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Brain Jolt: A Life Renewed After Traumatic Brain Injury, Second Edition with Homeopathic Appendix By JoAnn Jarvis, RN, DHM
Paperback: $15.99
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(This second edition includes a homeopathic appendix for use by the homeopath for clients with brain injuries and/or post traumatic stress disorder. Foreword written by Maria Bohle, CCH, RSHom (NA),... More > CEO, The British Institute of Homeopathy.) My stable, normal life was changed suddenly when I sustained a “minor" motor vehicle accident. A serious neck injury, a traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder threw me into an alternate state of reality. The Workers Comp system, a physician unable to recognize or diagnose my injuries, and my employer's insurance carrier who automatically assumes fraud are my antagonists and further devastate me. My life and my family life will never be the same. Despite all this, I overcame, healed and went back to working in my profession (RN) with the help of alternative medicine, homeopathy, a Native American Indian Healer and Spirit. My story is written to encourage, educate and to give hope to patients as well as their care-givers.< Less
High-fidelity circuit design By Norman H Crowhurst & George F Cooper
Paperback: $19.95
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Crowhurst and Cooper wrote many high fidelity design articles for Radio-Electronics in the early 1950-ies. Gernsback had the original authors edit, rewrite and assemble them into this book. The aim... More > was to provide design information for the enthusiast without much formal education, as well for those with advanced understanding of the subjects, but needing some help to visualize problems in tube-based Hi-Fi design. Sixty years later, we have better methods and means to design audio, but basic facts, figures and ideas still stand, and the book gives interesting insights and backgrounds how things were done and why we are where we are today. Part 1: Feedback: Feedback effects, Analysis and design, Response and stability, Distortion, Extending design factors; Part 2: Design and Testing Techniques: Drivers and inverters, Power supplies, Attenuators, Filters and equalizers, Scope test procedures, Speaker systems, Advanced techniques, High-power amplifiers, Test equipment design, Improving old amplifiers.< Less
Movie Night RPG By Peter Frain
Paperback: $5.67
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An all-ages storytelling roleplaying game inspired by the movies of the 80's and shows such as Stranger Things. It's designed to be child-friendly and is ideal for use in schools as an education or... More > expression aid, promoting relationships, character development and basic maths and language skills. Due to its easy system (which resolves scenes based on one six-sided dice roll) it is also ideal for a quick game for experienced players which requires minimum preparation. A story can be played-out in an hour or two, like a movie, or can be strung together into a campaign. It includes several quick-build story ideas for adapting famous films like Jaws, Gremlins, E.T. and Goonies; a random adventure generator; different settings which cover classic fantasy, sci-fi in a galaxy far away, fairies, ponies and Saturday morning cartoon heroes; as well as an introductory adventure. Support material such as character sheets and more can be found on:< Less
Paperback: $22.99
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As YU, The RealU (Old Term 'Soul' which is Now related to being Kontrolled ASStrally and TapLined) come into a new life here with a new body and mind, YU are taught about this world according to the... More > TimeFrame YU enter into. When YU learn about Human History in school, YU are being taught the Deceptive Side and not Real History, and what the Kontrolling Systems want YU to be conditioned with, because 'THAA' (The Human ASStral Aliens)(Old Term 'They') want to make sure YU will 'Agree' with almost everything THAA are educating YU with. THAA, the Kontrolling Earthly Korporations (KEK) rule the planet earth and will use any means to keep YU unaware of what THAA are really doing. YU keep returning here, because YU have been taught to do so and against Your Will, which YU have not yet fully Recognized. It is always up to YU, if YU want to Become More Aware or keep going with what the Kontrolling Social Makers Kreate.< Less
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Human History, as we have read about and come to know it with the Kontrolling Militarized Educational Systems, is not even close to what has taken place from what the hired historians have written... More > and said. Not all history is 'Slanted' but a lot of it is. Rebazar Tarzs is not found in any of the known history books, because those who want to have a Komplete Kontrol over others do not want them to know about Rebazar Tarzs & The RealGuides. RealFreedom and RealTruth cannot be found on the earth or with Creation, as so many have been led like sheep and cattle to 'Believe.' Everyone has their own 'Truth' and rightly so, because all of us have Free Will. But, just because a person can have, decide, and choose anything they want does not mean they have the freedom they want, and especially RealFreedom. Rebazar Tarzs always advocates RealFreedom, and for this he has been left out of Human History as The Wonderful Adventurist HE IS.< Less
