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Four Elizabethan Short Plays By Christopher Mark Piper
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"Alas Poor Marlowe; Can a Mother Forget; Ambition; & Light Lady of the Sonnets" all feature in this collection of Elizabethan-Period SHORT PLAYS. The Post Elizabethan Literary-World has... More > always upheld Christopher (Kit) Marlowe as a genius. This short-play offers a plausible character analysis and more credible solution as to the "mystery" of his circumstantial death, but not without satire or sub-textual explanations. Can a Mother Forget" puns on the word Mother (replacing "Woman") to allude to the theme of the play in which only 5-principle characters for the most part feature. A follow-on play "Ambition" ties in with the much lamented death of Robert Devereux, Second-Earl of Essex; and features R. Cecil, W. Raleigh, and other colourful true-life characters. "Light Lady" is a parody of GB=Shaw's "Dark-Lady".< Less
Elizabethan Demonology By Thomas Alfred Spalding
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This volume shows the common held beliefs about demons during and just after the Reformation period started by Martin Luther. These beliefs are mainly shown through the use of fiction present at the... More > time especially through the plays of the master of theatre himself, William Shakespeare. The author relies heavily on these examples but it is effective since so many people held ideas about demons that were not particularly sanctioned by the church.< Less
Ambition - Short Play By Christopher Mark Piper
eBook (PDF): $6.54
Various types of Ambition are explored in this factually-based historical piece, from healthy-ambition, to ruthless-ambition, and even purely-sadistic-ambition. The play developed as a spin-off from... More > two previous Elizabethan period plays. The opening scene written entirely in Shakespearean-Sonnet style was the opening-scene cut from "Can A Mother Forget?". Three forms of Ambition are elucidated (one of them comical), before further distinctions are made as the play progresses, and ends as it began: on an unusual note - A Christmas-Scene with the only surviving character of the play, the by then nonagenarian Leticia Devereaux (nee: Knowles), whose character in some way epitomizes the very best ambition...< Less
Can a Mother Forget - Short-play By Christopher Mark Piper
eBook (ePub): $7.66
Artistic-Licence and Historical-Truth combine to prevail in this short play surrounding the last Elizabethan Execution. The alleged “treason of Robert-Devereux, Second-Earl of Essex” is... More > presented in this intricate exposé on the so-called “Essex-Rebellion”. Essex, the son of Leticia is born of wealthy-nobility to soldierly ambition and merit. Leticia's secret-marriage to Dudley, much to the chagrin of Dudley's long-time mistress "Liz, the virgin-queene", sees her flying into a jealous-rage which leads to Dudley's “untimely-death”. Leticia marries Christopher “Blount”, who is both soldier-in-arms and friend to Essex. Essex enemy and eventual nemesis, “Robertus” Diabolus, intrigues behind Liz’ back to effect the “treason” of Essex, whose friends attempt to rescue him from certain-death by “persuading” the queene to relent in her judgment of Essex. The overriding-theme “Can a [woman] forget the child of her womb?” is resolved in a tag-scene at the end of the play via the only surviving personage of that era.< Less
Alas Poor Marlowe - Short-play By Christopher Mark Piper
eBook (PDF): $7.66
The famous “unsolved murder-death of Kit (Christopher) Marlowe” becomes the focus of this short Elizabethan-play surrounding such interesting relationships as Shakespeare to Elizabeth-I,... More > Shakespeare to Marlowe, Francis-Bacon, John-Florio, James-Burbage and others. A who’s who of theatrical-works is alluded-to throughout this witty piece, which storyline bears all the elements of true Elizabethan-theatre. Conspiratorial intrigue abounds throughout…via the Rosicrucian-Freemasonic network behind Liz’s throne. But where there are the persecuted, there must exist also a contrary-movement to that of the persecutors, frustrating evil at every-turn, with some surprising exposés…< Less
Shakespeare's Complete Works: Comedies, Tragedies, Poetry, History Plays By William Shakespeare
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The first recorded works of Shakespeare are Richard III and the three parts of Henry VI, written in the early 1590s during a vogue for historical drama. Shakespeare's plays are difficult to date,... More > however, and studies of the texts suggest that Titus Andronicus, The Comedy of Errors, The Taming of the Shrew and The Two Gentlemen of Verona may also belong to Shakespeare’s earliest period. His first histories, which draw heavily on the 1587 edition of Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland, dramatise the destructive results of weak or corrupt rule and have been interpreted as a justification for the origins of the Tudor dynasty. The early plays were influenced by the works of other Elizabethan dramatists, especially Thomas Kyd and Christopher Marlowe, by the traditions of medieval drama, and by the plays of Seneca. The Comedy of Errors was also based on classical models, but no source for The Taming of the Shrew has been found...< Less
Deconstructing Shakespeare Book One: The Lost Years By Pauline Montagna
eBook (ePub): $4.23
Deconstructing Shakespeare is a companion piece to Not Wisely but Too Well and details the historical and literary research that informs the novel. This volume of covers Shakespeare’s... More > ‘Lost Years’, the period between 1584 and 1593 and examines the only evidence we have of what he might have been doing during that period – his early plays, their so-called ‘Bad Quartos’, a few tangential documents and the narrative poems. Through them we can catch a glimpse into what Shakespeare was writing, who he was associating with and the playing companies he was working with during that time.< Less
A Kingdom Divided By Christopher Mark Piper
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It is possible I have created a new genre of writing with this work - A work of large proportions, practically 12-months in the accomplishment thereof. 60,000-words in theatrical-action and... More > dialogues; a further 60,000-words in scholarly-footnotes immediately accessible throughout the work, and affording greater comprehensibility to the text, in lieu of tragicomical undertones and/or historical overtones. The entire work tends to be an expose of the so-called "Golden-Age of Elizabeth ('Gloriana') the First", with character-portraits worthy of the "historian" throughout - and I would stylize myself such, in lieu of Maritain's wonderful definition quoted as a summary text-header prior to one of the Act-Chapters in this book. Melodrama and humorousness are present throughout this "intended for theatre" work; and its history puts our present "modernity" into truer perspective and a more informed and understandable context - I found it entertaining in the writing. I hope you will find it the reading!< Less
Romeo and Juliet for Today, an Adaptation By L J Lynn
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Shakespeare's plays were written in a language that was replete with sensuous similes, witty words, and magnificent metaphors that entertained both the gritty groundlings as well as the noteworthy... More > nobility of the Elizabethan period. The brilliance of Shakespeare's genius is lost on today's youth who have been inundated with such techno-jargon that their appreciation for his literary quality is lost in cyberspace. This text presents the message of the Bard in a language that is understandable without sacrificing rhythm, rhyme, and meaning. It parallels the voices of the characters as if they were living in the twenty-first century. This and the original can be read separately but side by side with beauty and florid literary devices on one side, and simple, understandable dialogue on the other. It doesn't intend to replace Shakespeare but only add to his legacy.< Less

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