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The Ebola Book By Karli Martin
Paperback: $9.99
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Paul Peregrine Falcon goes to visit his friend Ronald Rhesus Monkey. But Ronald Rhesus Monkey had another friend, Edward Ebola, who likes to play hide and seek... but Ronald can't find him! What will... More > he do? Read this heartwarming tale of a monkey and his ebola to find out!< Less
The Ebola Book By Karli Martin
eBook (PDF): $1.19
Paul Peregrine Falcon goes to visit his friend Ronald Rhesus Monkey. But Ronald Rhesus Monkey had another friend, Edward Ebola, who likes to play hide and seek... but Ronald can't find him! What will... More > he do? Read this heartwarming tale of a monkey and his ebola to find out!< Less
Ebola: Outbreak Preparedness Guide By Michael Glint
eBook (ePub): $8.99
"Ebola: Outbreak Preparedness Guide": Prepare yourself and loved ones against this devastating decease, by reading this guide. The first and most important of this is to maintain strict... More > sanitary standards. This includes keeping your hands clean and using alcohol-based sanitizers to purify your hands when soaps aren’t readily available. Also, avoid contact with infected people at all possible costs. The main mode of human-to-human transmission of the Ebola virus is through the bodily fluids (saliva, blood, sweat, urine, semen et cetera) of infected people. Medical practitioners in charge of Ebola patients are advised to desist from coming into contact with their bodily fluids.< Less
Ebola Crisis: Its Origins By Joseph Spark
eBook (ePub): $8.99
In March 2014, an outbreak of Ebola was reported in Guinea. This is the first time the disease had hit this country and locals as well as health authorities were admittedly ill prepared to deal with... More > the menace. Therefore, the virus spread rapidly throughout several communities in the country. Reports indicate that the first victim was a child who died late in 2013. The infections soon spread to other countries including Sierra Leone, Liberia and Senegal.< Less
Ebola: A Manufactured Threat! By Ernst Cole
eBook (ePub): $2.99
We have all had our 'hmmm' moments when world changing events take place and things just don't quite add up. A gap here, a hole there, changing stories and unanswered questions. Want then do we do? ... More > Do we believe the media narrative or do we seek for the deeper meaning to it all? Here we explore the mechanisms behind these 'fallacies'. From the Ebola virus to 9/11 and Sandy Hook shootings, here we rip into them, to shed some light on what is really going on. add up< Less
The Ebola Epidemic in Liberia By Morris Koffa
Paperback: $8.00
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In this maiden scholastic work, Dr. Morris T. Koffa explores the link that runs through taking care of the environment, addressing issues of emergency/disaster management, and creating public health... More > awareness. He explains how Liberia's failure to put appropriate infrastructures in place intensified the adverse impact of the Ebola virus epidemic that decimated a huge number of Liberians. This is a book whose time has really arrived. Read it and be inspired.< Less
LOVE IN TIME OF EBOLA By collins Hinamundi
Paperback: $9.00
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ove in time of ebola is the story of a young couple that struggles to save there love in the face of the killer ebola virus. set in during the latest ebola outbreak in uganda this is a must read
Facts You Need to Know About the Ebola Crisis By Joseph Spark
eBook (ePub): $8.99
"Facts You Need to Know About the Ebola Crisis" Get calm, read the facts and prepare yourself against Ebola. The Ebola Virus Disease otherwise known as Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EVF) is a... More > disease that has in recent times caused a global scale pandemonium with its outbreak and fatal devastation. This disease can be found in both in humans or animals and is attributed to the virus, Ebola. It’s a difficult disease to track, as the symptoms can remain dormant anywhere from two up to twenty days before becoming visible and contagious. In the onset of the Ebola virus there are symptoms that are similar to influenza. These symptoms include fatigue, fever, headaches, joint and muscle pains along with abdominal pain. These were usually accompanied by episodes of vomiting, explosive diarrhea and a loss of appetite. In some uncommon cases, you may find that the patient also suffered from a sore throat, chest pain, shortness of breath and difficulty swallowing.< Less
Ebola and Marburg Viruses: Molecular and Cellular Biology By Hans-Dieter Klenk & Heinz Feldmann
eBook (PDF): $128.79
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NOTE: This is an ebook version of the book first published in hardback in 2004. See Ebola and Marburg viruses cause severe haemorrhagic fevers. Much research has been performed... More > in recent years on the molecular and genetic properties of these viruses and in particular has focused on molecular structure, replication and virus-host interactions. This book presents a comprehensive review of research on these highly virulent viruses. Topics covered include the genomics and molecular biology of filoviruses, pathogenesis, replication, epidemiology, pathogenicity, approaches to vaccine development, virus-host interactions and the immune response.< Less
Il Virus EVD (Ebola) By Dott. Pasqualino Iavarone
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La malattia dovuta al virus Ebola (EVD), conosciuta semplicemente come Ebola, è una malattia grave dei primati umani e non umani causata dall'infezione di un virus della famiglia Filoviridae,... More > genere Ebolavirus. Delle cinque specie di Ebolavirus identificate quattro sono responsabili di malattia nell'uomo. Il nome Ebola deriva dal un fiume della Repubblica Democratica del Congo dove si è verificata la prima epidemia di EVD nel 1976. Da allora, ci sono state diverse epidemie. Con l'eccezione dell'epidemia attuale tutte le precedenti si erano verificate nelle regioni tropicali dell'Africa Centrale. L'epidemia con la più alta letalità è stata quella del 2003 comparsa nella Repubblica Democratica del Congo, dove la malattia ha ucciso quasi il 90% delle persone infette.< Less

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