them into parts and rebuild them to your specifications? Understand how to eat less, exercise more, work more efficiently, and live a healthier life? Transforming a habit isn’t necessarily easy or quick and it isn’t always simple. But it is possible. And now – you’re going to learn how. In Habits of Change: How to Change Your Habits When Change is Hard, Sam Davies teaches you why habits aren’t destiny and how using the new science of habit change, you can change them – once and for all.< Less
Joey Fluffcus Defeats Bad Habits By David Allen
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In the first installment of the Galaxy Space Kidets, Joey Fluffcus wakes up one morning with the yummy in his tummy feeling. Joey decides to eat his bowl of cereal and Michael’s bowl of cereal,... More > too. You can imagine how Michael feels when he finds his cereal bowl empty! Michael becomes so angry with Joey that Michael decides he is going to hurt Joey for not sharing the cereal. UH-OH! This sounds like trouble.< Less
Your Habits Are Keeping You Fat! By Pat Tallman
eBook (PDF): $19.50
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Are you ready to hear how you can lose weight logically, with common sense and have that weight STAY off your entire life?! Are you ready to meet a woman who has maintained her 125 pound weight... More > throughout her life? She is not one who "just doesn't gain weight". She's very much like you and me, but she's done it by adopting common sense eating habits that have kept her lean. Would you like to know her secrets? Over the course of her life, she has been asked time and time again, how in the world she does it. And now, in this incredible book, she finally reveals her secrets. No one has quite put a weight loss program together like this one! It's not a diet. It's so sensible and so do-able; but what it takes is a determined person who's tired of being fat and who wants to take back the control from foods that have been sabotaging their potential to be lean and healthy. Are you ready? Have you reached that point? Then open the pages to a new you - no tricks, no gimmicks, no hocus-pocus. Welcome!< Less