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The Solution By Mik Aidt
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The solution is clear: cheaper and renewable energy in a fossil fuel free world. To become part of that solution we must educate ourselves – along with those who are dear to us – so we... More > can make the right choices. This is a personal journey which begins with making up our minds. We can ripe economic benefits from it, but individual action will not have much effect on the climate unless we are able to inspire others to step into action as well. This booklet contains inspiration and ideas as to how we get started on the collective journey. An increasing number of individuals, businesses and organisations have already started to invest wholeheartedly in clean energy and energy efficiency. They are showing the way, creating a people-powered ‘energy democracy’ reform from the ground up. 

We must continue relentlessly to pursue and implement non-polluting solutions until that day when the world again is a safe place to live for all living things and beings on this planet.< Less
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Just Click on Below Link To Download This Course: Or Email us HELP@TUTORIALSEXPERTS.COM SOC 100 Topic 6 DQ... More > Latest-GCU SOC100 SOC 100 Topic 6 DQ 1 Latest-GCU What global forces are affecting the U.S. economy and politics? How do those global forces affect your own life? Discuss. SOC 100 Topic 6 DQ 2 Latest-GCU Does “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” depict a typical U.S. family? Why or why not? What is going on with the American family today? What historical events have played a role in shaping U.S. family life? What do you see for the future of the U.S. family? How do religion and education impact the future of the U.S. family?< Less
Courage Grows Strong At the Wound By Robert C. Koehler
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“Koehler’s mind is amazing and he has the literary skills to match. Simply reading this book, both your mind and your heart will be expanded. You won’t see the world quite the same... More > after reading it, so in a very real way the world won’t be the same. Koehler is one of those extraordinary souls who makes you think a bit differently about the world — and thus he changes it, one essay at a time.” — Marianne Williamson, author of Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment Koehler is “someone who has fought through unthinkable adversity and made a mission out of offering the world a view of peace, cooperation, benevolence and self-education taken on for the common good. I don’t know many people in the world, if any, who are putting their shoulder to so noble a task. … He empowers his readers to find the highest levels of personal philosophy in the most innocuous of places.” — Jason Stoneking, author of Audience of None< Less
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The NUSound IS Originated from The TruSource, The TruReality of Life, THE ALLIS. To most, what I am presenting seems so new, yet it is not, but then again IT Really IS! The NUSound IS the Original... More > Sound of ALLife, because ALLife IS an ISNIS. There is no 'definition' that will satisfy the mind of those asking this question, because they must first develop and qualify themselves to Recognize & PerSeeve more than they have 'defined' their life and this life to be. Words and Phrases and the Educated Literalized Mind cannot at all grasp The TruReality LifeIS, So, each person must in some way decide to take on An Adventure Like No Other. YU, The RealU, must become The Exceptional Explorer and Do & Discover what YU have never done before. Will YU do this? Or will YU just keep lining the life YU have always know and end up the same as YU have from previous lifetimes, old and worn out and forgetting once again where YU cams from and where YU are going. It is all Your Choice!< Less
The Canadian Journal for Teacher Research - Teacher and Student Efficacy By Jim Parsons
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We–all of us who write, organize, and read The Canadian Journal for Teacher Research–are Brock University’s colleagues. And, we wish to come out from behind the scenes. Because we... More > believe research matters, we formed this space to encourage a wider sharing and a broader consideration of educational research.We believe research can help us seek answers to key questions;we also believe engaging in research to answer our questions helps us become connected and powerful.Our agenda is to investigate all aspects of life of/in schools, focusing upon the good work of teachers and the learning of both children and teachers.We believe we are part of a large community of colleagues who wish the same.With this journal, to create a meeting place for those of us who seek to better understand teaching and learning.What is happening in the United States with teaching and learning the space we are building can be seen as a bit radical.It is our resistance to outside force.It is encouragement for us all in our difficult work.< Less
