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Online Education By Harold Campbell
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This brief provides an insightful examination of many of the major challenges and deficiencies facing this form of modern instruction. As university leaders grapple with the challenges of... More > establishing market share within this new enterprise, they must also struggle with perfecting the processes and strategies associated with this new education paradigm. This book provides some insightful comments concerning this fascinating new educational modality.< Less
Community Education By Martin Rait
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The theories of Paulo Freire on social oppression and liberation are quite a profound statement on the modern world. Although his work mainly focuses on the third world, it does have a lot of bearing... More > on the situation in Western countries. This document will attempt to identify some of the key issues of Freire’s social and educational concepts.< Less
Elementary Education By T. Manichander
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Elementary education builds on preschool education and education in the family. Elementary education is the only stage of education whose completion is compulsory for the whole population of pupils,... More > namely in two stages, the second of which continues the first in terms of content and organization as well as didactically. With its conception, elementary education at Stage 1 is to facilitate the pupils’ transition from preschool education and family care to compulsory, regular and systematic education. It is based on acquiring new knowledge, respecting and developing each pupil’s individual needs, potential and interests (including pupils with special educational needs). With its activity-based and practical nature as well as its the application of suitable methods, the education motivates pupils to further learning, guides them to active learning and to the realization that a suitable way of solving problems may be sought, discovered, created and found.< Less
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Education is very difficult to pin to a particular definition, because the concept may be perceived from different angles. The concept has been traced to two Latin words. The Latin words are (a)... More > educere and (b) educare. While educere can be interpreted as "to draw out" or "to lead out", Educare on the other hand means "to nourish" "to bring up or "to rise". The interpretations of two Latin words no doubt, are more than what can be offered by the school alone. Adesina (1985) noted that education is always related to variable such as purpose of the learner, the aim of the teacher as well as the technological problems of the society.< Less
Education Breaks By Dale Sidebottom
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Education Breaks has been created to give teachers, parents and students a better understanding of how they learn. The book is made up of ten short chapters which covers all bases about why education... More > breaks are a must. It explains the benefits that these will have on students development, confidence and overall education. The actual evidence inside this book is amazing. We hope this enlightens you as to how people learn.< Less
The Architect of an Education By Eric Sauda
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A catalog of 2008-2009 thesis work from the Master of Architecture Program at the School of Architecture, UNC Charlotte
The Architect of an Education By Eric Sauda
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A catalog of 2008-2009 thesis work from the Master of Architecture Program at the School of Architecture, UNC Charlotte
The goal of education By Yury Moroz
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You are studying in a university. What is your goal? What is the goal of a university? What is university degree used for?
COMPARATIVE EDUCATION By M. Brindhamani & K. Marisamy
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Naturally, human beings are in the habit of making comparison of the things that are around them particularly when such things exist in different places. This may be done as a result of man's desire... More > to know the relationship existing between, or among the things being compared. Man may also involve himself in this kind of a business when he wants to choose between two things before him. The idea of comparison is not peculiar to the people in the business of education alone.< Less
Teacher Education By T. Manichander
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The history of teacher education in India is as old as the history of education and the history of Indian education is as old as the history of human civilization, hence it seems to be correct that... More > that concept of informal teacher education must have been born in India during early ancient Indian period i.e. in 2500 B.C. During ancient period itself India had developed a very sound educational system and was well recognised as the world leader in the field of knowledge. There are many examples to establish this fact in the history of human civilization in general and Indian history in particular.< Less

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