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Emergence By Roger Gilbert
Paperback: $15.00
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A gifted young native man meets a beautiful Hopi woman who is his "Twin Soul." Their "sacred Union" sends them into a series of unusual events and changes. As their love deepens,... More > the realization of their destiny becomes entwined with "Hopi prophecy," "Shamanism." and other worlds. They emerge into a force beyond comprehension, and become "Wisdom Keepers." The knowledge they would pass on to others could change their life forever, and prepare them for the "Fifth World."< Less
Emergence By Ian McKinley
Paperback: $16.99
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Emergence is a science fiction thriller set in the near future, when supercomputers are ubiquitous and the knowledge engineers who manage them have inordinate power. Two such engineers, Fallon and... More > O’Neil, are the main protagonists in a battle to control “backdoors” that allow computer systems to be hacked without trace. These are used by O’Neil to combat the many threats to a grossly over-populated planet on the brink of environmental collapse, but initiate violent responses from the organizations hacked, which catch Fallon in the crossfire.< Less
The Emergence of Consciousness: A New Framework for Self-Knowledge By Thane Malabar
eBook (ePub): $9.99
How can we know what "our self" is, without knowing what "the self" is, and how can we understand what the self is, without understanding consciousness? To lay a foundation for a... More > new approach to self-knowledge, Malabar tackles the job of demystifying consciousness and the self with a new framework and methodology that he invented for modeling emergence. The visual framework, which is rooted in complexity science, is used to synthesize information from fields as diverse as neuroscience, psychology, computer science, and linguistics, into simple models of the different forms of consciousness that emerge in four separate domains, and the methodology, to interpret and connect these models in a way that tells the story of their emergence.< Less
Knowledge Technologies By Nick Milton
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Several technologies are emerging that provide new ways to capture, store, present and use knowledge. This book is the first to provide a comprehensive introduction to five of the most important of... More > these technologies: Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Based Engineering, Knowledge Webs, Ontologies and Semantic Webs. For each of these, answers are given to a number of key questions (What is it? How does it operate? How is a system developed? What can it be used for? What tools are available? What are the main issues?). The book is aimed at students, researchers and practitioners interested in Knowledge Management, Artificial Intelligence, Design Engineering and Web Technologies.< Less
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Education is the process of facilitating learning. Knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits of a group of people are transferred to other people, through storytelling, discussion, teaching,... More > training, or research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, but learners may also educate themselves in a process called autodidactic learning. Any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational. The nature of education, of research, and of knowledge itself is being questioned and reshaped to respond to the challenges of our technologically-enhanced and information-based society. Knowledge is the key to the universe, Knowledges is the key that opens doors to possibilities, Knowledge is the key that unlocks the mysteries of our world, and knowledge is the key that reveals as endless sea of discoveries. Knowledge serves as an essential component.< Less
Emergency Survival Guide By Mike Ess
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Many people die each year because of a lack of preparation for a simple walk in the woods. Some basic understanding and knowledge of how to prepare for an emergency situation in the wilderness may... More > save your life, and the lives of loved ones. This 6-panel survival guide should be in the glove box of every car you own.< Less
Disaster & Emergency Preparedness By Abri Brancken
eBook (ePub): $3.50
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The time to prepare for any disaster is before it happens. In Disaster and Emergency Preparedness – Know the basics, Abri Brancken provides you, the reader, with a number of easy steps that ... More > you can take in living a better prepared lifestyle. As you read this book, you will familiarize yourself with the basic skills and knowledge required to recognize and respond to a number of disaster and emergency situations, whether natural or man-made. If you are new to the field of personal preparedness this book will assist you and your family in taking the first steps toward living a better prepared lifestyle.< Less
How To Emergency Quick Cash By Jimmy Cai
eBook (ePub): $2.99
In each issue of Ezine Marketing Made Easy you will learn valuable information on how you can successfully manage and profit from your own ezine. Let's start off by talking about some of the main... More > reasons why you should publish your own ezine. Did you know that on the Internet, it is very possible to make a very nice income by sharing your knowledge and thoughts with others? One way of doing this is by starting your own ezine, also known as an electronic or email newsletter. As an ezine publisher, you can you achieve the same benefits and perks that a conventional print newsletter publisher enjoys and you can do it all without high printing and postage costs. With your own ezine you can easily and conveniently spread your marketing< Less
Emergency Quick Cash By Karen Harris
eBook (PDF): $14.95
This ebook gives us many ways of getting that little extra needed each month. We all have had more month than money at the end of our days. Having the knowledge shared here in this ebook can help... More > the average Joe learn techniques needed to survive tight times in their finances. Learning to Cope with a Money Emergency Wherever there are money woes, you can be sure to find crippling emotional setback. Avoid it all you try, you might just as well begin to prepare for the devastating fiscal and the emotional fallout that is sure to come. You will need to cope very well with both if you hope to make a solid financial comeback. Whenever a money emergency hits, it will be your ability to deal with the individual pitfalls that will hold you in good stead. It is when a series of financial hits come your way that the stress will tend to accumulate and make your life much more difficult to cope. Get your copy now...< Less
Ustawi | The Knowledge Conversion Organization By Macharia Waruingi, MD DHA et al.
Paperback: $24.95
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Ustawi is a knowledge conversion organization that facilitates the conversion of tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge. Ustawi’s work also involves formalization of the emerging explicit... More > knowledge to development of products, services, and technologies that improve the human life. Ustawi’s effort is concentrated in the new economies and emerging markets with the aim of increasing technological innovations in these countries. The converted knowledge produces market ready products and services.< Less

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