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What were the forces that drove more than a million Black men to gather together in Washington, D.C. on October 16, 1995 at what would become known as the MILLION MAN MARCH? Are those conditions... More > still prevalent today? In America, there are tangible and intangible forces that make Black men more susceptible to failure, arrest, disease and death. These forces require most African-American men must swim upstream against a great current of injustice in order to succeed. The waves are racism, prejudice, limited economic and educational opportunities. "BLACK MAN'S BAGGAGE" delves into these currents and weights that Black men must overcome in America in order to try to acquire the American dream. This book is created from the mind of Glenn Towery who offers an eye opening seminar about the Million Man March at colleges, libraries and social venues nationwide. The seminar is titled "BLACK MAN'S BAGGAGE". If you can't attend a seminar reading this book is the next best thing.< Less
Motivation and Reinforcement: Turning the Tables on Autism By Robert Schramm
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One of Lulu's best sellers of all time, the second edition of the book Educate Toward Recovery is now called Motivation and Reinforcement: Turning the Tables on Autism. This book is the ultimate... More > guide to home based autism intervention. It is a forward-thinking guide that translates the Verbal Behavior Approach to ABA into everyday language. With over 100 new pages of material including new Chapters on Social Skills, Behavior Plans, Token Economies, and Advanced Instructional Control methods, this book is a must have even for those who own the 2006 version. International ABA/VB presenter Robert Schramm, explains how you can keep your child engaged in motivated learning throughout his entire day without forcing participation, blocking escape, or nagging procedures. M&R is the full realization of modern ABA/VB Autism Intervention and a great resource for parents, teachers, and therapists working with a child with autism as well as BCBA's looking for ways to improve their approach.< Less
Getting Profitably in Print 75% of the Time By Gordon Burgett
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Just as there’s a way to be a great teacher or run a super school or district, professional writers only write when the print chances are better than 75%—most won’t do it unless... More > it’s 100%! So here’s the inside path to seeing your words almost always in print in articles for magazines, newsletters, journals, and newspapers or books, published for your professional colleagues. But you’re not a professional writer? You’re 80% there if you are literate and organized. Better yet, you have your own inside information about education that editors want to print. So let Gordon Burgett tell you how it’s done. He was a college dean twice and has taught at all levels (sixth grade to college)—plus he’s had 1700 freelance magazine articles and 36 books published, including Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles for Writer’s Digest. Your time and message are too valuable not to put in print today!< Less
Primary Language Lessons By Emma Serl
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Primary Language Lessons is a a beginning guide to grammar and usage for the early elementary student. Within these pages you will find stories, poems, and pictures of fine art. Each lesson... More > introduces principles of grammar and word use through question and answer, composition, memorization, oral presentation, and dictation. Serl recommended that Primary Language Lessons be used for the second half of grade 2 and grade 3, or ages 6 through 8. One of Primary Language Lessons’ outstanding characteristics is the use of high quality literature and art to teach language and grammar. Serl’s use of this method parallels the work of British educational reformer Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) who advocated the use of high-quality literature as a pathway to learning. Miss Mason taught that children relish well-written, well-told books and model them in their speech and writing. By following this example, our children’s teachers are great authors and artists rather than dry textbooks. What could be better?< Less
Writing Essays By L E Jenkinson
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‘Writing Essays: what you need to know’ has been written by an experienced English teacher, examiner and tutor, who specialises in improving students’ grades with simple steps.... More > The result is a clear, colourful and easy-to-follow guide, packed with existing strategies and innovative ideas presented in a user-friendly way. This guide is appropriate for pupils starting secondary education, GCSE and A-Level, and even pupils applying to University. In addition, it is designed to be cross-curricular, and its tried and tested application gives value to pupils‘ writing in most subject areas. This is a truly effective, basic guide and manual. It won’t confuse you with too much information. It won’t bore you with pages of tiny black-and-white writing. It will tell you how and what to do to improve your work and up your grade, through Key Stages 3 - 5. Also available from Lulu as an eBook PDF download.< Less

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