Paperback: $22.22
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ALLIS Life and Life ISALL. This is The Real Difference between The TruReality LifeIS and Creation. It is more than evident that most people, no matter how they are educated and indoctrinated with... More > the Invented Systems, still have very little understanding of Creation and how Cause and Effect actually work, and it more than shows with those who rule over this planet and all the destruction they purposely do. We can do whatever we want to and the end result will always show up. The attitudes of self-will, arrogance, belittlement, stubbornness, power plays, dominance, discrimination, disrespect and so many other valueless attitudes always have their Effects that soon show up. All this and so much more have taken place for eons and has brought the present population of embodiments to where it is right Now. None of what is taking place is a coincidence and is not from a Devil or God, but from each of us who have contributed what we have with The Natural Environment of Earth.< Less
No Guarantees - Adjust & Continue By Paul Richmond
Paperback: $10.75
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No Guarantees - Adjust and Continue is based on an ancient wisdom before fast foods tried to hide these secrets to success, happiness, and enlightenment. What you will find are short stories, prose,... More > and words organized in a way as to capture a moment, a feeling, and a story. They are clear examples of an educational system devastated by military priorities. The fact that the author was awarded countless awards, that he printed himself, doesn’t take away from the fame he has created for himself. No Guarantees - Adjust and Continue was found written on the walls of a gas station bathroom in the suburbs. It is believed that the person who wrote this had studied with the Great Ones, 1950 TV Comedians, by meditatively watching endless hours of TV as a child. Don’t let the fact that this book has been given away and at times people were paid to take it, stop you from buying it. The secrets that are revealed in this book will change everyone’s life around you. Unfortunately you have to change your own life.< Less
King Alfred of England: Classic Children Book By Jacob Abbott
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Alfred the Great (Old English: Ælfrēd, Ælfrǣd, "elf counsel"; 849 – 26 October 899) was King of Wessex from 871 to 899. Alfred successfully defended his kingdom... More > against the Viking attempt at conquest, and by his death had become the dominant ruler in England.[1] He is the only English monarch to be accorded the epithet "the Great".[2][3] Alfred was the first King of the West Saxons to style himself "King of the Anglo-Saxons". Details of his life are described in a work by the 10th century Welsh scholar and bishop Asser. Alfred was a learned and merciful man who encouraged education and improved his kingdom's legal system and military structure. Alfred died on 26 October 899. How he died is unknown, although he suffered throughout his life with a painful and unpleasant illness – possibly Crohn's disease,[86] which seems to have been inherited by his grandson King Edred. He was originally buried temporarily in the Old Minster in Winchester, then moved to the New Minster.< Less
Why the West Is Not the Best : 10 Superiority Myths By Francisco Capelo
eBook (ePub): $1.99
From Psychology to Mass Media, from Linguistics to Architecture, these are the 10 reasons why the West thinks it´s better than the rest. Is Stephen Hawking wrong about the universe´s... More > space expansion ? Does Noam Chomsky really studies Language...? Why has official science chosen Freud instead of Jung ? This is the book every scholar from the social or exact sciences should read. These are ten myths professed as absolute truths and upon which our society of fear is built: 1 – Linguistics: the Myth of moneme / morpheme 2 – Physics: the Myth of the universe’s space expansion 3 – Sociology/Anthropology: the Myth of the self-sufficient society 4 – Educational system and Politics: the Myth of the “neutral society" 5 – Psychology: the Myth of scientific objectivity 6- Economics: the Myth of development 7- Communication Media: the Myth of “free” Communication Media 8- Egocentrism: the Myth of the concept of family 9- The invention of Money 10- The “international style” in architecture< Less
Nikon D3300: A Beginner’s Guide By Jacob Gleam
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The tiny Nikon D3300 camera is now considered one of the ‘biggest’ electronic announcements of 2014. The reviews on the new camera have purported that it is power and photographic genius... More > wrapped into a small beginner’s package. Despite the absence of Wi-Fi and other features of the earlier D5300, the D3300 has much to offer. It boasts a F3.5-5.6 VR II lens, a powerful 24 MP APS-C sensor and a fixed 3 inch LCD monitor. The D3300 camera also brings to users a 700 shot battery life, 5fps continuous shooting, 1080/60p HD video and a powerful Expeed 4 processor. Users of this device are also offered an 11-point Auto Focus system. The D3300 camera and the ways to utilize its varied features will be explored in more depth in this book. At the end of the book, it is hoped that users will be educated on ways to maximize the use of the camera and all it brings to the world of photography.< Less

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