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Lust for Freelance volume 3 By Madeleine Graham
Paperback: $12.00
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Lust for Freelance is an online webcomic set in a fantasy world. Lost Fragments is a story arc all about Mohei's past. Volume 3 continues with the conclusion to Freg's duel with an Elven Noble. ... More > Mohei finally finds what he's been looking for, but everything changes with one final mission....< Less
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eBook (PDF): $0.00
FAWN - Nahema was the youngest crowned Queen of Fawn - an elven City. She's kidnapped by the soldiers of the Barbarian King KULL. Who has plans to marry her in order to expand his lands and... More > resources to satisfy his thirst for greed as well as his noble men who continue to ...< Less
A Phoenix Rising By Jordan Liberatore
Paperback: $21.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
20 years after the Fireblood War, the Elven King and Queen have gone missing. Now a princess must face an ancient evil to save her people, and a sorcerer must learn the truth of his lineage. The... More > second half of the Fireblood Prophecy begins and a new era is about to dawn.< Less
Crossroads By Amira K. Wolf
Hardcover: List Price: $18.42 $12.89 | You Save: 30%
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After fate crosses their paths, Locke decides to accompany the Elven archer, Axia, on her personal quest to find someone of importance. Along the way, amidst action and adventure, new faces will... More > appear, family ties will be strengthened, and a friendship will deepen.< Less
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Jillian Tosscobble: The Peasant By Nolan Strom
Hardcover: List Price: $50.00 $37.50 | You Save: 25%
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Jillian Tosscobble, a young gnome girl, is carried along on a misadventure when an elven princess disrupts her simple peasant life. She finds herself quite out of her element as she tries to... More > navigate her way through unexpected romance and a monstrous king that takes a liking to her.< Less
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Judith By Jessica Schaff
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Judith is a fantasy comic based off a young elven demon/human who struggles with the issues of betraying her own father in order to create an alliance to take down a powerful foe that threatens both... More > Judith's homeland and possibly the rest of the world.< Less
Pearls of Wisdom By Lavender Rowe
Paperback: $11.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ayana, an elven princess, finds herself exiled from her people when she decides to keep her half human children. While on the run she meets up with a human named Sol. Sol opens his heart and home to... More > the young elven princess and her twins. Together Ayana and Sol work to keep the twins safe from everyone who wants them dead. Along the way Ayana finds out through Sol that not all humans are as bad as she had been taught to believe by her people. During the journey to protect the twins Sol and Ayana so some self discovery of their own into who they were, the choices they have made and who they are becoming.< Less

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