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The Psyche As Interaction: Electromagnetic Patterns of Conscious Energy By Manya J. Long
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The Psyche as Interaction begins as a journey to explain one person’s paranormal experiences. Manya Long looks closely at the fields of mathematics, physics, psychology, music, religion,... More > neurophysiology and parapsychology. Along the way she finds many things connecting each of these fields together. Her intention when she began was merely to answer questions about her own unique experiences. However, she quickly realized what she was looking at had the potential to change the way we all view the world. This book explains her journey, findings, and the conclusions she came to< Less
The Psyche as Interaction: Electromagnetic Patterns of Conscious Energy By Manya Long
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A search for a comprehensive structure in which to understand the nature of the paranormal phenomena. Resulting in an accumulation, analysis and integration of strands of conclusions from different... More > disciplines in order to weave a fabric explaining an individual's participation in personal and mass reality. Including concepts in quantum mechanics, fractal geometry, the Chaos Theory, philosophy, religion, music and parapsychology are interwoven with astrology, numerology, holography, topography, matrices, dissipative structures, reverse speech and the Santiago Theory of cognition, with its auto poetic concept and the Fourier Transform (metaphorically).< Less
The Philosophy of Light: From Divine Presence to Electromagnetic Radiation By Daniel Deleanu
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A logosophistic examination of light, from the numinous to the scientific.
Interaction of Nanostructures with Deterministic and Stochastic Electromagnetic Fields By Jorge Zurita Sanchez
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Commonly, the optical response of a nanostructure is obtained by using plane-wave excitation. However, a different form of optical excitation may modify the response of the nanostructure. A... More > theoretical study of the response of a spherical semiconductor quantum dot upon two different excitation forms is here presented: (1) a highly confined optical field and (2) an azimuthally polarized laser beam. The theory should be of importance for the design of nanoscale mechanical systems and for understanding the trade-offs of miniaturization.< Less
Shipboard Bonding, Grounding, and Other Techniques for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Mitigation, and Safety By Department of Defense
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1. SCOPE 1.1 Scope. This document specifies standard practices to facilitate achievement of the intra-ship and inter-ship electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic pulse (EMP), bonding,... More > and intermodulation interference (IMI) requirements of MIL-STD-464. 1.2 Application. The requirements specified herein apply to metal and nonmetallic hull ships and are applicable during ship construction, overhaul, alteration, and repair. Requirements herein may be invoked upon contractor and government (military and civilian) personnel. 1.3 Tailoring. The requirements herein may be tailored with NAVSEA 05H3, Navy technical warrant authority, approval. 1.4 New materials and technology. To achieve requirements of this standard while reducing lifecycle maintenance costs, implementation of new materials and technology is encouraged. The new materials and technology should not prevent the ship from meeting all applicable MIL-STD-464 E3 performance requirements, and must not introduce EMI or safety problems.< Less
Electricitate Si Magnetism - Electromagnetism Fenomenologic By Nicolae Sfetcu
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O introducere în lumea electricității și a magnetismului, explicată în principal fenomenologic, cu ajutorul unui aparat matematic minimal, și cu exemple și... More > aplicații din viața reală. O prezentare compactă, clară și precisă a unui domeniu care reprezintă o parte importantă a vieții noastre. Cartea acoperă toate subiectele introductive standard, respectiv electrostatica (forțe electrice, sarcini electrice, conservarea sarcinii, legea lui Coulomb, conductori și izolatori (rezistența electrică și conductanța electrică), semiconductori, superconductori, polarizarea (dielectrici), câmpul electric, potențialul electric, stocarea energiei electrice), curentul electric (circulația sarcinilor, surse de tensiune, rezistența electrică, legea lui Ohm, curent continuu și curent alternativ, conversia de la CA la CC (redresoare), electroni într-un circuit electric, puterea electrică), magnetismul (forțe magnetice, poli magnetici, câmpuri magnetice, domenii magnetice, legea Biot–Savart< Less
LOW-FREQUENCY APPLICATIONS OF ELECTROMAGNETICS - with particular reference to electrical machines By Richard Stoll
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The book contains a wide selection of practical low-frequency problems in electromagnetism solved algebraically using the method of "separation of variables". The degree of difficulty... More > ranges from simple to very challenging, the latter mainly concerning large two-pole turbogenerators. Where necessary the electrical-machine theory is explained in the text, but it is assumed that the reader has some basic knowledge of electromagnetism. However, the book commences with three short chapters on electromagnetic theory for ease of reference.< Less
Electromagnetic and Acoustic Wave Scattering, Method of Moments and Error Bound By Thomas Schwengler
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Electromagnetic and Acoustic Wave Scattering, Method of Moments and Error Bound studies examples of transverse magnetic (TM) and transverse Electric (TE) electromagnetic scattering, and acoustic... More > scattering by a sound soft surface leading to Fredholm integral equations of the first kind. In each case the scattering problem is solved by the Galerkin method (method of moments with identical sets of basis and testing functions) and an error bound is derived for the approximation. Error bounds are expressed with norms in Sobolev spaces of order 1/2 and 1. Bounds are also derived using values of the residuals solely on the strip or plate where they are defined. Finally we develop a variational method to derive a approximate solutions of the above scattering problems that minimize the error bounds.< Less
Thermal and non thermal effects of electromagnetic fields in bio-systems By André Bellossi & Gérard Dubost
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This book presents physical models, backed by experimental results, explaining the behavior of living matter in relation to electromagnetic (EM) fields ranging from quasi-stationary state to optical... More > range. The ability of very low frequency EM fields to cure diseases (e.g. respiratory infection) is addressed. The bacteria destruction by non-thermal effects of low frequency electric fields is explained with the proton nuclear resonance and the DNA half-wave resonance. The microtubule instabilities are studied. Explosion of bacteria with acoustic resonance is also modeled. Centimeter and millimeter-waves effects are discussed. Clues about interaction with the human brain are given. Effects of a 60 GHz field on cellular physiology are presented as well as on mice nerve system. A cell membrane is modeled in near IR to UV ranges. The capacity of cells to move towards an IR source is explained. Finally, explanation of cancer mechanisms of the human skin is proposed with ultra-weak photon energy.< Less
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The Singularity Expansion Method (SEM) is probably the most celebrated feather in Carl Baum's cap, among his many other accomplishments such as Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP) simulators,... More > sensors, EM topology etc. SEM was born out of a simple realization that the natural frequencies of both simple (ex: a piece of conducting wire) and complex objects (ex: Boeing 747) are points in the complex frequency or the s-plane. Although expansions based on natural frequencies in mathematical physics preceded Carl’s SEM formulation, he must be credited with its vast applicability in the field of NEMP during the cold war era. Coupling coefficients are described as the “transfer function” between the incident waves and the natural modes. The determination of the coupling coefficients was an important step on the path to synthesizing the responses.< Less

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